Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta – Season Finale – “I’m Done”


It’s been a wild ride with bumps and curves on this season’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. On tonight’s finale the cast searched for closure in order to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Erica‘s settling into her new house and calls Scrappy over to tell him they’re better off just being cool and co-parenting their daughter. “As far as trust and loyalty, I can’t get that from you,” said Erica. Scrappy admits that he was wild in his younger days, but apologizes for anything he’s done that has hurt her. “That’s just something I wanted, a family unit,” says Scrappy. At least they’re on the same page now that they’ve decided just to be friends.

Karlie Redd is still on the quest to the succeed as an artist. Although meeting up with Atlanta rapper Roscoe Dash is supposed to be all about business, there’s a lot of flirting going on. We’re almost certain the type of inspiration they’re referring to has nothing to do with creating music. “I’m not easy, I take it at ease,” Karlie Redd says.

Since the last therapy session wasn’t enough drama, Mimi and Joseline decide to pay Dr. Jeff one last visit. “In the last therapy session I didn’t even get a chance to hear what Joseline had to say,” says Mimi. “She was too busy punching Stevie upside his head. I wanted to hear what the bitch had to say. That’s why I went back.” Stevie J shows up with a black “I AM GOD” t-shirt that annoys both Joseline and Dr. Jeff. “Stevie, you got the God shirt on. Because actually, you’ve got power over these women, right?” said Dr. Jeff. “He feels he can have you both.” “Girl, he love it,” says Joseline. “Switch seats because he’s about to start lying and I don’t want to knock him in his s—.”

Joseline is clear that Stevie J is going to do what he wants, and she’s ok with that as long as he takes care of her and pays her. Unexpectedly she drops the bomb on Mimi to prove her point, “Girl, he had sex with my best friend in my own bed.” Joseline calls Mimi out on pretending like she’s not accepting him for who he is. “You’ve been around for 15 years,” said Joseline. “This is the reality. He’s not going to change,” said Dr. Jeff. The two of you have to take control over your own lives.” “They can take control of their own lives. It’s still my bus, it’s still my air. I’m running this s—,” said Stevie J.

Arianne looks more drained than Mimi over this Stevie J and Joseline love triangle. “Aren’t you sick of this s—?” she asks. Mimi gives her the run down on the therapy session and starts to question why she’s putting up with this. “A real man that loves his woman would never do that. Ever,” Mimi said. Arianne’s response to her friend’s pack-her-bags- mantra, “About f—in’ time.”

Scrappy’s flip-flopping between Shay and Erica has caused both Erica and Shay’s feelings to get hurt. He invites Shay to the studio to tell her his relationship with Erica is officially over, but it all goes left when he said he thought he wanted to get back with Erica. “You f—ed up. You f—ed up real bad right now,” said Shay. Scrappy tells Shay he loves Erica, but knows it won’t work out. And of course he loves Shay too. “You playing with me just like this b—h was playing with you.”

Stevie J stops by Benzino‘s office to catch up on Karlie and their exchange couldn’t be more funny. “So what’s good with you, my G?” Stevie asks. “Everything’s good, just been contemplating,” responds Benzino. “Contemplating what?” Stevie asks. “You know, about lil’ mama.” “The thing thing?” The thing thing,” replies Benzino. Interesting enough we understood exactly what they meant. Benzino reveals that he’s having doubts about proposing to Karlie because he’s starting to not trust her.

Joseline just wants Stevie to take her career to the next level. She doesn’t care about his extracurricular activities on the side. “I thought I was in love with you,” said Joseline explaining she really wasn’t in love with him. “Whenever I do get me a man it’s going to be my man and only my man, and if you’re not happy for me then that’s cool,” she said. Joseline wants to get back to making music and put all the personal drama to the side.

Erica is moving on with a new home, new furniture and a new man. Well, he’s not her man, but she’s dating. K. Michelle asks, “Is he a rapper?” When Erica tells her no, K.Michelle’s response, “Good.” Erica reveals that the potential beau is her realtor and he’s Italian. But K wants to know, “How’s the sausage?” to which Erica responds, “We haven’t got there yet, K, relax.” “You got to at least grab it,” says K.Michelle. And by it she’s referring to the sausage. “‘Cause then you spend all that time, then what if his sausage is miniature?” Miniature sausage. Hmmm. K.Michelle eases into the chat she had with Rasheeda and how offended she was by the implication that she wasn’t abused. K.Michelle thinks Rasheeda is back peddling because the media made a big deal about her being friends with both parties involved. “What the f—– we in? Sweet Valley High,” she says. K.Michelle took it back to the ‘90s book series. Wow.

Joseline arrives to the studio where Stevie J is giving a new artist an arm rub. Joseline checks him about those roaming hands. “When I first met him he pulled his beefcake out on me in the studio,” said Joseline. “So I know every chance he get he pull it out in front of every b— he’s with.” Joseline doesn’t understand why he told her to come to the studio to meet his new artist. She refuses to do a song with the new girl. She also reiterates to him that since he’s playing around she’s making moves without him. “Don’t nobody move unless I say they move,” he says. “Please, I move when I want to move ‘cause I been moving,” Joseline responded. “I have things I need to do. I can’t entertain your shenanigans,” she tells Stevie.

Since Rasheeda and K.Michelle were friends they meet up to discuss their last conversation that didn’t go over too well. The two didn’t exactly greet with smiles and hugs. K.Michelle tells Rasheeda it was insensitive of her to imply that she’s lying. Rasheeda thinks it’s no big deal considering how many other people discredit her situation. “It’s more for you to do it than the outside world,” K.Michelle says. Rasheeda says she’s only seen a little bit of K.Michelle, but she’s seen all of her friends (who happen to be K.Michelle’s ex and his wife). “I see none of that person,” said Rasheeda. When Rasheeda brings up needing evidence to prove her point K.Michelle said, “They keep on f—- with me, it’s gonna be everywhere. I’m let that s— loose, but I’ve been trying to be the bigger person about it.”

Benzino’s nervous about proposing to Karlie, but he thinks she’s the one. Benzino spills his heart to Karlie and she tells him she had her doubts that he loved her. He pulls out the ring to show her that if he had any doubts he wouldn’t have bought the ring. “Are you ready for that?” she asks. “I’m not ready,” he responds. “Why would you come and bring me a ring, and then you don’t even give it to me? Who does that?” Karlie is mad! “You f—ed up,” he said. With the same ring he was going to use to propose, he breaks up with her.

Stevie pops up (like he has all season) to Mimi’s client’s house while she’s working to get her back aboard his bus that he’s in control of. Stevie admits he’s done a lot of wrong in their relationship and says he would do things differently if he had the chance. “This is a lot of my doing because I have allowed this to continue and happen repeatedly,” Mimi said. Stevie thinks they’re finally on the same page until Mimi breaks it off with him. “I don’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore. I’m done.” But Stevie being the charmer he is doesn’t take too kindly to any of his women saying they’re leaving him. “I gave you the best thing you ever had. You better be grateful,” said Stevie. When all else fails for Stevie he makes his women feel worthless. “I gave you a kid when everybody else tossed you to the wayside,” said Stevie. Mimi put him out after the disrespect, and we kind of don’t blame her.

Rasheeda and Kirk renew their vows. After 12 years of marriage, the turmoil of working together as husband and wife, it’s great to see the two come together for something so special. “To 12 mo’ years, and 12 mo’ and 12 mo’,” Rasheeda said.

Karlie wasn’t sad over her and Benzino’s breakup for long. She hit the studio with Roscoe Dash shortly afterward. K.Michelle is a work in progress. Erica is looking forward to her new life, and possibly a new man. Scrappy realizes he doesn’t want to be committed to anyone but his daughter. Joseline is ready to become an international superstar. Stevie J is just Stevie J. And Mimi is moving on without him. It’s been real, folks. Tune in to Part 1 of the reunion Monday, August 27 at 9PM ET/PT for all the unfinished business.

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