Single Ladies – Episode 13 – It’s Not What You Think


Well, well, look who wandered back into our lives.

Yes, it’s the return of Antonio. But before we get to that, it’s the rejection of Reggie.

“If you can forgive me, I know I can make you happy,” Reggie tells April this week. He’s just asked her to move away with him to New York after realizing that breaking up with her was the worst mistake of his life, but April isn’t buying it. “It’s not about forgiveness, Reggie. It’s about trust,” she tells him. This is the man that abandoned her in the middle of a tornado, after all. Even Toto was a better companion than he was in times of duress.

As April shows him the door he promises “I am not giving up on us,” to which she tells him “Reggie, there is no us.” You tell him, girl.

Every little thing Sean does seems to annoy Keisha lately, from kissing her with his morning breath, to using her toothbrush to get rid of said morning breath, but she seeks his comfort when her stalker reappears. She gets a phone call from the Scream voice, who tells her “karma’s a bitch” and “what goes around comes around.”

“The police won’t do anything until he does something to me,” Keisha fearfully tells Sean. And she’s frightened to think of just what that might be. To get her mind off things for a while, Sean invites Keisha on a trip to Miami to get away which is just what she needs at the moment.

Before the flit off to Miami though, the girls all head to a gala together, where Keisha’s approached by a smooth stranger named Gil whom she met at Chilli’s listening party.

He tells her she was rude to him when they first met but that he makes it his business “to learn everything I can about a beautiful woman.” He also reminds her creepily that he won’t be ignored. Could this be her stalker?

Things get even more dramatic when Malcolm and Taylor make an entrance at the gala, and Malcolm is clearly sloshed.

He makes a scene and picks a fight with a random guy until an embarrassed Taylor shuffles him off the premises, but Keisha takes note of the bizarre behavior.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him drunk like that before,” she says. Things in Keisha’s world are definitely turning upside down. She’s concerned for Malcolm, but Raquel reminds her that it’s Taylor’s problem now.

The girls notice Malcolm and Taylor in the parking lot arguing over his driving home, and Taylor, refusing to get in the car with him, walks off to find a cab. “I think it just became my job again,” Keisha says, walking over to Malcolm to prevent him from driving home in his state.

She convinces him to hand over the keys and let Taylor drive, and Taylor hops in the driver’s seat without so much as a thank you for Keisha’s help.

April’s realizing that Reggis also has stalkerish tendencies because he just won’t give up on her. He sends her texts of Photoshopped pictures of the two of them in New York, and he drove by the boutique in a truck painted with the message below:

Reggie tells April he plans to keep pulling stunts like this until he makes things right with April but she’s not having it. “Just go home and take your billboard with you,” she tells him. “It’s too late.” The women rally around April and applaud Reggie for at least being able to swallow his pride and beg a little bit, but talking about relationships makes Raquel sad, because it makes her think of Charles.

That’s a wound that’s still fresh, and just as she starts to get misty over him, in walks her sex-addicted former lover, Antonio. Welcome back, you charming so and so.

Antonio’s been in rehab for his addiction, and he’s come to make amends to the one he hurt the most. He explains that it was hard being a Latin American man in Atlanta, a city where he’s in the minority, That, coupled with rejection from his peers and, ouch, Raquel’s parents, turned him into the only thing he knew how to be, a stereotypical Latin lover.
Single Ladies
If you think that just because Antonio is in rehab for his addiction we won’t see him in a steamy love scene, you’d actually be very wrong. A girl can dream, and dream Raquel does about him and all his ripple-y glory.

But of course, every dream must end. Sometimes in a cold sweat.

Lest you think Reggie got the message when April told him it was o-v-e-r, he has another ploy to get her back. He sends her a limo driver to take her and Keisha and Raquel to an all-expenses paid spa day to relax.

She’s ready to say no when the girls convince her otherwise. Omar isn’t thrilled that he’s not invited and he’s being forced to watch the store while they go have their fun. “Why am I always the stepchild in these scenarios?” he asks.

While the ladies steam their troubles away, April realizes she really does miss Reggie and contemplates taking him back after all.

As she gets up to get some water and mull that thought over, a random woman comes into the steam room and sits down in her place. Except that she’s no stranger, she’s Ashley, Malcolm’s ex.

Ashley’s back from the Ivory Coast where she had been hiding out while the feds were on her trail. She offers Keisha her condolences for her breakup with Malcolm, and tells Keisha that “It looks like his desire for a great merger rather than a great love life ultimately won out again.” Keisha thinks that Ashley’s return means she’s up to no good, and April agrees. “You need to keep an eye on that bitch,” she says.

April does have some capacity for forgiveness though, after the blissful spa day, she meets with Reggie to tell him she’s over all their drama.

But she’s not interested in getting back together with him, not when he’s moving to New York. “I promise I’m not harboring resentment. You are forgiven,” she tells him. “But I still need to look out for me.” Reggie has one last trick up his sleeve (or at least, under his shirt) to prove his love though. Some new ink to prove his love for April won’t die.

At first she’s confused, but after mulling it over, she invites him over to his apartment and tells him that she loves him and the tattoo was apparently all the convincing she needed. She agrees to move to New York with him.

Over in Omar’s world, he’s learning the hard way about the downfall of dating a comedian. He’s been seeing Parker for a while and so far so good, but when Omar and the ladies check out Parker’s set, he basically bombs…until the set turns to jokes at Omar’s expense. The audience loves it, but Omar is mortified.

“It’s just jokes!” Parker tells an upset Omar when the set is over. But Omar’s not down with jokes at his own expense, and he tells Parker to find a new source of material.

Keisha and Sean are preparing to leave for their Miami getaway when she receives yet another blocked call that she thinks is the work of her stalker. When she answers briskly, she immediately apologizes because she realizes it’s actually Malcolm, who’s been picked up for a DUI.

She’s his one phone call and he needs her to bust him out of jail. The only problem is that Sean and their flight await.
When Keisha explains the situation to Sean and she assures him she’ll just take a later flight to Miami, he tells her to not even bother. He’s angry, and he’s not in the mood to deal with this. “I’m gone,” he says. And off he goes.

Parker comes to the boutique to asks for Omar’s forgiveness (and to promise never to slip and use Omar’s name in his act), and Omar agrees. He wasn’t ready to give up on their relationship yet either. Besides, Parker says, “Everybody loves my broke boyfriend material!”

“It’s more like temporarily financially challenged,” Omar corrects him.

Raquel’s steamy fantasies never seem to end (not that that’s a bad thing). After she and Antonio go riding together (horseback riding, gutterbrains), she asks him if he would be ready for a real date, and he tells her he might, someday, but for now he can tell she’s still hung up on Charles. Raquel denies it but she knows it’s true.

“I wish you were over him so bad, but you’re not,” Antonio gently tells her.

When Keisha shows up to the jail to bail out Malcolm, it was all for nothing (we assume) because Taylor is already there.

“Keisha!” he calls to her. “It’s not what you think!” It never is though, is it Malcolm?

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