Hollywood Exes – Episode 10 – Down To Business


Hollywood Exes Recap
This week on Hollywood Exes, everything comes together for the ladies in friendship and in business. Almost.

Mayte and Jessica meet, alone, to discuss their rocky relationship. It’s the first time they’ve had an extended one-on-one chat since Mayte became upset with the flippant way Jessica supposedly discussed her abortion, and now they’re finally talking about why the situation set them both off. “I can make anything a joke,” Jessica explains, and that’s her defense mechanism for dealing with hard issues. “I do kinda put a barrier up for pain,” she says.

Jessica finally gets honest with Mayte about the repercussions of her abortion, that it led to reproductive issues and miscarriages of her own, and she explains that Josie is really her miracle baby. It brings them closer together because they’ve shared that experience, and they both apologize for whatever insensitivity they had for the others situation. “That’s what girlfriends do. We fight, we kiss and we make up,” Jessica says after, when they finally are able to laugh with one another about the situation and Mayte’s habit of throwing glassware to the ground.

Now that that’s out of the way, the ladies are all down to business this week.

Nicole is doing a show for her clothing line, Open Hours, and presenting the collection to potential buyers. When she goes to the showroom to look at the pieces she’s really disappointed because it doesn’t look up to par, the models aren’t right for the clothes, and one seamstress started making executive decisions about buttons that she wasn’t in a position to make. Nicole’s pissed.

They basically have no time to pull their line together before the show. “We’re screwed,” Jamie, Nicole’s partner, says.

Drea also feels screwed because her dance classes at Millenium are not going as planned. Turnout is low, so she decides to perform a showcase to show potential new clients what she can do, and she’s putting the entire thing on as a charity benefit. Just like Nicole, she needs all the hard word to have been done, like, yesterday.

She meets with Jessica to recruit her to help with the benefit and explain what her charity is all about. When she explains that it’s for women in abusive relationships, Jessica is stunned. She had no idea this was something Drea went through. “I started the foundation because I wanted to do something for women that celebrates the women that made it out. That’s very, very difficult,” she explains. The Drea we love, who always has a smile on her face, has set this charity up to celebrate survivors, not to call them victims, not to perpetuate the cycle of abuse, it certainly suits her.

During this chat with Jessica, Andrea realizes she, too, has much more in common with Jessica than she realized, because Jessica also endured an emotionally abusive relationship hersef. These one on one chats really are making their friendships stronger, they should have started having them sooner.

Andrea holds auditions for dancers (“with a Fosse base…and do not bring me hair”) for her showcase and the turnout is huge.

Some of the dancers kill it and some don’t, but Drea knows who she’s after because she’s not interested in no janky presentation. And the fact that her team of assistants hasn’t even found a suitable venue for the show is making things jankier by the second. Girlfriend is worried. “This is my life ridin’ on this,” she says.

And of course that leads us to Sheree‘s business venture this week, she’s trying to sell her skincare line, Whoop Ash, to Fred Siegel.

She takes a meeting with the CEO of the company who tells her he likes the product but hates the name. She’s not surprised. “Older white men don’t usually get it,” Sheree says. Ron tells her if she classes up the name, it will give her a much broader market (i.e. white people with dry skin?) which will sell more product on the shelves. Sheree is grateful for the advice because the man is a pro, even though it definitely sounds to me like old white guy advice. As she leaves his office she lets him keep the sample product and tells him graciously “You need your ash whooped.”

Mayte’s career might be on the upswing too when her manager snags her an audition for a dance movie, which sounds perfect for her. She enlists her mom to help her read the script with her to prep for the audition.

“I actually see a future for my mom in telenovelas,” Mayte says after reading with Nelly, who hams it up the whole time.

The day of Nicole’s clothing showcase, everything kind of goes to hell. Jamie is late in bringing the clothes to be set up, there are no refreshments to be found, there’s no music, and Nicole can’t believe she’s been left so high and dry. “It’s a disaster right now,” she tells Jessica when she arrives.

Sheree and Jessica start bartending to help out and ease some of Nicole’s tension and when Jamie shows up she throws a wrenchin their plans by telling them not to set up where they had been. More work is delegated to the others as they arrive, but it seems like nothing is being done fast enough. “I have potential buyers out there!” Nicole laments as the space fills up and no clothes are ready to be modeled. She’s annoyed at her partner but focused on getting things done, so she works her butt off to get everything ready as fast as she can.

“Ohmigod, Nicole’s clothes are the bomb!” Jessica says as they finally walk the makeshift runway. And the work paid off with the buyers, too. Everyone is excited by the clothes and she gets positive feedback from everyone she needed to impress. And as a special bonus, Nicole’s oldest daughter Bria even made a surprise appearance to support her mom.

After all the stress and aggravation, the work paid off.

Next week on the season finale, it’s the culmination of all the hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and laughter that the ladies have put into their friendships and their business ventures for three months. Will Drea’s showcase be pulled off seamlessly? Will Jose come back begging for a room under Jessica’s roof? Will Mayte ever pack up that Prince china? Tune in to find out.

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