14 Unmissable Moments From The Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion Part I


Throughout the course of the night tonight on part one of the Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion special, there were scenes big and small that qualified as “priceless.” From tiny wardrobe elements to all-out fights, there were plenty of scenes that were thoroughly entertaining and are the exact reason we tune in to these reunions. We started out writing this post with the intention of picking the top ten best moments of the night for you, but it turns out there were more like fourteen because our list just kept growing and growing. Here’s our crop of of the can’t-miss moments from the reunion. And don’t forget that part two airs next Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

1. Joseline’s Hater Mask
Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Best Moments
Joseline, what is going on with those glasses?” Mona Scott-Young asked in the first minute of the reunion. Joseline looked ready to attend a masquerade ball with her rhinestone-encrusted mask, but she told Mona they weren’t for shielding her identity, “Well, you know, I had to put on my shades for all you hating-a— b—ches.” Obviously.

2. Never Open Up The Can Of Worms Labeled “Karlie Redd‘s Age”

A Facebook fan submitted what seemed like a harmless question asking Karlie to reveal her age. That did not go well. After Karlie politely declined to respond, citing that a lady never tells, K.Michelle went in on her saying that Karlie’s Wikipedia page states she was born in 1985.

Karlie shot back that she and K were actually the same age. “She marched with Martin Luther King,” K.Michelle retorted, and it was the first of many age-related insults she’d hand over to Karlie for the next five minutes. “B—ch, you look like Michael Jackson in ‘Thriller’!” “Your child is older than me!” “B—ch, your neck is wrinkled!” “I’m tired of this old-a— Harriet Tubman b—h!” “She’s ancient. She’s Fossil Redd. She’s been here before.” Was it funny? Yes. But it definitely created tension between the two for the rest of the night.

3. Plastic Surgery: Yay, Nay, or Boo-tay?

Mona asked one question we’ve all wondered at some point or another, what plastic surgeries have the ladies on the show had? Mimi, Erica and Rasheeda revealed that they’re all natural, while Joseline and K.Michelle admitted to having their boobs and teeth done. And Karlie, whose behind has been a matter of interest (well, interest to K.Michelle) all season, said she’s never has her booty filled, but she has had a boob job.

4. Mona Can Vouch For Joseline’s Lady Parts

At this point, the meme about Joseline being a former man is old and tired, but the subject was brought up once and for all at the reunion when Mona asked Joseline what she thought of that whole situation. Joseline admitted she was stunned that it was ever an issue, and told the audience that Mona actually bore witness to Joseline taking her pregnancy test “fully naked” and explains “I can attest to the fact that you did pee on that stick…and she is a woman.”

5. Yes, Karlie Has A Daughter, And That’s All She Has To Say About That

Once again, K.Michelle started in on Karlie, this time for never bringing up her daughter. Karlie didn’t hide the fact that she does have a child, but in the interest of privacy, she kept her off the show and has no plans to bring her out in public or reveal any personal details (including her age). “I didn’t want her to have anything to do with this show…I want to keep my daughter out of this,” she said. And that’s that.

6. So Is Karlie Signed To Cash Money?

No. She explained that she is managed by Malcolm Miles and Mel Smith who are VPs of Cash Money Records, but not signed.

7. Rasheeda Still Doesn’t Believe K.Michelle, And Calls Her A Straight-Up Liar

“I had to put two and two together and say ‘Huh. Something don’t make no damn sense,'” Rasheeda told the audience when the topic of K.Michelle’s abuse came up. No matter what Rasheeda thinks of that situation though, things got even more personal and petulant between the two when Rasheeda told K.Michelle “A husband is something you want, something I have. Ain’t nobody gonna marry no crazy-a— b—ch.” By the end, Rasheeda was calling K a bi-polar, insecure liar, and K.Michelle was knocking the bags under Rasheeda’s eyes (again) and Rasheeda actually made a move to go in for K. Luckily that’s what security was there for. Rasheeda walked off the set to cool down, marking the first walk-off of the reunion.

8. The “Who You Calling A B—ch?” Fight

The (stupid) fight between Stevie, Joseline, Scrappy, and Erica that went down after Stevie apologized for calling Erica a b—ch never should have happened in the first place, but it was still pretty intense. Though the four people involved will never agree on who won or whose paws were put on who, our favorite part of this segment was just watching them react to the fight as it played out onscreen. Everyone thinks it’s hilarious.

Of course it got heated again when all parties started to really debate who ended up in the hospital, who got theirs, and who’s the real b—ch (it’s Joseline, and she’s proud of it), and security had to step in a couple times to settle them all down.

9. Scrappy’s Face When He Hears The Question “Did Scrappy Hear Anything From His Probation Officer After That Incident Occurred?”

His answer was just as priceless: “She probably gon’ call now!”

10. Neither Mimi Nor Joseline Ever Really Wanted To Marry Stevie

Stevie and Mimi have discussed their relationship and how they’ve been on and off for fifteen years so often that we’re bored. It made sense to us to hear Stevie say that he never considered marrying Mimi because he’s not the marrying type, but then when Joseline said she’d never marry Stevie, he almost seemed offended. “Wait, what?” he asked her. (We thought you weren’t the marrying type, Stevie?) “I take you for your d—. Your d— is what I want, and your money, so get to work,” she told him. Joseline then said that she also has no problem with Mimi, and in fact, she loves Mimi. “I love Mimi, I respect Mimi, and I will always respect Mimi. I gotta love her, ’cause I love him.”

11. Joseline Explains The Difference Between Herself And Mimi

“The difference between me and Mimi is that, I be like, you know what? I curse yo’ a— out, I push you in your s—, and I still be cool with you, let’s get that money…Mimi, you gon’ handle him like you gonna handle him, and I’m gonna handle him strong.”

12. Stevie Admits He Was A Jerk

Finally! When Stevie was asked whether or not he should have handled Joseline’s pregnancy news differently, he admits that he should have and that he handled it really poorly. “Honestly, watching your reaction to that pregnancy, you came off like a jerk. I’m just keeping it real,” Mona told Stevie when she brought up the topic. “You did,” Mimi agreed. And Stevie also agreed. “I would have talked to her a little differently,” he said. “I was abrasive, I was harsh, I didn’t take into consideration anything that she was going through at the time, so yes, I was a jerk, and I admit it.” He also finally admitted that he did believe the baby was his, despite initially denying it.

13. Joseline Explains That She Wanted The Abortion, Stevie Never Forced It

Stevie already has five children, and he seemed taken aback when asked if he forced Joseline to abort their baby. “Of course not,” he responded. It was actually Josleline who didn’t want to carry his child. “I wasn’t gonna have no baby with no d— who has five kids,” she said. “[it was not] be because he had five kids, it was more because I wasn’t ready. I chose my career more than I chose anything else.”

14. Mimi Will Never Say Never

Finally, there was a chorus of boos and head-shaking from the audience and even some fellow co-stars (Ariane) when Mimi was asked if she was totally done with Stevie and her answer left the door open to reconciliation. “Stevie is the father of my child. I would never sit here and tell you ‘Never, no, nothing.’ We’re not together right now, and that’s just it.” But the bond goes both ways, because Stevie admitted too that he would never let Mimi go. (Which also garnered some head-shaking from the audience and Joseline too.) As for his current status with Joseline? That’s a cliffhanger we’ll find out next week.

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