Single Ladies – Season Finale – Go Get Your Man


The season is ending, but there are so many new beginnings in the finale episode of Single Ladies. Right off the bat, Morgan literally falls into the arms of a handsome stranger named Kaseem on her way to work and when her shoe breaks and he offers to fix it, she waves him off and tells him she just appreciates his gentlemanly behavior.

Omar is also being wooed by a gentleman when he receives a bouquet of tulips from Parker who’s trying to make nice ever since he used Omar as the butt of his stand-up comedy. More important than Parker’s treatment of Omar, is Omar’s treatment of Peanut the dog, who gets the full Puppy Bjorn treatment today.

“What? I couldn’t find a sitter,” Omar tells the girls. “Get over it.”

For every blissful new beginning though, unfortunately there must be a bitter end elsewhere. Keisha is still being shut out from Sean who disappeared five days ago after she chose to bail Malcolm out of jail instead of heading to Miami with him. She’s tried calling and texting Sean to apologize, but he’s not hearing any of it, and it sounds like he’s done with her. Keisha’s choosing not to worry about it too much though, she has a real estate conference in Phoenix that she’s doing a presentation at, and she’s not about to let her personal issues get in the way.

Also coming to an end: April’s residency it Atlanta. The girls gather at Raquel and Keisha’s and she sadly tells them how much she’s going to miss them now that she’s decided to move to New York with Reggie.

Raquel is upset because not only is she losing one of her best friends, she’s also lost Charles and desperately wishes she could get him back. And all of a sudden, who should appear at her door…

Charles came by to tell her some exciting news, that he landed a huge new advertiser and he’s throwing a party to celebrate. And his girlfriend, Padma, insists that Raquel should come. Even though she was thrilled to see Charles on her doorstep, her face and her feelings are instantly deflated when she realizes this is a “Let’s just be friends” housecall.

She tells Charles she’ll think about it. And think (er, overthink) about it she does. When she tells the girls about the invite, she says “Who wants to watch the man they love be with another woman?” Everyone points out that the key word here is “love.” She just admitted that Charles was the man she loves, a tiny detail that would have come in handy weeks ago.

As she continues to mull over the invitation, Keisha receives an unsettling text from her stalker. “Somebody’s following me around,” she tells the girls. “And texting the pictures to prove it.”

“Who the hell is doing this to me?” Only one person can help her find out. Winston.

Keisha may be receiving unwanted attention from her scary stalker, but Morgan is eating up the attention shes receiving from Kaseem. He takes her out to wine and dine her (after sending her a dozen new pairs of shoes to replace her old pair) and he seems totally smitten. The feeling seems pretty mutual.

After a few more romantic dates though, Morgan contemplates dumping him because she feels he’s out of her league. Raquel convinces her to hang in there though (if only for the shoes) because he truly seems to like her, regardless of their social and worldly disparities.

Raquel has decided to attend Charles’ party and she brings Antonio with her as a date/jealousy-inducer. They both look hot (how can they not?) but as soon as she spots Charles and Padma, her face falls.

When Antonio is introduced to Charles he lays the charm on thick and intertwines his fingers in Raquel’s to make it look like they’re very together. Charles is able to look past it though, because he’s basically smitten with Antonio, too. They hit it off, maybe a little too well. New BFF alert!

Raquel finds it pretty hard to hate Padma too, as they shared a similar back story about being forced into relationships to make their families happy, though Padma compliments Raquel on her strength to break things off with Victor before they were married. As they leave, Raquel concedes to Antonio that Padma is a great woman and her relationship with Charles is best left alone. “I guess it’s for the best,” Antonio tells her as he hugs her.

On the other side of the party, Omar makes a new friend in Drew, an ad guy that makes him all swoony inside.

When Drew asks Omar for his phone number, Omar does the right thing and tells him up front that he’s seeing someone, but Drew turns it around and suggests they exchange info so they can just be friends. That works.

April is freaking out because before she leaves for New York City, there’s one more thing in Atlanta that Reggie needs her to do: have dinner with his judgmental, terrible mother. In case you forgot, April met her back at the Boule Ball when she was being ostracized by everyone there for having an affair with the Mayor, and one of the biggest ostracizers of all was Reggie’s mom. Things haven’t really gotten better between the two women, despite Reggie’s assurances that his mother knows he loves April. As she tries to pick an outfit to wear, Keisha tells her “Don’t switch it up for some judgmental biddy.”

Before April can choose what to wear to impress Mama Reggie, Padma walks in the shop and asks to speak to Raquel. In a surprise twist, she tells Raquel she’d feel better about her relationship with Charles if Charles made an “informed” choice between the women, and the information Padma wants Raquel to divulge is that she does indeed love him.

“I did NOT see that coming,” says a snooping Omar.
Raquel didn’t either and she tells Padma this isn’t a conversation they should be having, but Padma is certain that Charles deserves to know how Raquel feels. “He has no idea I’m here,” Padma tells Raquel. “So the next move is yours.” Padma might just be the best chess player in the world because this is quite the strategy she’s laid out.

“She has a good point,” April says, because she was also overhearing everything. “Who wants to be with a guy who’s in love with someone else?” Everyone else, however, thinks it’s just a ploy to mess with Raquel though, in order to keep her own conscience clear. Keisha may be skeptical but she has the last word in the situation. “Girl, please. Go get your man.”

Keisha’s real estate conference in Phoenix is here, and as she preps for her talk, it seems she has another stalker who shows up looking for her, and his name is Malcolm. “I told you we needed to talk,” he says, his presence a total shock to her.

And the timing, ten minutes before her presentation, couldn’t be worse. “I left Taylor,” he tells her. And when he was busted for his DUI, Keisha really was his first and only phone call. But Taylor managed to figure out where he was and she beat Keisha to the police station. “The bottom line is, it’s over,” he tells Keisha.

“You may have broken up with Taylor, but I’m still with Sean,” Keisha tells Malcolm, who can’t believe that’s her response to his trekking all the way to Phoenix for her. As Malcolm walks away in anger, Keisha wonders if that was the right card to play just then. The look on her face says she’s not so sure.

Morgan gets a rude awakening when a new store patron strikes up a conversation, drops a few bills, and tells her she’s married to a guy named Kaseem. “I should have known no man was that perfect!” she tells Raquel and regrets not acting on her preemptive dumping impulses. Once again, Raquel manages to bring this all back to herself and her situation with Charles (ugh, come on pity party of one, get over it!).

“Raquel, you’re going to have to find a way to make peace with that situation,” Omar tells her. “I don’t think I will until I tell him how I feel,” she says, so Omar hands her a phone. It’s go time.

Except that she gets voicemail. When he finally calls her back, he tells her he can’t talk because his car is heading out to the airport soon — he and Padma are leaving town for a few weeks. So Raquel makes a mad dash to meet him and tell him how she feels. When Antonio hears where Raquel has gone, he tells Morgan “I love her. I have to try to get her back,” and the mad dash turns into a chase. And it’s anyone’s guess how this is all going to end.

Omar and Drew have been hanging out just as friends and when Drew actually makes a move and plants a kiss on Omar, Omar tells him to stop.

He tells him that they can’t be friends anymore because Omar is already in a relationship. So Drew will just have to wait until Omar breaks up with Parker so they can actually be boyfriends instead. When Omar tries to break with with Parker, though, Drew walks in and it turns out they’re…brothers?

When April heads to Reggie’s home, his mother surprisingly greets her with open arms. It’s a shock, but it’s also a happy moment for her.

What comes next though is just plain weird. We’ll get to that.

Keisha finally gets a hold of Sean and, while they Skype, Sean notices that Keisha’s stalker is actually in the house. And it’s his ex, Veronica, who tries to off Keisha with a candlestick, until Sean warns her to duck. “You took my man and now you’re gonna pay!” Veronica screams as she perilously pulls Keisha over the balcony.

They fight and fall through windows and glass tables until Malcolm walks in. Veronica takes him out and he falls to the floor, useless, and that sets Keisha off. Keisha gives Veronica her best jabs and hooks until Agent Winston arrives (too late, but at least he arrived) to break it up. Once the dust and glass shards have settled and Veronica is taken away, all the men in Keisha’s life are left to duke it out between themselves. Winston, Sean, and Malcolm all refuse to leave her apartment. “You brought that crazy b—h into her life!” Malcolm spits at Sean. So Sean gets in a right hook of his own and takes Malcolm down. Whatever furniture in that apartment wasn’t already ruined in the battle of Keisha Vs. Veronica most certainly gets destroyed in Malcom Vs. Sean as they wrestle on the ground for dominance. And Winston just shakes his head.

Keisha makes everyone leave. Everyone except Sean. “I’ll always love you, Sean. But we’re different now. I really tried to make this work, but we’re not there,” she tells him. So his staying behind wasn’t a good thing after all. “Well,” he tells her, “I think we both know why you couldn’t get there.” And with one kiss goodbye, they tearfully part ways.

When Kaseem returns to the shop looking for Morgan, she tells him she already knows about his wife and the jig is up. But Kaseem has a better explanation for his wife’s presence. She’s actually one of three wives, and he’s been searching for a fourth. And Morgan fits that bill perfectly. Oh, yes, and he’s a prince.

“Is this reality?” Morgan asks. “Because it feels like Ashton Kutcher’s about to jump out from behind a clothes rack.” Kaseem tells her it’s not a harem, he respects all his wifes greatly. “So everybody’s just one big happy family?” she asks. What he proposes to her is the ideal life. He’ll finance it and she can do as she pleases. When she objects, saying that they barely know each other, he tells her he knows his instincts and he trusts them. So does this mean next season we’ll have Princess Morgan working as a shopgirl??

It may have seemed like April was welcomed into Reggie’s home with open arms, but what they thought was a pleasant family meal is really an intervention. “Please stop playing games with other people’s lives and admit once and for all Reggie…that you’re gay,” his mother tells him. Well that’s certainly not how I thought this intervention would go. Raise your hand if you thought at least they were just going to call April out for being the town skank.

This show definitely knows how to keep a recapper on her toes.

Later, Keisha slips into the back of a Town Car and slides in next to Malcolm. They’re both battered and stitched, but together, they realized they form a complete unit.
Single Ladies
“Keisha, I love you,” Malcolm tells her. “I love you too, and I’m never letting you go again,” she tells him back. “This is where I want to be. This is where I belong. With you.”

And finally, Raquel reaches Charles (through hell, high water, and a random midday marathon) and grabs him just before he takes off for the airport. With Antonio and Padma looking on, she tells him she loves him.

And with that cliffhanger, this damn show fades to black. Season three, Ima need some answers from you.

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