Are You Team Charles Or Team Antonio? Watch As William Levy And Ricky Whittle Make Their Cases


For Raquel, it was the battle of the “Latin lover vs. the tantric sex guru” on Single Ladies this season, according to Ricky Whittle, who played the very sexy Charles on the series. In this exclusive bonus clip from the show, watch as Whittle and William Levy (the aforementioned Latin lover, Antonio) debate why fans should be on Team Charles or Team Antonio, and they’re very convincing. Levy explains that his character’s sex addiction and subsequent celibacy shows character and restraint, and for that, he deserves to be with Raquel. But Whittle (who busts out his native English accent here) thinks Charles’ patience and forthcoming nature is more of a draw. “He waited and waited because he knew she was worth it,” he says. “You don’t find many men like that.” So who would you choose?

Single Ladies Charles And Antonio

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