Hollywood Exes – Season Finale – Mission Accomplished


It’s the season finale of Hollywood Exes this week! We’re sad to see the ladies go, but despite the occasionally bumpy road, we leave them knowing their sisterhood is intact and stronger than ever.

Sheree has never been shy about her desire to stay in L.A. and not move to San Diego to live full-time with her husband Terrell. But the distance might be straining their relationship, so Sheree decides that one good way to buy some extra time for herself is to let Terrell get a Harley. She’s always been opposed to the idea, but now that it can be used as a tool to get what she wants, she’s all for it. And in fact, she ends up liking the bikes herself.

Meanwhile, Andrea is actually trying to erase the memory of R. Kelly — physically, since she has a tattoo of his name on her back and she doesn’t want people wondering who the “Robert” sitting between her shoulder blades is. So she goes to the tattoo parlor to have the word “Jr.” added so the tattoo will now reflect her son’s name instead. “I got it on my back because it stood for ‘I have Robert’s back and he’ll always have mine’,” she says.” “And we didn’t get always. We didn’t get forever.” She’s totally freaked out to make a change to something so symbolic, but at the same time, it’s a new beginning and now it represents the love she has for her kids.

Mayte comes to comfort her though, but the tears start flowing when Drea tells her “This is it. I’ve been walking around with Robert on my back.” No one understands the burden of past relationships like Mayte though. That cabinet full of Prince tea services makes that pretty clear. (More on that later, though, when Mayte decides to shed some of her own Prince baggage in that department.)

Nicole and Sheree go wedding ring shopping (unbeknownst to Michael, Nicole’s fiance, but that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with being an informed consumer, so let’s just consider it research) and they get into the discussion of second marriages. Sheree is obviously speaking from experience, but she brings up the topic of losing your identity in a marriage. It’s taken Nicole a bit of time to feel ready for marriage but now, she’s all in.
They discuss that marriage is forever, and since they each had a marriage that wasn’t till death do us part, they fear failure.

They do not fear diamonds, however.

Andrea has enlisted the rest of the girls to dance with her in her benefit, and some are better qualified than others. While Mayte can do the choreography with her eyes closed, Sheree is another story. “I have zero experience as a dancer, unless you count my club days,” Sheree says.
Hollywood Exes
“I’m gonna have to create the Sheree count,” Drea says. Sheree’s not so much a 5-6-7-8 gal and the numbers don’t make much sense to her. She’s not the best dancer. Not at all.

“I don’t know if this rehearsal made me feel better…or worse,” Drea says. “I’m scared.”

After the rehearsal, Drea decides to help Mayte exorcise her Prince demons. She heads to Mayte’s house with bubble wrap with the intention of helping put the symbolic wedding china into storage.

“It’s just too present,” Drea tells her. It’s the focal point of the house and it’s a reminder of the past. Time to live in the present, Mayte. She agrees. “It’s my youth, it’s what was, it’s the reminder of the failure, it’s everything.” And it’s time for it to go. At least until Drea and Mayte open up their “Hell No Museum” where they can be put on display. “Will I ever be in this position again?” Drea says. “HELL NO.” I’d buy a ticket to tat museum!

“I felt like my friend got her power back!” a proud Drea says.

As Sheree and Jessica are out for a walk, they’re shocked to see Jose calling Jessica.

Jose only calls when he needs something, it seems, and this time is no different. Now that his season is over, he wants to move in (again) with Jessica and Josie. It’s the convenient time for him, but Jessica can’t believe he’s asking this again, after the first go-around was so emotional and aggravating.

Jessica becomes emotional during the call because of the toll Jose takes every time he chooses to come in and then go out of their lives. “He always does this to me,” she cries to Sheree, who tells Jessica to guard herself and keep Jose at arm’s length. “He has absolutely got her on a roller coaster ride. And until she’s willing to get off, he’ll continue to push those buttons.”

The day of Drea’s benefit show is here, and the theater she found for the performance is beautiful and huge (“Oh, HELL no,” Nicole says) and they have time for one last (fateful) rehearsal before they go on.

The girls all manage to get all their moves down, and in the interest of keeping it all moving, Drea lets the ladies go and she focuses her rehearsal now on some of her own dances. “For the ballroom piece, my partner Michael and I start to rehearse a very difficult maneuver,” and as they work on that, the worst case scenario happens. Andrea crashes her foot into Michael’s leg and collapses in pain.

She is in serious pain and it hurts just to watch her in such agony.

“I’ve been a dancer for many years. I’ve been injured. I know that yell,” Mayte says as she looks on at Andrea. “I know it’s bad.”

Sheree prays, everyone rallies, and the ambulance is called. “This couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Are you serious??” Andrea asks. Serious as a heart attack. And even she has no idea if she’ll be able to dance on her foot for the benefit. She set her mind to performing though, so she sets out to hold her foot in place with splints and pipe cleaners and duct tape to get her through. While she waits backstage and hopes her foot feels better, Nicole brings in a surprise guest to take Drea’s mind off things for the moment. It’s her good friend Johnny Gill.

“Not Mr. ‘My My My’!” Drea says. “Baby hair has arrived!”
At showtime, Drea goes to stand on her taped-up foot and the pain in her face is immeasurable. “That’s when I knew this was not a sprain. I broke my foot,” she says. And there’s no dancing on that. She manages to get decked out anyway and emcee the show, and she hobbles onstage with her crutches like a champ.

She brings out the ladies first and despite their nerves, they actually killed it, even Sheree the uncoordinated.

“It was a bumpy ride, but mission accomplished,” Drea says at the end of the show.

“At the end of the day we do have a sisterhood and we are good friends,” Jessica explains. “I am happy we have all come together.” And our first season of Hollywood Exes concludes, as you knew it would, with a toast.

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