Joseline And Her Diva Mask Get Grilled By Funky Dineva In This Exclusive Backstage Reunion Interview


Yes, Gawd, honey, Funky Dineva is back with another behind-the-scenes interview from the Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion! Today we’ve got a clip of Funky D chatting with “the Queen of Phonetics herself,” Joseline (er, HO-seline) Hernandez. Watch as Joseline busts out her rhinestone hater-mask while she sits in the hair and makeup chair and gets the third degree from Funky. You know the interview is going to be great when the first question is “Why was you screwing that lady’s boyfriend?”

Watch the clip in full above, and tune in to part two of the reunion when it airs this Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Joseline Backstage At The Love And Hip Hop Reunion

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