Funky Dineva And Mimi Faust Discuss The Haters, The Bulls—, And The Last Time She And Stevie Got It On In Our Reunion Interview


“Now, you is too pretty to be putting up with a lot of this bulls— you been putting up with this season. Why did you do it Mimi? Everybody’s saying ‘Mimi’s so stupid, she’s so dumb.’ What do you have to say to the people?” Funky Dineva begins when he first sits down with Mimi Faust for their backstage interview at the reunion of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta. Funky doesn’t take long to get right to the point.

“I don’t care what you think about me,” Mimi tells her haters. “I could give a s—.” But Mimi also declares that she has taken the steps she needs to take to change her situation and says that the current status of her relationship can be summed up like so: “Stevie is Stevie, I am me, and Joseline is Joseline. That’s about it.”

Watch the entire tete-a-tete right here, and tune in to part two of the reunion when it airs this Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Mimi Faust Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Funky Dineva

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