T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 2 – Happy Father’s Day


“What do you get a man who has everything?” Tiny wonders at the beginning of this episode of T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle. It’s Father’s Day and, as much as she wants to do something nice for her husband, the only things he wants (a plane, a Bentley, or a Rolls Royce) aren’t really things she’s willing to shell out for right now. You know, recession and all.

“Just get me what your heart leads you to get me. Follow your heart,” T.I. tells her. “Hopefully it leads you into the Bentley dealership, but follow your heart.”

Tiny enlists the help of the kids to brainstorm a good gift, but they’re even less help than T.I. was. “Give him a hug?” Domani suggests.

The other suggestions are just as unhelpful. “We go to Lake Lanier and get on the boat and we go the that little surfboard thing,” King suggests. “An airplane, another airplane and a jet,” Major says. “No, airplane, airplane, helicopter,” King responds.

“No. Not my kids,” Tiny says.

Father’s day isn’t the only think on Tip’s mind though this week, because he’s also headlining the Atlanta Birthday Bash, the biggest concert of the year in the city, and he has rehearsals full of pyrotechnics and incredible performers like Nelly, Usher, and Kelly Rowland, and he wants to make it the best show ever.

When showtime comes around, the family hangs backstage (you know, just trying on Lil’ Jon’s gold chains and stuff).

Domani keeps trying to get T.I. to say he’s nervous, but Tip, the consummate professional tells his son “When you’re prepared appropriately, there’s no need to be nervous.”

“Now, if I was performing at a federal courthouse, that might require some calming down,” Tip confides in us.

It’s showtime. “Time to get out here and give the people what they came to see!” he says as he takes the stage. “This is my element.”

And it’s a pretty phenomenal roster of talent joining him on that stage, too.

It wasn’t until she watched his performance onstage that Tiny realized what the prefect gift for her husband should be. It’s going to be “nothing like he’s ever had before,” she promises.

Since he’s not allowed to travel at the moment because of his probation, Tiny got him a vacation in his own backyard.

Hawaii has come to Atlanta, complete with fire-eaters, leis and coconut bras. Wait, scratch that, no coconut bras.

“I woulda never even have thought to ask for this,” Tip praises Tiny’s ingenuity. “I really appreciate that.”

“Get naked, take your shirt off. People in Hawaii take their shirts off,” Tiny tells him as they enjoy their tropical night. I see, so this was actually just as much a gift for her as it was for him…

“I am not going to strip for you!” the modest T.I. tells her.

“I love you,” he tells Tiny.

“I love you more,” she says back.


Best Father’s Day ever.

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