The 13 Most Outrageous Moments From Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion Part Two


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion Proposal
The cast got down to the nitty gritty in part two of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion. Stevie J finally answered whether or not he was in a relationship with Joseline. Joseline basically admitted she was only here for Stevie’s beef cake and money. Shay and Erica bumped heads over Scrappy. The proposal! And Momma Dee‘s is always entertaining with her over the top antics. As the popular question goes: Are you not entertained? Yes! We certainly were. Here are the thirteen most outrageous moments from part two of the reunion.
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1. Big Pimpin’

Stevie J bobbed and weaved the question on whether he and Joseline were together like he was smack dab in the middle of a game of dodge ball. Joseline took things in her own hands once he finally answered the question. “No we not together. I actually use him for his sex and his money,” she said.

2. Leader of This Bus

In therapy Stevie talked about being the driver of this proverbial bus that Mimi and Joseline are supposedly merely passengers on with no control over its direction. And what does Stevie have to say about this bus? “Well, you know, I’ve been in this game for a lot of years. Got a lot of miles on my shoes, on my Italian loafers. At the end of the day they wouldn’t f— with me if I was Joe Shmo the plumber,” Stevie said. Of course big pimp Joseline agreed. “I sure wouldn’t.”

3. What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Joseline is an international superstar as far as she’s concerned. Ms. Joseline lets Mimi know that she should be more grateful for all Stevie has done for her. Mimi isn’t having the idea that Stevie takes care of her, or that she’s only with him for his money. “What the f— did he do for me, Joseline? He ain’t do s— for me. He made you a superstar. What did he do for me?” Their exchange got pretty heated, but as you saw on the live chat after part one of the reunion, the ladies were all smiles with each other. Maybe Mimi has decided to cop a ride on the back of that bus after all.

4. “Check This B—h”

For the first time both Shay and Erica sat down face-to-face with Scrappy. Although Scrappy said he loved Shay as a friend but ultimately wanted to be with Erica, an argument between Shay and Erica ensued when Shay made a backhanded comment. Erica snapped. “Do she not know her place?” Erica asked.

“This yo’ b—h. Check this b—h.”

5. Prince of the South with a Burger King Crown

Lawd. Momma Dee loves her baby. And she will do anything to show it to the world. Including coming on TV with an actual crown to honor her son as the prince of the south. Rightfully so, Scrappy was embarrassed; but it was a much needed laugh to lighten up the mood on the stage. “As sure as the sun rises in the morning, I am proud to be the Queen of our family’s castle, and you will always be the prince of the south.” Scrappy handled it well. “I feel like a little boy in school and my mama just came [to] bring me my lunch.” And a Burger King crown.

6. Lovers And Friends

Shay is tired of the friend word being tossed around. She is annoyed that Erica even mocked her after Scrappy called her his friend for the 1,987 time. “Friend? I don’t have sex with just my friends, boo” she retorted. Scrappy says he’ll take all the blame as the man who lied because he doesn’t want the ladies to argue. Shay is having a hard time accepting the truth and yells, “Then go ahead and give her a chance, the things that’s in my name need to be in her name.”

Shay eventually walks off the stage screaming, “You told me you wasn’t gon’ do me like that!” You win some, you lose some.

7. Make Him Wanna Marry Me
Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion Proposal
“I want to be a man. I want to have my family back. You feel what I’m saying?” asked Scrappy. “If it don’t work it’s cool, but is you gon’ marry a n—-?” Probably one of the most unconventional proposals of all time. But it worked! Erica and Scrappy are on their way to jumping the broom. Shay looked on from backstage in disgust.

Well, at least Erica got Momma Dee’s blessing.

8. Butt Naked Chick

On the season finale Benzino pulled out the engagement ring he was going to propose to Karlie with only to breakup with her. What we didn’t know was the night of their breakup Karlie went to Benzino’s house and was in for a big surprise. Karlie found Benzino with a butt naked woman in his house that claimed she’d been living with him. So much for reconciliation. “It was a chick butt naked in the house, and she was like, ‘I live with him.’ Looks like all that monogamy advice he doled out to Stevie didn’t apply to himself. Karlie still has feelings for Benzino. His response to the allegations, “You wasn’t supposed to be in my house.” Benzino on the status of their relationship? “Finito.”

9. Keep It On The Low

Before the show Kirk and Rasheeda‘s 12 year marriage was a secret. At all costs she had to protect her rap career. “When you’re dealing with a female rapper, it’s best to be single.” We saw the couple struggle with finding the balance between their work and personal relationship. In the end Rasheeda chose to continue to ride out with her husband as her manager, choosing love. Awww.

10. Rat Face
Stevie’s “rat face” has become just as popular as he has. In case you missed the montage of all his greatest expressions, we’ve got it for you so you can watch it over and over. (It doesn’t get cuter with time.)

11. Granny On the Pole

Momma Dee has never claimed to be one of those grandmas sitting at home knitting sweaters. When a fan asked what kind of grandmother Momma Dee was if she’s dancing on a pole on the Internet, her witty comeback was nothing short of amazing.

“But check game. For me to be almost 50 years old and can swing on the pole and make money without taking off my clothes, boo, ya heard me, it seems like the pole does a body good. And in that order.”

12. Show Me the Receipts
How many receipts does someone need for K.Michelle to believe them? “Just more than Karlie had to be talking to me,” K.Michelle said. “You need to at least have a Wikipedia page. That’s one big receipt.” Karlie’s face during all this:

13. A Bus Driver With No Car

The fans of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta ask what they want to know with no qualms. If you noticed Stevie was never driving a car this season. He may be the driver of the bus, but he admittedly had no ride of his own. “I didn’t have a car, but now I got a car. I’m not afraid to say I didn’t have a car.” To which Mona Scott Young replies, “Now you got a check so you got a car.”

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