The Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion Interview: A Word Backstage With Momma Dee


Momma Dee Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion
Being a fly on the wall at the Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion was a surreal experience. My fellow VH1 blogger Bene Viera and I attended the show and got to watch a live feed of everything that went down from the green room backstage (a green room that was so cold that we had to huddle under a quilt for warmth), so we got to see the cast wander in if they needed a touch-up on their makeup. We would see friends, family, and entourage members walk through, and for about an hour, we got to hang out with Momma Dee, who found the green room more comfortable than the couches just off-stage while part one of the reunion filmed. So while we all hung out back there (Momma got a quilt of her own), I had to ask her what she thought of the proceedings so far, and before Scrappy surprised us all by pulling out an engagement ring for Erica. Here’s my chat with Momma Dee from backstage at the reunion.

As we watched the taping of part one of the reunion, Momma was very vocal about Stevie, Joseline and Mimi‘s relationship. She was upset by Joseline’s “vulgar” language, but commended her for having a grip on her relationship with Stevie and seeing him for what he was.

Given your past as a pimp and all the street smarts that come with that, I imagine you have great intuition with reading people knowing what they’re like. What do you think of Stevie and his love triangle?

I think a man’s gonna be a man and it’s up to the women because nobody…There were red flags years ago, but Mimi chose to keep going because she let her heart speak over her mind. Erica personally says that’s why I can’t keep a man but I don’t keep a man because I don’t put up with that type of behavior and I’d rather have a dog than a man and sleep by myself every night. But the one thing that you can’t buy that I have is peace of mind. You can’t buy that.

So, in this situation I mean it seems like you’re definitely like more on Joseline’s side just as far as how she’s reacting to Stevie, saying she can tolerate his cheating.

Yeah exactly because since he gon’ do it like that, she might as well park him out and drag it because Mimi has done them but she’s whatever. But Joseline gets straight to the paper. It’s never gonna change.

What is your current relationship now with Erica?

Um, it’s all right. It has issues. I think as hard as it is dealing with her, he doesn’t realize there are always gonna be issues. When they broke during the four years ’cause he was with Diamond, during that time, me and her were fine because Diamond really loves Scrappy. She showed him a side, I mean you know, he doesn’t get it. After Diamond, Bucky was there for him and Erica was definitely there but I can tell you now looking back I remember gettin’ upset saying “Why would you go back when you know it didn’t work?” You know what I’m sayin’? And then it didn’t work as it plays out, ’cause he don’t listen. You know, sometimes you can’t listen to your heart, you gotta listen to his. You know the signs that say “no outlet”? That means dead end. Why would you keep making that right down that end when you know it won’t go nowhere? I don’t get it, that’s logic. F— this whore, it’s logic! And until you start using logic, you gon’ keep going back and forth. But I care for her, as being the mother of my granddaughter. I wouldn’t let nobody hurt her or bash her. Like if we on stage or something and someone say somethin’ then I’m gonna get offended. You know, I’m gonna get at her about my issues but I ain’t gonna let anybody else say nothin’.

Did this season go the way you thought it would?

Half and half. Some of the stuff I expected, some of the stuff was unexpected. And this craziness [refers to the Stevie/Mimi/Joseline segment on screen as we chat] is unexpected. I’m almost 50 years old so you know, I curse and I may curse when I go out there but I’m gonna try my best to lock it down. You know, in terms of my words, I’ll think before I speak.

What do you think when you see this stuff and see the rest of the cast act so crazy sometimes? Doe sit make you watch yourself a little more?

I’m gonna be watchful and on alert, like listening to myself talk.

Is that different from maybe how you entered the season? Did you enter the season being as filtered as you are now?

A little, not all.

So as far as your own story line, did it kinda go the way you thought or did things happen that weren’t expected?

Things happened, went crazy, especially when my mom died and then a few days later when Scrappy almost died of an asthma attack.

That explains why you were so emotional about Erica not being there for Scrappy.

Absolutely. Passions were high.

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