And Now, A Very Important Discussion About Karlie Redd’s Butt With K.Michelle


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We’ve had one nagging question all season long for K.Michelle. Since her rivalry with Karlie Redd has been the cause of many fights, arguments, and animated gifs, we’ve wondered “What is her big thing with Karlie’s butt, anyway?” Personally, we can’t see anything wrong with it, but K definitely uses it against Karlie any chance she can. (Well, that and Wikipedia. She loves bringing up Karlie’s Wikipedia page.)

When we were on the set at the Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion, we had just a brief moment to chat with the singer and reality star, so we asked her that one question we so desperately needed an answer to. Especially since Karlie denied ever getting any butt surgery at the reunion, stating “My booty is not that big. If I was gonna get my booty done, I was gon’ get a donkadonk.”

Here’s what K.Michelle thinks of all that.

I just have one question that’s lasted basically all season: What is your obsession with Karlie’s “deflated butt cheek”?

It’s not an obsession, it’s actually a distraction.

But where did that come from?

Her butt is actually deflated, she has a fake butt, she got butt shots, and one cheek is deflated. It’s not a lie, it’s not anything I made up, she has a deflated ass cheek. I’m not lying.

Has she addressed or confirmed that?

If you go to her before pictures and after, she’s a liar, she lies about everything. She lies about her age. She put up a Wikipedia page two days ago sayin’ she’s born in 1985 but she’s been friends with Mimi. Mimi don’t lie about her age so if she was born in 1985 that means she was 14 when you knew Mimi. She said she danced with Alvin Ailey, we seen her dance like a chicken. Okay?

Got it. Thank you.

Alright, that’s all the truth.

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