Draya And Malaysia Tell Us “Expect The Unexpected” This Season On Basketball Wives L.A.


Draya Malaysia Interview Basketball Wives LA

Malaysia Pargo and Draya Michele have gotten to be close friends, and it definitely shows. When the Basketball Wives L.A. stars visited the VH1 offices this week to film a segment for Big Morning Buzz Live they complemented one another, wardrobe-wise, in their gorgeous, brightly-colored dresses, and they complimented one another constantly for being beautiful, supportive, and talented. We chatted with them to find out all the dirt we missed while the show was away and what’s happened now that the first season has started filming. Surprisingly, they’re cool with Jackie now (though they admit that comes and goes), and Malaysia says she enjoys her role as the referee on the show, but she also enjoys being a mother, both to her own children and to her “kid sister,” Draya. These two were adorable together, but they definitely hinted that we’ll see some feisty this season, too. See what else they have to say below.

What were you guys up to in the off-season?

Malaysia: Well, I’m a full-time mom and wife, so I took my position back. I went to Atlanta with my husband and rooted him on.

And Draya, I know you’ve been working on business.

Draya: In the off-season I was working on my bikini line and getting that all together. It’s online now, the full collection is available now, but I’m actually finished for the summer, I had my Labor Day sale and it’s all finished for now.

What can we expect this season as far as your relationships with the rest of the cast?

Draya: Well, you can always expect new ones and old ones and there are always going to be some breakups and makeups. And maybe not some makeups.

Malaysia: And with me, you can expect me to love everybody.

But just knowing how last season ended, Draya, how do you feel about that, knowing Malaysia is willing and able to create peace with Jackie even now?

Draya: Well, I love Malaysia, and I really believe a group like ours needs someone like her, she’s like a mediator for us, and if we didn’t have her, there would be way more chaos and drama than we already have. She really needs a whistle, honestly.

Malaysia: Or sometimes a Bible. But seriously sometimes I want to bring a paddle and put someone over my lap. I wanna give them whoopin’s though, seriously. I really want the best for them all and I see the potential for greatness in everyone. Especially with her [points to Draya], I can see her line in all the major department stores and with Jackie, I can see that too with her clothing line, I just see good things for everyone, and when they’re fighting over dumb stuff, I wanna just choke them!

Will we see your personal relationships at all this season?

Malaysia: No.

Draya: I don’t have a personal relationship to show, so you will see me definitely being by myself.

So we won’t even see your dating life?

Draya: I would show my dating life if I had one. I’m single. Put that in there.

You know you’re going to get a lot of response from guys just for saying that, right?

Draya: Please.

We saw Draya’s son last year so will we see kids this season?

Malaysia: No…

Draya: Malaysia is very secretive and that’s okay.

Malaysia: I just got scared. There’s no filter, no censor to kids, and I wanted to be fair to my kids. I don’t know that I could handle the criticism that comes along with the kids’ development or growth. Not saying that there’s anything wrong with my kids, but people are just so rude and I don’t know that I can handle that. Say whatever you want about me, but my little ones? I don’t know. So I chickened out.

Draya, did you face that kind of criticism last year showing your son and your family?

Draya: Pretty much everyone who watched had an opinion, but I could only do what I wanted to do, and that was to show the world that was how we operate, we’re a little different, but a lot of people are very similar to us. There are a lot of families in the same situation where there are single moms and the grandmom helps out, so I feel good about showing my life, just because I feel like it’s relatable to a lot of people. And this season I will be showing them as well.

Can you say in a word or two what your current status is with the rest of your castmates?

Malaysia: With Dray, this is my baby. I know she hates for me to say it but I treat her like my kid sister, I don’t like for people to bother her, I want to cradle and hug her.

Draya, how does that make you feel?

Malaysia: It annoys her sometimes!

Draya: I’m cool with it, she’s just very motherly, but like I said, we need her. Somebody has to play that role.

Malaysia: And Laura is like a good girlfriend, even though she burps and poots a lot, she’s funny and that’s my girl. I’m still getting to know Gloria, she’s in and out and I haven’t gotten a chance to spend that much time with her. And with Jackie, I’m getting to learn Jackie all over again.

Draya: Every day.

Malaysia: Yes, every day. I’m beginning to learn more about her, and I’m starting to like her all over again. At the end of last season, I didn’t like her anymore, I thought she was like, bogus, but now I’m taking every day day-by-day, a step in the right direction, and I’m trying to get the girls to see that as well.

Draya: My relationship with everyone is very different. I’m probably closest to Malaysia, we do things together outside of filming, outside the show, we are real friends and I think on the show you can really see we have a true friendship. With everyone else, I like and enjoy everyone for different reasons, but i can honestly say I’m closest to her.

Is it fair to say that your relationship with Jackie is constantly just peaks and valleys?

Draya: That is very accurate.

Malaysia: It’s a love-hate relationship. One moment I love her love her, and the next, I’m like what the hell just happened? What did she just say? You just never know what you’re going to get some days.

At the end of last season, her name was the name on everyone’s lips. She was the odd-man out, she was the one off the island, she was the person that everyone kept talking about. Do you think it will be the same for this season?

Malaysia: Honestly, I think that everybody had their day. We all had our moments. In the beginning, they didn’t like me, and then they didn’t like Draya, and then they didn’t like Jackie, I think we all pretty much had our moments.

Draya: I think it will be that way this season as well, everyone’s going to have their turn, no one person will be singled out. I feel like last year it was Malaysia, then me, then Jackie, but this year, everyone has their turn.

So what will the biggest difference be between this season and last?

Draya: Well, we’re more beautiful this season.

Malaysia: I think we took a look at ourselves and we went to the gym and we got it together. Laura and I are done with our baby weight so we’re showing it off a little more, this one [points to Draya] has always been sexy so she comes in like va-va-voom, and Gloria too, she came back with this amazing bod. And Jackie looks amazing too. We’re coming out of our shells and we’re having fun this time.

What’s your final word on this season? What do the fans need to look out for?

Draya: Expect the unexpected! No one is safe!

[Photo: VH1/Doug Schneider]

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