Karlie Redd Talks With Us About The Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion, And How Certain People Have A “Vendetta” Against Her


Karlie Redd Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion
Karlie Redd has taken a lot of hits this season on Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta. First, they started coming from K.Michelle, and Karlie tells us she still doesn’t know the “real, real reason why” K.Michelle has such a problem with her. And then there’s the fake-out non-proposal from Benzino that ended their relationship. Or did it? In our exclusive post-reunion interview with Karlie, she told us she still “dibbles and dabbles” with Benzino but that she’s definitely over him, but she’s a friendly woman and she hangs out with almost everyone from the cast, actually. Here’s our chat with Karlie, which we conducted a few weeks after the reunion taping.

So now that it’s all over, how do you feel about everything that happened at this reunion?

I believe that that is the best reunion show anyone could ever ask for, like it was so good. I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time, so it was a good reunion show.

How do you feel about your involvement in the dramatic stuff? Specifically the fights with K.Michelle and your relationship with Benzino.

Yeah, well as far as me and K.Michelle go, you know we’ve been at it since day one, which I still don’t even know really, like the real, real reason why. I think that’s a conversation for the future between me and K.Michelle. We have to get someone to broker that deal. It was good to get everything out, you know? The things people didn’t know about Benzino and I, that he was doing his thing — he was cheating. He was doing his thing and they thought…

Did you have any idea he was cheating when you were dating him?

No. I didn’t know he was cheating. Until one day I’m looking on Twitter and I’m like he’s very friendly to these girls and then started giving me the hint like “Hmm I wonder if?” but I didn’t have proof until I walk in the door that day — I had my keys still, you know if you’re going to cheat don’t give me a key or change the lock — and I walked in on him umm, you know. I walked in on a girl and she was butt naked and he was downstairs in the studio with Stevie J, crazy.

So regarding the fake-out proposal, what was it like to actually experience that?

I mean if you were not going to propose to someone, why do you even bring a ring? Why do you even bring a ring to dinner, I mean because suppose I was to say yes like a dummy. I mean he wasn’t ready and he probably bought the ring to think “Well maybe I am ready,” I don’t know what he was thinking, but he wasn’t ready anyway, so.

If you had changed your answer and said something more positive like “No, I don’t have any doubts” or something like that, do you think you would be in a different place with him right now?

No. No. ‘Cause cheating is cheating is cheating.

And you would’ve had found out anyway.

Right! I would’ve eventually found out. I mean the day, I mean literally the day that he came to the dinner with the ring. Whatever you were thinking for your reason to come to dinner with a ring, I go to your house and there’s a girl literally naked standing there telling me that she’s been living with you. Obviously you weren’t ready and my thoughts, my intuition — woman’s intuition was right.

What is your current situation with him? Have you spoken to him since the reunion?

Yeah, yeah, we talk all the time. We talk all the time and we go back and forth; one minute we’re having sex and one minute we’re not. I mean during the reunion show when everyone was out here we, you know, dibbled and dabbled. We go back and forth and it’s just one minute he’s…he’s just one of those things where he has a temper. One minute he’s angry and next minute he’s not angry and it’s like get your emotions together.

What is your relationship with Joseline? Are you guys friends now?

Yeah, we’re cool. Yep, we have a photo shoot coming up together. We’re good.

Do you have anyone else from the cast that you would really consider a good friend?

Rasheeda, Mimi. You know Mimi and I go through our little thing, I still got love for her. Ariane. Oh and I love me some Erica. Yeah, everyone’s good were all friends, even Stevie, we’re cool. It’s just…the only person I have conflict with is K.Michelle.

Like you said, it’s hard to pinpoint the origin where her animosity comes from between you two.

It comes from psycho, that’s all. It derives from crazy.

At the reunion, she really laid into you a lot. Are you able to just overlook it and say she’s just saying this ’cause she’s crazy, or does it hurt you ever? Or do you ever really want to defend yourself and just tell her to let it go?

Yeah, it’s just her. Whatever vendetta she has against me, it’s just “let it go.” People think you’re crazy anyway. Who goes up to Jive Records and goes ballistic at the label and you can’t even come up to the label anymore? People think that you’re crazy, by coming at me and everyone else you’re just making people believe that what they’re saying is true. You don’t do that, you do the opposite and say “Okay, I’m going to show these people I’m not crazy, so I’m just going to stay calm, and you know just keep doing me.” You look like the crazy one.

Do you wish you held your tongue on the show ever, regarding Stevie’s two-timing?

No, because if I didn’t say anything it would have came out “Oh you knew,” “You’re fake,” “Look at you, you’re just fake, you just sat there and didn’t say anything.” I would rather have said something and stuck up for myself and then I don’t seem fake to anyone later on when Mimi finds out. So I gave you a one up Mimi. I gave her a one up, now she knows. Friends or no friends, if my guy is cheating on me — I wish I would have known Benzino was cheating from day one. I wish Joseline would have told me, I wish Mimi would have told me Benzino was a cheat so I could have a one up.

Do you actually watch the show live as it airs? I know most of your cast members tweet during the show but you don’t very much.

You know what, from Scream Queens it’s always been hard watching myself. I don’t know what it is; it’s just always been hard for me to watch myself, and so basically I watch it but I can’t really tweet at the time because I’m listening to all the feedback. I’m getting like maybe a thousand mentions, I can’t even get a tweet in because so many mentions come in. So I just basically watch the show as people are tweeting. It’s like “Oh Karlie did this.” You know people opinions of you and the media’s opinions of you, they are going to say whatever they want to say, but you know that is my character on the show, and I am who I am, and you could say whatever you want to say about me, I don’t care. You know, say hello to the haters.

It must be so hard to have haters. But all the best reality stars do.

You’re right, it is hard, but at the same time I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, so this is what I asked for. And, hey you know what, it comes with the good and it comes with the bad not everything is perfect and peachy keen.

Has the show helped your career?

Oh my God, [into the microphone] thank you Mona! I love you Mona! Absolutely, thank you all, everyone, producers, VH1, I love you guys! Yeah, absolutely, totally it has given me a platform for my hair line, Redd Line Hair. For Our Time which is getting people to vote, cancer, for my watch line. It’s just given me a platform for my music especially, that’s the number one reason is my music. So career wise, you know I’m going to do it!

Do you have a favorite moment from the season or the reunion?

Oh my gosh, favorite moment of the reunion is when Scrappy…Two favorite moments can I say! Scrappy asks…NO! Three favorite moments! I can keep going…When Scrappy asked Erica to marry him, that was one favorite moment. Second favorite moment when they showed Joseline’s family, like I almost shed a tear, I was really sad about that. Third favorite moment was when Rasheeda got her ass up about to kill K.Michelle, that favorite moment should be number one on my list! [Laughs] Those are my favorite moments.
[Photo: Rowena Husbands]

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