T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 3 – Time Outs And Talk Shows


Tiny is getting her very own talk show! It’s her dream come true! But was Shekinah a part of that dream? Umm…

Tiny meets up with her girls to tell them that her dream of a View-like talk show is about to become a reality. And since Shekinah is Shekinah, she instantly wants to know who’s playing which role, because she has big plans for being the Star (Jones). When Tiny tells her she didn’t plan to cast her in the pilot, err…her typical Shekinah reaction says it all.

It’s not for Tiny’s lack of trying though. She tells Shekinah that she tried to get her on the show, but the overwhelming opinion of Shekinah is that “she don’t know how to control her damn mouth.” That only makes Shekinah want to prove Tiny wrong, so she tells her she’s going to go “around the world” taping an interview segment that she’ll pitch back to Tiny so she’ll see what a great addition to the show she can be.

Tiny knows her friend is a diamond in the rough, and she wants to see how well she can get shined up.

The Harris family heads out together to the science museum to celebrate Major’s fourth birthday, and it’s an adorable affair. Major takes part in the experiments,

and he conducts them in full mad-scientist mode.

I wonder if he can help Tiny out by making Shekinah disappear?

(I KID.)

At the party, Tiny tells T.I. that Shekinah wants to be involved on the show, and he tells her she should be. “She adds something only Shekinah could add,” he tells her.

Tiny can’t believe those words are coming from her husband’s mouth.

“Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife! Shekinah’s goin’ on the streets!” Tip says. I love that he made that reference.

And she has indeed taken her act to the streets as she shoots her segment to impress Tiny and convince her of her skills. She sets up a couch to offer free therapy on the street.

It’s not an easy job though, as she explains later “Street Therapy was ghetto as hellll.” This from the woman whose advice to her “patients” included “Be focused on your career, b—h,” “You should not wanna be a whore and lookin’ to back that a— up on anybody else anyway,” and “Don’t get crunk with me.”

I’ve never seen a confessional on a reality show where the person being interviewed has gotten sassy with the person filming, but that’s why Shekinah is here. When she is asked about her experience as a therapist on the street, she gets annoyed, stands up, and gets sassy. “How do you want me to be? Hey b—hes, it’s Shekinah! Now I’m doing interviews! How ya like me now?”

We like you, but we don’t know if we’d hire you as our therapist that’s all. So she has another idea — it work with b—hes who know b—hes. As in, women who groom dogs at Glamour Paws, a fancy doggie beauty shop. “It smells like s— in here,” is maybe not the best first thing you say to someone when you walk into their business establishment, but that’s our Shekinah.

She starts helping to groom the dogs and dye their fur and she tells the groomer it’s just like her regular stylist job. “Does your client poop on you?” the groomer asks. Touche. By the end, Shekinah is begging to be fired.

But she hopes the footage will be enough to make Tiny accept her into her talk show circle.

Back at T.I.’s house, there’s trouble in the white room. I’ve never been to the Harris house, but even I know that you don’t bring markers into the white room, but Major sure did, and now there’s a leather couch with his signature on it. (“You guys at home know that the white room is scared,” Tip says later. “If you know it, they should know it!”)

This little guy is in some troublllleeee and he knows it. “Come see what I did on the sofa,” he tells T.I.

On second thought, he starts yelling to his dad “It’s nothing! It’s nothing!” as if that will help. So off Tip goes to see the damage, and when he sees it, he gives his youngest child a time out which is just the saddest thing ever.

I mean, seriously. Cutest-saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

The punishment doesn’t last forever though, because soon enough, T.I. gives Major a bike-riding lesson on his brand-new, big boy bike. He doesn’t quite get the hang of it, but as Tip tells him, “Practice makes perfect!”

The time has finally come for Shekinah to show off her footage to Tiny.Tiny seems entertained by what Shekinah’s filmed, but when she spots King watching and overhearing some of Shekinah’s language, she shoos him away because the mouth on that woman is not very PG.

“That was actually pretty good,” Tiny tells her after she’s watched it all. “Let’s get ready to do this talk show!”

“I went from behind the scenes to on the scene!…I finally made it to the top, y’all!” Shekinah says of her new (potential) fame. “I always wanted to be like Oprah Winfrey one day!” Gotta love how she’s shooting for Oprah and not Gayle. But hey, she aims high! Why not?

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