The Top 5 Most Outrageous Quotes of Mama Drama‘s Season Finale


Mama Drama
Mama Drama chronicles the complex dynamics between five pairs of BFFs, who also happen to be mother and daughter, living in a Las Vegas penthouse. This series is so crazy that we thought we’d let the mothers and daughters speak for themselves. Check out the five most outrageous quotes from the season finale!

1. The ladies are starting to feel like a family, albeit an incredibly dysfunctional family, and begin to realize their time together is coming to an end. Instead of having one last crazy night on the town, the group decides to stay in and have a slumber party. It seems innocent enough until Sharon suggests everyone go around the circle and have an “honesty talk.” The point of this talk is to let out how you really feel in a bullsh** free environment. Instead of offering constructive and positive opinions, the women take the opportunity to harshly criticize each others character and family dynamics. The “honesty talk” quickly turns into a screaming match (surprise, surprise!) Loren describes her first slumber party experience:

2. Throughout the season, it’s been noted that Jay and Vanessa do not interact with each other in the same way as the other mother/daughter pairs. Sharon and Ashley share everything with each other, Loren is Britney and Whitney’s best friend and Big Gina and Marcella do everything, from bathing to deciding what to wear, together. Jay and Vanessa were okay with their relationship before, but now Jay hopes to strengthen her bond with Vanessa. They go to lunch to discuss how they can better their relationship. Jay really puts herself out there and Vanessa responded coldly that she just isn’t that type of person to get overly emotional or touchy. Vanessa realizes that her words are hurting her mother’s feelings, but she doesn’t know how to behave any differently:

3. A major theme of this week’s episode is learning from the experience to better yourself, and your relationship with your mother (or daughter.) Some mother/daughter pairs saw areas in themselves and their relationship in which they can improve, but not Ashley:

4. Loren has often played the role of peacemaker this season. In most cases, her message was a positive one, but it was lost in translation because it was aggressively screamed at the other women instead of calmly spoken. She realizes she has room to grow…sort of:

5. Gina and Marcella’s primary criticism has been that they’re still attached by an umbilical cord. They insist that they want to be around each other and dress alike because they enjoy each others company, not because they feel they have to. They share how they’ve changed in their confessional:

Well, that wraps up this season of Mama Drama. It’s been an outrageous journey start to finish! Who do you think learned the most during they stay in Vegas? Who still has the most room to grow? Let us know in the comments section.

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