Dr. Drew Is A Huge Mob Wives Fan, And Other Things We Learned From His Appearance On Big Morning Buzz Live


Here’s something we never would have imagined: Dr. Drew hanging out with Big Ang at the Drunken Monkey. But the man is such a Mob Wives fan, that he wants to make it happen, or so he said on today’s episode of Big Morning Buzz Live. For some reason it makes us laugh to imagine him even watching Mob Wives, let alone hanging out in their digs on Staten Island, but it’s true, he loves his tough ladies. “My wife met Drita at the VMAs the other night and that was the highlight of the night for her,” he told host Carrie Keagan.

Dr. Drew also gave Keagan the lowdown on the new season of Rehab With Dr. Drew which premieres this Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT. “We’re doing real people now,” he says. “Everyday folks. Because that’s who addiction affects. It doesn’t just affect celebrities, it affects everybody, and it’s what I do normally in my day-in, day-out life, treat regular people.” And as for how this show is different from Celebrity Rehab, he says that this one’s a lot grittier and shows a lot more of the recovery process. “Some of the shenanigans the celebrities got into made for good television, but it wasn’t what we wanted to show, which was the treatment.”

Further into the interview, Drew discusses the passing of his patient Rodney King, the drug testing controversy faced by Lance Armstrong, and his concern for Lindsay Lohan — watch the whole clip, because no topic is untouched in this segment.
Dr Drew Big Morning Buzz Live

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