Basketball Wives L.A. – Episode 2 – Where Was The Apology?


When Jackie shows up at Gloria‘s dinner, that’s the first thing Gloria and everyone else is thinking. No one besides Malaysia knew Jackie would be there, and before Jackie can speak to offer what Malaysia promises will be an apology, everyone else dives in with the insults and snark toward her. These thoughts range from “Don’t be surprised if you don’t get anything from me,” (Gloria) to “I don’t hate you and I don’t dislike you to the point where I can’t stand to be around you, but you’ve gotta work on showing that you’re a better person,” (Draya).

To her credit, Jackie listens, smiles, and accepts it all very calmly. And then she offers what the girls deem a non-apology.

“Yes, I have an attitude problem at times, when I feel wronged, and I do get defensive, and I do get in people’s face, but that’s it. The games need to end. Am I going to sit here and promise you that when we’re together I’m not gonna be outspoken, I’m not gonna be myself? I’m not gonna lie to you, that’s who I am,” Jackie tells them long-windedly, to which Draya asks her “Number one, where was the apology? There was no ‘I’m sorry.'”

“I came here, you guys, and I was like ‘They should be the ones apologizing,'” Jackie tells them when she gets real about it, and this is news to peacemaker Malaysia, who tells Jackie that’s not what they discussed before, and if that’s really how Jackie feels, she never should have come at all.

Throughout this entire scene, Laura continues to chow down and simultaneously have the world’s greatest reactions to all of this.

“Oh my God, this is hilarious,” Brooke, who has never been exposed to the group dynamics before, says, taking it all in.

After they’ve all had enough, Gloria politely asks Jackie to leave, and she does. “Seriously, guys, she said she was in a different space in life,” Malaysia tells them. “Obviously not, if she’s expecting us to apologize,” Laura says, and then she grabs Malaysia’s phone to call Jackie to ask her back to the meal.

Laura starts mocking Jackie’s boots over the phone and taunting her and Jackie seems not to get that there’s a joke being made at her expense. “It was funny. But it was sad,” Draya says.

“Chocolate, tall, nice build, tattoos, can’t beat that,” Brooke says, describing her baller boyfriend Vernon Macklin, as we shift from the scene between the ladies to a beach picnic between the lovers.

The two have been together about six months but don’t live in the same city, which works for Brooke because it means seeing him is always a treat.

Malaysia and Jackie get together for a one on one hangout to discuss why the meeting at Gloria’s went wrong, and Malaysia explains that she understands why Jackie stood up for herself, but she was confused when the suggestion that everyone else owed her an apology was thrown out there.

“It came off as like ‘Lookit here, I’m here in front of y’all face and y’all need to apologize to me,'” Malaysia tells her, and Jackie can’t believe that. “Jackie thinks that it went well,” she continues, utterly confused. “She actually thinks that she left and they are her friends now.”

The one person Jackie does want to really rekindle a friendship with is Laura, her oldest friend of the group and the one she appears to value the most. Not sure how Laura will feel about all of this.

It’s pretty clear that at the very least, Draya and Gloria are questioning why Malaysia invited Jackie over at all and what her intentions were, so the three of them get together so they can ask her what she was thinking, and immediately Malaysia apologizes for what happened. (Gloria, like Jackie, was looking for an apology here, so at least Malaysia gave her that.)

Draya understands and accepts the apology, and admits she feels bad that they made Jackie leave and then crank-called her. Gloria…not so much.

So, up to this point, it would have appeared that Draya and Brooke are pretty tight, but as Brooke explains, they were both booked for a magazine shoot and when Draya arrives and sees Brooke there, tension runs high and Draya actually walks out.

Draya calls the shoot’s producer and tells his she’d rather work on a closed set with no other models there, and Brooke can’t help but take it personally. “Everyone’s bringing their A game and you come in here and ruin the mood. I don’t think that’s very professional at all,” Brooke says. “At the end of the day, no one wants to work with a diva.”

“Once you gain a certain amount of clout in the industry, you’re allowed to make moves like that,” Draya defends.

Brooke ultimately has no problem with it. “I looked hot!” she says. “Who doesn’t want to get naked when they look hot?”
Basketball Wives LA
(In case you missed our full gallery of Brooke looking hot, it’s over here.)

If Draya leaving means that Brooke gets more pages in a magazine, she’s all for it.

Gloria’s career is also taking off when she learns she gets a role as a Lara Croft-type hit woman who is also a ballet dancer in a web series that will become a film.

She starts freaking out when she learns she needs to take ballet, yoga and martial arts classes for the next month, but for her first big role, its a BIG role and she’s psyched.

Her sister is less psyched when she meets with Jackie to finally have lunch.

Jackie actually does offer Laura a heartfelt apology and tells her she means the world to her. Laura tells Jackie she’s not angry anymore about what happened between them, but “Honestly, I just feel like sometimes I don’t know who you are.” And after they talk more, Laura comes around even more, telling Jackie “This hurts my lips right now, I don’t even wanna say this, but I DO like you!”

They part and Laura gives Jackie a hug, which Jackie takes as the end all/peace treaty/sign that all is right with the world, but Laura at this point still definitely thinks Jackie is a little nuts. But she knows now that she just needs to accept that about Jackie.

And just in case you thought there was too much getting along and reconciliation, we meet Bambi, Malaysia’s ride or die friend from childhood. Without so much as a scene with the other women, Bambi is already beefing with Brooke because she’s heard about her and thinks she’s a “hater.”

Bambi is a say-what-she-feels chick who doesn’t know why everyone’s beefing with Jackie in the first place because in her opinion, who cares if someone talks behind your back? “She’s talking s— behind people’s back, right?” Bambi asks. “Who the f— cares, that’s what b—ches do! I’ll be saying stuff about b—ches and then I’ll be like, ‘Hey, boo!'” So Bambi doesn’t hide anything, and that’s why she’s able to come out and say that Brooke is a hater that’s jealous of Bambi because “[Brooke’s] dude think I got a lot of shimmer…We don’t have no f—ing issues, but if she wants to make one, we can.” Okay, then. I mean, we might not actually have an issue here. But if we want to watch one play out, we can.

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