T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 4 – My Super Sweet 16


It’s Niq Niq’s 16th birthday! That means it’s time to throw her a party and get her a car, and T.I. is overwhelmed at the idea of both.

First, he heads over to his mom’s house to discuss the party situation, where he wonders why a girl even needs a big, fancy party in the first place.

But wait, is that a drawing of a baby Major hanging on the fridge? Because if so, I’m gong to go die now, byeeee.

T.I. tells his mom he’s worried that Niq Niq will want boys at the party, because boys dance like this:

and girls dance like this:

and together, it’s a father’s worst nightmare.

Niq Niq also tells her parents that sixteen is the age for cars and that’s when they pull the old “back in my day” routine. Tiny explains that her first car was an all-white Tempo her mom got for her, and T.I.’s first was also all-white (now I get the importance of the white room in their house!) and it was a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass. As he explains, he worked very hard to earn the money for his ride.

One person who thinks Niq Niq should get whatever she wants is Major. And why?

Major is my Kryptonite! There is nothing he can do that won’t render me powerless! And he even offer to pay for her party out of his piggy bank. Yep, I surrender. To the cuteness.

“The most important thing about a sweet sixteen party is the car,” Tip says when he goes shopping to find Niq’s present. While they’re at the luxury dealer, T.I.’s assistant Snake makes a valid point when he says “Man, you’ve got like ten cars at home, why don’t you just give her one of them cars?”

“They’re my cars though,” Tip answers. So the search continues.

While father searches for a car, mother and daughter search for the perfect dress to wear at her party. “I really want to make sure she feels like a princess on her night,” Tiny explains.

But Niq Niq doesn’t appear to be having the best time, because she’s preoccupied with whether or not the party itself will be a hit. I don’t think he has to worry though, because when T.I. and Tiny check out the venue, their even planner gives them a run down of everything she has planned. Photo booths, henna tattoos, crystal tattoos, DJs, a VIP section, oh, and four camels and a giraffe. For starters. It’a an Arabian theme, and T.I. jokes about what he’ll wear (please oh please let him show up in full Aladdin gear) but he’s actually more concerned with his daughter’s wardrobe and asks to see the pictures Tiny took on their dress shopping outing.

“She’s not wearing that,” he says at first glance. “This is too grown.”

“This is sweet sixteen,” Tiny tells him. “She’s only going to be it once.”

“You know what? Looks like sweet twenty-one,” he fires back, and he tells Tiny that if Zonnique wears one of the dresses she tried, he’s not going to get her a car. Dad blackmail is the worst.

When the night finally arrives, Tip says “I can’t wait to see my baby girl dressed up…not too dressed up though,” and off they go to the party. When they arrive, her chariot literally awaits and shes carried in in true Cleopatra-style.

While Niq Niq parties with her friends and other assorted wild animals,

Tip is busy orchestrating all the behind-the-scenes details and guests like Nelly, Justin Combs, and Diggy Simmons, and Tiny is busy orchestrating Zonnique’s wardrobe changes. And then the time comes for T.I.’s big announcement. He gathers all the guests outside to unveil her car, which he promises to be a 1986 Oldsmobile just like his first, but of course it’s not.

It’s actually just “the best car ever,” according to Niq Niq.

Everyone is happy with the night, but Tiny is probably the most appreciative of all.
T.I. And Tiny
“He gets the number one father award from me,” Tiny says.

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