Watching Couples Therapy Star DMX Google Himself Is Like Watching Your Nana Learn The Internet


VH1 Couples Therapy star DMX learned a lot about himself from his time one that show last season, but one thing he’s never seemed to learn is how to Google himself. The rapper was a guest at Power 105 this week and, as you can see in this hilarious clip above, he has never used a search engine and he really has no idea how to. “I’m my grandmother!” he says when he’s prompted to enter his name into the search bar. Even the name frustrates him. “Computer words are funny,” he says. “Like ‘Google‘…funny words, get a regular word, what the f— is a Google? Who came up with that? Google. That doesn’t even make sense! I don’t have patience for s— like that. ”

Considering that Googling yourself can be a totally unproductive and sometimes depressing use of time, it’s kind of refreshing knowing that X doesn’t even know how to do it. But watching him try is also one of the funniest, cutest things we’ve seen in forever. Why does the cursor go from being an arrow to a hand anyway?

Couples Therapy DMX Tries To Google

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