Dr. Drew Discusses Episode 2 Of Rehab With Dr. Drew And Who His Hardest Patients Are So Far


Rehab WIth Dr. Drew
This week on Rehab With Dr. Drew, we met the final three patients that Drew Pinsky and his medical team will be caring for during the course of their rehabilitation and recovery. In a recent conversation with Dr. Drew, he told us his first impressions of Drewbee, Heather, and Jasmen, and why each of them posed specific challenges for him.

I’m going to guess that Drewbee is one of the hardest cases, this season —

You don’t know where this ends up do you?

I don’t, I haven’t seen every episode.

Yeah, he’s the hardest. Drew had spent weeks on a ventilator, he has brain trauma from multiple head injuries, he has drug related brain injury, he’s been doing tremendous amounts of drugs essentially his whole life, he never had an adulthood, he didn’t finish his education, and in addition to his brain problems, he seems to have some kind of underlying psychiatric issue as well. I mean this is — every domain is effected profoundly by his condition. And then his parents and their co-dependency is so profound. I mean they were feeding him the pills. That’s how convinced they were that he was going to die, and I don’t know if I say this on the show or not, but I think they were actually –– as disturbed as the situation was, they’re probably right, he would’ve died if they didn’t do that in this case.

Is that common to see parents who take that kind of responsibility just to control the drugs?

You see Eric’s family they inject him with stuff. I mean yes, this is what happens. They get so scared; you get so desperate and frightened by what’s happening –– the loved one, I mean. You’ll do anything. That’s a mistake.

Let’s discuss Heather.

Heather is a very interesting woman. She was very cagey, and finally she opened up to us and it’s a very interesting world she lives in.

She was pretty fascinating, like you said, the way that she treated her past and laughed at some really horrific things she went through.

Everything was very foggy, she had no clarity about anything, and I always give people the benefit of the doubt at first that it might be their brain and they might not be thinking very clearly and that’s why they can’t see things very clearly, but in her case, it became clear that it was because she wasn’t telling us stuff. That all comes into focus later.

What’s the group dynamic this season?

One phenomenon you’ll see a lot of is called splitting behavior, where a group of people gang up on one person and take sides or keep secrets or pick teams and put me against Bob or against Shelly, there’s lots of that going on with these kinds of patients. That’s why it’s extremely important that you have such a tight-knit team, so if someone claims that Bob said something that doesn’t sound like Bob, I know for sure it didn’t happen, it’s not Bob. There’s no disagreement in how to manage these patients among the size of us, there’s absolute unanimity of opinion and you have to be a show of force at all times.

Did they try to split up within the group and cause rift amongst each other?

Oh, yes, any kind of splitting, that’s their main strategy.

Finally there’s Jasmen.

Oh, Jasmen. God bless her. That woman is such a survivor and has been through so much trauma and continues to suit up and maintain a great attitude, and was open to this process in a really stunning way. She’s got so much going on with her family that you’ll find out about and we’ll meet her parents, her husband, her son, and she has such stories. My God, the trauma she’s survived. She’s a bit of a flashpoint because she has such aggression and she has PTSD and she actually reds out when she gets angry and doesn’t know what she’s doing and gets really aggressive sometimes, and Deanna too, that’s her whole thing, having been in prison and accustomed to coming on to those kinds of behaviors instead of letting me deescalate them.

Check back with the VH1 Blog next week for more post-show commentary with the cast of Rehab With Dr. Drew.

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