Download Do Something! Awards Finalist Darius Weems’ Song On iTunes And Help Make Him A Star For A Day


The Do Something! Awards always tend to make us smile and cry at the same time, and this story about one recent finalist who appeared on the show might actually make you run out of emotions to feel when you watch it.

Darius Weems has spent his life fighting for disability rights after being diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and for his twenty-third birthday, his friends are trying to make him an overnight rap star. In the video above, the story is all laid out: Darius’ friends try to give him the best birthday possible every year, and this year Darius recorded a song called “Thank You For 23” which you can download on iTunes. His friends have started an internet campaign (the song has already hit #36 on the hip hop chart!) to make him a star overnight, and they’re asking for some extra support. At the moment Darius is in the hospital receiving treatment and his friends plan to reveal his chart-topper to him today because he has no idea about their plan, so all they ask is that you visit their Facebook page if you’d like to share a message or photo of support, and download the song to make Darius rapper for a day. It doesn’t hurt that the song’s pretty awesome, too.

Happy birthday, Darius! Don’t forget about us when you’re a super-famous hip hop star.

Darius Weems Do Something Awards

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