Meet The Fascinating Courtney And Doug In This Sneak Peek From Episode One Of Couples Therapy


“Obviously people disagree with our union because we have that controversial age gap,” Courtney Stodden explains in this sneak peek from episode one of Couples Therapy, which premieres next Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Despite the other, more visible reasons the union turns heads — Courtney’s love for PVC skirts with a 0-inch inseam, the fact that husband Doug Hutchison has Courtney’s name shaved into his 52-year-old head — the age gap is definitely the biggie, and it’s about to cause a lot of problems for their co-stars on the show as well. In this clip, Courtney giggles her way through their interview while Doug explains that he’s “raising” his wife, and elaborates on the toll that their relationship has taken on his family who has disowned him.

Watch the sneak above, watch the show, and judge for yourself. Will a closer look at the pair change the public’s perception of them, or just make it worse?
Couples Therapy

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