Chrissy And Mr. Jones – Episode 2 – Pum Kash


As dysfunctional as Chrissy and Jim‘s relationship can be, the man can tell when his lady needs a pick-me-up and when to do something out of the kindness of is heart. Hence, his attempt at making her breakfast to show her he cares, so he fries her up some buttery, delicious eggs. He also mentions that as payment, he’ll accept a watch from Chrissy so he’ll remember when to come home in time to cook for her. At least his intentions started well. “Jimmy makes me breakfast once every…five? Six years,” Chrissy explains. “And then he wants this huge reward. Ha. That Jimmy is a piece of work.”

Speaking of eggs, Chrissy drops the bomb that she wants to freeze hers. Jim and pretty much everyone else they know are pressuring her to have his baby, but she’s not ready, so she tells him she’s found a fertility specialist who can help her make motherhood a reality. Jim’s not happy, he doesn’t want to delay fatherhood any longer. “If it were up to me, we woulda had a kid a long time ago,” he explains. “It’s obviously not up to me.”

Chrissy decides to have Emily and Talia meet her for lunch because they’re both good friends with her, but they hardly know one another, and Chrissy has some business ideas to throw out to them. “We’re all strong women, we all have fashion sense, let’s see what we can get going,” Chrissy explains.

The ladies are into it, and they toast to their upcoming business opportunities. But Talia feels blindsided and she’s not really feeling Emily after all.

Chrissy promises that she’ll take full responsibility for Emily and not to worry, but Talia isn’t 100% with the idea. Guess what? Neither is Emily.

“Miss Bright Ideas,” Emily says, calling Chrissy from the car. “I love you, Chris, but are gonna end up pulling each others’ hair out, all three of us.”

“I think you’ll love each other,” Chrissy tried to reassure Em. “And if you don’t, I’ll make you love each other.”

Back at home, Chrissy’s confiding in Paulina that she has no idea what’s up with Jimmy. The breakfast thing was nice, but it doesn’t change the fact that he didn’t help her pack up the house. And worse still, Jim missed the closing date with their house’s new owners, which means they didn’t receive the house keys and they might decide to pull out of the purchase. Grown-up people problems. Ugh.

Chrissy justifies his behavior though because she claims he’s so busy with work that he tunes out his real-life duties. But that doesn’t mean she forgives it, because she says she’s at her wit’s end.

Mama Jones pops by and Chrissy takes this opportunity to tell her the plan to freeze her eggs. The response is pure Mama Jones.

Mama thinks that now is the time to have a baby because “Time is ticking on her behalf, and he ain’t no young chick neither.” She wants a grandbaby like, yesterday.

Mama Jones accepts Chrissy’s decision begrudgingly, but she accepts Freddie, who has paid her a visit, less openly. Last week, she chased Freddie out of her home with a baseball bat, and this week, Freddie has returned to make nice.

“You played me, Freddie,” she tells him, and through tears he tells her how sorry he is and how much he misses her.

“I got really, really caught up in all the stuff that was happening,” he tells her, “I was really just trying to protect what we were building.” Before Mama Jones accepts his apology, which she does do, let’s take a second to pause the frame and notice that Freddie’s glasses aren’t real, he jacked them from the Regal cinema because they’re 3-D glasses with the lenses punched out.

Mam tells Freddie that she’s going to keep him at arm’s length for now, but he can help her launch her new perfume if he wants. Yes, the Mama Jones perfume, coming to a store near you. And it is called…Pum Kásh. (Thank God she spelled it out, otherwise I would have made a mockery of the word.) The name comes from the simple fact that “P—y makes money,” Mama tells her son.

How do you feel about that, Jim?
Chrissy And Mr. Jones
“She’s crazy. That’s my mother, though.”

“If the fragrance is reminiscent of the name…” Chrissy says, and then she throws her hands up because she, and we, gives up.

As promised, Chrissy and Jim make a trip to the fertility clinic to discuss freezing her eggs.

The doctor, surprisingly enough, is not in favor. She explains that at Chrissy’s age, it’s better to just get pregnant as quickly as possible. “Now I’m getting pressure from a complete stranger!” Chrissy says. That’s music to Jim’s ears though, and even though he was reluctant to go to the doctor, he leaves grinning because he wants that baby NOW. But Chrissy needs a promise from him that he’ll actually be around for that baby, and he tells her not to start with that.

“It’s not about that,” he says. But to Chrissy, that’s exactly what it’s about. “Your attitude is just mind blowing,” she tells him.

“You ready to leave?” he asks. And they leave.

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