Since We’re Talking About Brigitte Nielsen, Can We Agree She Started The Blonde Pompadour Look?


Brigitte Nielsen Miley Cyrus Pink Blonde Pompadour

Earlier today we brought up Brigitte Nielsen, the actress and former Celebrity Rehab and Surreal Life star who made news this week now that Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted having a steamy affair with the blonde bombshell in 1985. And while we browsed photos of the still-gorgeous 49-year-old, it dawned on us that she hasn’t gotten proper credit. See, we’ve spent so much time since the MTV VMAs simultaneously being annoyed at Miley Cyrus for ripping off Pink‘s hairstyle and also wishing we could pull it off. But Nielsen is the one that we should give credit to, because she had that hair long before either pop star, and she can still rock it better than both of them. We’re probably over-thinking this, but the proof is in the pictures, she totally started the trend.

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