T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 6 – Our Own Family Movie


The family is in Chicago this week as Tip wraps filming on Boss, his latest acting endeavor. To the unfamiliar, Boss stars Kelsey Grammer, of Frasier fame, but more importantly, Tip refers to Kels as his “player-partner,” a greater title to be sure. Before he does anything though, Tip needs to convince his kids that acting is a legitimate career choice. “Acting is not hard,” Domani challenges his father. “I bet all you gonna do is get out, look serious, and that’s it.”

The even bigger challenge comes when Domani says that Tip couldn’t act better than Denzel Washington. “Anywhere where he ain’t, I’m gonna be better!” Tip tells his son. “How ’bout that? You’re going to be able to observe the master at work!” And King, bless his heart, corrects his father.

Jeez, these kids are tough.
“I got one son who say that Denzel is the best actor, and I got another son who say Jesus is the master. Well, kind of hard to argue with that. I tell you what. Put me somewhere in the middle,” Tip says. When they arrive to the actual set and Tip wants to introduce the boys to Kelsey, who he calls “one of the most influential actors of our time,” the boys are like “Who’s Kelsey?” so Tip has to level with them in a way they will understand. “He’s the voice of Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons.” That perks their ears.

T.I. And Tony The Family Hustle Kelsey Grammer
Now that Domani knows who Kelsey Grammer is and can respect his resume after learning it has The Simpsons on it, he asks about life as an actor. “Is this hard work?” he asks, still doubting that his father’s job is legit.

After Tip wraps up, Domani tells him the job still looks easy (perhaps it’s a testament to his father’s skill at making it LOOK easy), but the thing he likes most of all about acting is the part where you “get the money.”

If acting is so easy, Tip tells Domani, “go do it then,” and Domani decides he’ll accept the challenge. Tip says they’ll write their own movie with a real script and film it to see just how well Domani does. It’ll be “our own family movie,” Tiny says, getting in on the idea.

Back at the house, Domani says he and Deyjah have come up with an idea for a scary movie, although they haven’t fleshed out a script yet. Tip is pleased that they’ve put any thought at all into it, but tells them to come back when they’ve worked their ideas out. As a team, all the kids write a script out (okay so maybe Major’s idea didn’t make it in the final cut…

…but he can be forgiven because most 4-year-olds haven’t seen Cujo anyway.)
The kids bring their script to Tip and he approves, so they start to film the Harris Family Scary Movie using a handheld camera and a laptop as a slate, and Nelly as the first AD.

Tip looks forward to his kids bringing their words to life, but Domani can’t seem to remember any of his lines…Not so easy now, is it, Domani?? Not to mention, Major can’t take direction to save his life.

“No director should be subject to this kind of amateurism!” Tip declares. In the end though, they film their scenes and everything comes together, and as always, Proud Papa is incredibly pleased at what his children created.

It might look easy, but those kids finally realized that acting takes hustle.

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