Chrissy And Mr. Jones – Episode 3 – Baby Talk


Chrissy needed to vent about her quest to freeze her eggs since she’s not ready to have the baby everybody and their mama wants her to have one. Emily listens to her friend lament as she says “I don’t want to leave this world without being a mother.” Yet Chrissy still isn’t ready. When questioned on when she’ll be ready, Chrissy basically responds with a roundabout way of saying “I don’t know, but not right now.”

The real issue is the way she and Jim argue that she’s unsure if he’ll be around for the child. “I just don’t want to set myself up for a situation where I look at him one day and go, ‘I can’t stand you as a parent and I need to get my child away from you.'” Chrissy gets emotional when Emily asks if she’d be okay with never having children. Seeing her friend cry makes Emily cry and she suggests the couple talk to a professional. Hmmm. Jimmy needing to grow up has been said on every episode. Message!

Mama Jones is serious about this perfume, Pum-Kásh, which is her poetic way of saying that “p—y gets money.” When Freddie hears the name of it, a puzzled, “What?” is all he could muster up. “You gon’ love the smell, beautiful smell,” she said. “I think most men love it anyway.” We see what you did there Mama Jones. MJ is enlisting Freddie to produce a commercial for her new fragrance, but in return he wants her to make things right between him, Chrissy and Jim. Good to see the two of them play nice, but he still wants to know, “How much you paying me for this again?” It wouldn’t be right if Mama Jones didn’t laugh in his face.

You got to give it to Emily for being a good friend. At the studio she tries to get Jim to open up about his relationship. “When did you become the Dalai Lama of relationships?” he patronizes her. “I got a one track mind. We chasing dough.” Emily gets it. “As women sometimes we’re a little selfish. We think about the big scheme of things, the love part. We’re not thinking about what you go through.” Huh? I guess, girl. Jim reaffirms to Emily that Chrissy is who he wants to be with and he hopes she never leaves. “That’s the one that makes me smile.”

Now Emily relaying her conversation with Jim to Chrissy may not be so easy. “He told me that taking care of a home is a woman’s job,” Emily says. What does Chrissy think about that? “I have too much to offer to just sit around and be somebody’s support system.” Chrissy feels like Emily now, along with everybody else, is pressuring her to be a wife and mother. “My focus is not mother and wife. My focus is Chrissy.” Emily promises not say anything else about it, which is probably best for everybody. Some things only the people in the relationship will truly understand.

Freddie is ready to shoot Pum-Kash at L Lounge in Harlem. “How come I don’t see no people and s—? What’s up?” Mama Jones greets Freddie. For everything Freddie wants Mama Jones has a rebuttal. For hair he wants it to look “insane.” Mama Jones: “Uhh uh now you going overboard ‘cause you know that s— is not gonna happen.” For makeup he wants “glamorous.” Mama Jones: “I’m not gonna be looking all dramatic and crazy.” “I need her looking like she’s about to go to the awards,” Freddie tells the makeup artist. “You’re gonna look like you’re going to the beach, tropical.” A beach look and an awards show look are totally different, Freddie. This sounds like a potential disaster. Freddie doesn’t think so though. “The beach and the awards. Same s—.” Maybe the Club MTV Spring Break Awards, Freddie, but not the Oscars.

It’s showtime and Freddie has one pressing question, “Do you have on underwear?” Mama Jones replies, “Don’t worry about it. If it blow nothing gonna be seen.” Our only question is: How do you shoot a perfume commercial with no perfume?

Chrissy, Talia and Emily meet up for what turns into a bash session between Emily and Talia. Emily’s not feeling Talia’s tutu. Talia hates Emily’s leggings with holes. “You look like you got knee socks on,” Talia said. For the fashion line Emily thinks guys’ motorcycle jackets are played out. Talia thinks they’re timeless. The ladies take personal shots at each other before Chrissy steps in, “I don’t have time for this s—.” Since the two have totally different ideas of style Chrissy gives them 30 days to have sketches and samples for a fashion show. Chrissy plans to present the sketches to potential investors. Who’s going to come up with the best?

Freddie gets his chance to clear the air with Jim, but Jim looks unimpressed. He never looks at Freddie and stares at his phone the entire time until he snaps. “Freddie shut the f— up, what, you expected me to call you? What the f— am I calling you for? Really.” Jim doesn’t want Freddie to talk. The only reason he’s not in a “sling” is because of Mama Jones, he says. And when Freddie tries to say one word politely, Jim gets angrier. Jim kicks Freddie out leaving nothing resolved. So much for conflict resolution.

Over dinner Chrissy breaks the news to Jim that she’s not ready to have a baby. Is he okay with that decision? “Not at all.” “You’re having a hard time balancing time for me. So I don’t see you making the balance happen if we have a child.” Since that’s not what Jim wants to hear he shuts down. Chrissy asks Jim to show her he loves her by making more time for her. He admits he comes home pretty late every night. “At any time you can come find me or come see me,” he says. “You supposed to cut some of that s— short sometimes and bring yo a—– home,” she yells. “If you want to move out of here then move out of here,” he says. Obviously hurt, Chrissy walks out. It’s not looking too good for the couple. Not at all.

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