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On this week’s episode of Basketball Wives L.A., Draya had an encounter with a psychic — an encounter she was definitely wary of, but eventually, she gave in and was convinced that her reading was legit. We spoke to Adela Lavine, the medium who met with Draya tonight, to find out everything that wasn’t shown during the course of their reading. Adela was unfamiliar with the show and wasn’t told Draya’s name at the time of the reading, so she had no prior information about her back story. In talking to her, it was clear she definitely gleaned some insight into Draya and told us all about it.

When you were approached to do the show, you told me you weren’t told who you’d be reading, did you know anything about the show at all?

I had heard of it, flipped past it, and I knew it was a reality show about NBA wives, but I didn’t know anything about the show or the cast members.

We don’t see Draya’s full reading on the show, I’m sure, we just see parts where, for instance, you point out that she is trying to avoid drama and BS in her life. What else struck you in your reading of her?

I felt like she was really trying hard to maintain her open side with all the stuff that’s going on around her and to not get caught up in all that stuff. It also felt like she’s a much more soft, emotional person than she’s allowed to let on. It felt like she’s really sensitive. I can also sense things, through visions, that happened to her when she was younger.

Right, you mentioned her dad leaving her family, so that wasn’t information you had prior to meeting her?

That happened at the beginning of our reading, it was the first thing I said and she started crying. I said you’re a really sensitive person, you’re trying to have a toughness about you, but something happened to you at this age, and she started crying. In most of my readings, people don’t talk, and she didn’t talk. I was trying to trigger her to get her to talk so it wouldn’t just be me talking the whole time, but I also tried to trigger her because she was a little bit in shock that I got that. She started crying, and I didn’t want to push her buttons or drag it out, but I wanted to give her a minute before we moved on, and the reason I do that is because I want the person to know I’m actually seeing them, I’m not just picking up on someone around them or just by looking at her. I wanted to go somewhere really deep, so they feel you’re really connecting to them.

Could you sense the apprehension she had going to you?

Oh, yeah! You didn’t have to be psychic to see that! She made that very clear, she was nervous. I needed to reassure her I wasn’t going to do anything weird.

Was there anything you could sense regarding her relationships with the other cast members on the show?

Yes, and now that I have seen the show and I know who some people are, it makes more sense! What I felt was that she was trying to ward off somebody who she felt was invading her. Like she trusted them and then they turned on her, and she has to be careful. It looked like two women. It also looked like she was really involved in her own business and that other people were going to try and glom on to it and she should be careful. What I saw seemed like it kind of shook her. I saw that she was trying to be trusting but tough. She doesn’t want to be cold, but being tough really isn’t her nature. She did ask me during the reading if she was in danger. I didn’t feel danger, but maybe it just feels that way because some of these people are aggressive. After I saw the show I was like “Oh! No wonder she was asking me that.” But I didn’t see that for her. I felt like she learned her lesson about things and she has a lot of success coming.

If you’re interested in find out out more about Adela or getting your own reading, you can contact her on her website,, or through Twitter, where she’ll be conducting a Q and A with Basketball Wives fans tonight after both East and West Coast premieres.

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