A Couple Reasons We Think This Lil’ Wayne-Stevie J Kissing Video Isn’t A Big Deal


The Love And Hip Hop (and just the regular old hip hop) world is totally entertained this morning by a video that’s surfaced of Stevie J allegedly kissing onstage during a show. We’ve got the clip in question, above, and we’re familiar with all the rumors that Stevie’s the subject of on a daily basis surrounding his sexuality, but we’re having a hard time seeing what the fuss about this is for a few reasons.

1. The “kiss” itself lasts, what, one second? So if it is indeed a kiss, it’s a peck, not some juicy smooch.
2. Stevie denies even being the one in the video. Stevie says he’s in L.A. in the studio (working on projects with Rihanna and Mariah Carey) and wasn’t on stage with Lil’ Wayne. “I leave kissing guys to them other guys,” he says.
3. The man is a notorious womanizer. Did you not all see the first season of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta? Not that he can’t swing both ways, but even if he did, so what?
4. This tweet from Joseline confirming Stevie’s love of the ladies. It’s NSFW, check it out after the jump.
Stevie J Kisses Lil Wayne Video
5. Several reports featuring the YouTube clip states that Weezy and Stevie were “CAUGHT” kissing — I’m pretty sure if you’re on stage or in a club, you can’t get “caught” doing anything that wasn’t already intended for public consumption.

So there you go. The rumors are out there and we can’t personally confirm or deny them, but we’ll leave it to the fans to come to their own conclusions.

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