T.I. Responds To The Story Of How He Saved Scott Stapp’s Life On Big Morning Buzz Live


Last week, the world was surprised to learn that when Creed frontman Scott Stapp was at a particularly low point in his life and considered suicide, he was saved by an unlikely “guardian angel,T.I. Stapp revealed the story on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, and today, the show reached out to T.I. for his version of the events. In the clip above from this morning’s show, listen as Tip tells the story of finding Stapp on the balcony of his hotel.

“Me and my partner, Phil, we checked into the hotel, we stepped out on the balcony, and when we stepped out on the balcony we heard groans, moans, just sounds coming from the ceiling above the balcony, so we stepped back and we looked up and we saw that there was a dude up there. We didn’t know who he was, he didn’t know who we were…and pretty soon after that, we came to the conclusion that we should call for some help.” Tip explains that he called an ambulance and Scott was taken away, but it wasn’t until days later that he found out that it was the singer from Creed that he helped to save. Watch the clip for his full account of the events.

T.I. Saves Scott Stapp's Live

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