Basketball Wives L.A. – Episode 6 – Don’t Have Your Jackie Moment Here


“The 19th ho”…It may sound like a sketchy golfer’s watering hole, but it was also Draya‘s breaking point with Jackie, who kept spewing the insults at Draya who kept repeating that she didn’t want a problem with, nor was she worried about having a problem with, Jackie. But ultimately, Gloria‘s nice little going-away gathering ended up being a catfight arena where Jackie was lugged off by security and everyone else was giggling at the clusterf—. “I cannot believe that I allowed her to take me there,” Draya says.

Last week, Jackie asked Laura to be the maid of honor in her wedding, so Gloria taps Laura’s leg and tells her, “L, go check on Jackie, you her best friend.” “Helll no, who gave that order?” Laura asks. Laura doesn’t want to have to watch over Jackie and be a babysitter, and she says as much. “I don’t even work this hard with my children, and they’re babies,” she explains. Begrudgingly, she goes outside to see Jackie who embraces her and is so happy to see her. Jackie goes on the offensive against Draya for pulling out the “old” card and standing up to her, and then starts to cry, telling Laura “She done hurt my soul.”

“I feel like inside she’s a good person, I feel like she’s just lost,” Laura says.

Now, when Jackie was being carted off by security, her new pal Bambi (who Malaysia‘s been knowing since they were teenagers), was confused and asking why they were taking away her “auntie.” So those two have a new, special bond, it seems. So after the fight, Bambi and Jackie met up to discuss.

Bambi thinks that Draya has a need to be liked, and “in order for her to feel like she’s liked, there needs to be somebody that everybody dislikes, and she’s trying to make that you.” Jackie agrees, saying “You’re nothing, Draya. I’m everything.” Her stance on Draya now is that they’re totally done, unless Draya offers up the world’s hugest apology. And something tells me Draya doesn’t feel sorry about anything.

“I’ve developed a little soft spot for Jackie,” Bambi says. “I want her to win.”

Laura, Malaysia, Malaysia’s sister Krystal, and Bambi get together at a gifting suite party
Malaysia’s throwing, and the conversation turns to Jackie’s wedding.

Laura is in the midst of explaining to Krystal that she has the dubious honor of being Jackie’s maid of honor when Malaysia and Bambi also mention that they’re bridesmaids. “I would expect Jackie to invite the bartender because they just went to the bathroom together,” Laura says. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this wedding when it goes down.

You might not have pegged Brooke as the mother of three kids (two of them teenagers!) but we’ll just say that she looks pretty amazing for having three kids and we’ll try to find out her beauty secrets another time. Brooke and Draya decide to hang out at Skyzone to introduce all their kids and have some fun. While the kids enjoy the trampolines, the two ladies chat about Jackie and why she ended up pissing Draya off to the point where Draya took a swing at her.

“What part pissed you off the most? The lollipop or her calling you a…?” Brooke asked, not quite saying the word “ho” as if it would conjure up the Dark Ho Lord by saying it aloud. “There was too many hos,” Draya said, “it was the lollipop, it was all the stuff she was saying.” Mind you, Jackie told Bambi earlier that she was being cute with the lollipop, so she has no idea that waving that in Draya’s face and calling it a sucker was the least bit antagonizing.

Draya does not want to be friends, she does not want to be acquaintances, and she doesn’t even want to be in the same room as Jackie. Which is why she goes to Babmi’s soundcheck for the rap showcase she’s doing to tell her that she’s sitting it out and won’t be attending if Jackie’s going.

“You can’t just be running from her though,” Bambi tells Draya. Draya doesn’t see it that way though, she just doesn’t want to turn Bambi’s night into a fight, which Bambi understands.

At Bambi’s show, Laura, Malaysia, and Jackie show up to support and when Laura sees what Jackie’s wearing she comments “She looks like a hooker from the 1800s.” (Later she comments even more hilariously, “She looked like she was an extra in Glory.”)

When Bambi starts to perform, it marks the first moment that Jackie stops talking about Draya for the evening. Prior to Bambi coming on stage, she told Laura that the only way her friendship with Draya would be repaired is if Draya groveled for forgiveness and kissed her feet with tears in her eyes. It was actually pretty poetic if you ask me.

As Bambi performs, Jackie may not have been stealing the focus of the conversation, but she began to weep.

Because Bambi rapping in booty short reminded Jackie “of all the fun stuff I used to do with my mom.” “It was really Bambi’s show, and there was a moment that Jackie was ignored and she had to bring it back in to the Jackie show,” Malaysia says. After the show, Malaysia, Bambi and Draya hang to talk about what Draya missed and when Malaysia tells the story of Jackie’s emotional roller coaster of crying, dancing, and Hennessey, she tells Draya that after the first cry she felt for Jackie, but after “the second two times, I was like, come on bruh.”

Draya finds the whole thing disrespectful to Bambi. “Don’t have your Jackie moment here,” she says. “Go home and have your Jackie moment.” Malaysia agrees.

Basketball Wives L.A. Recap
Malaysia’s had it with Jackie after that display and she plans to tell Jackie how she’s feeling before Jackie’s wedding, because she thinks it would be disrespectful to stand up and actually be a part of Jackie’s wedding party while holding on to these ill feelings.

“Public service announcement, Draya will not be at Jackie’s wedding. Give my chicken or steak to a homeless person. Or whatever.”

Malaysia’s still not sure she’s going, but she uses the wedding as an excuse to go vintage bridesmaid dress shopping with Bambi and Laura. Because if you ever have the opportunity to try on these outfits, you can’t pass it up.

While they look at clothes, they — what else? — talk about Jackie. Laura expresses some hesitation about going to the wedding after all, even though she’s already told Jackie she’ll be maid of honor. Laura doesn’t actually plan to tell Jackie though, and Bambi thinks that’s rude. “Jackie thinks Laura is her friend, but Laura’s always coming to us like ‘She’s not my friend.’ B—h, which one is it? Are you her friend? Are you going to the wedding? Are you not going to the wedding? ‘Cause you starting to really get on my f—ing nerves.” So, now Jackie has no clue that both Malaysia and Laura are not planning to go to the wedding, but for Malaysia it’s a matter of feeling like Jackie doesn’t respect her.

The thing that sets Laura apart from the girls though is that even though she’s the only “friend” of Jackie’s who’s genuine and honest with Jackie to her face, she still doesn’t give a s— about her. Malaysia and Bambi want to know how Laura would react if Jackie died.

Laura’s response: “I’d be like, damn. That’s hella sad. So I’ma get them scallops and I’ma order that spaghetti. And I’ma drink some Hennessey in R.I.P. of Jackie and then I’m gonna keep it movin’.”

And after that eulogy, Malaysia points out that Bambi might just be the only real friend/bridesmaid/flower girl that Jackie has left in this world.

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