Couples Therapy Star Shayne Lamas Misses Daughter Press And We Can See Why! Check Out Her Cutest TwitPics


Shayne Lamas and Press Richie

The past two episodes of Couples Therapy have proven very difficult for Shayne Lamas. Besides adjusting to the personalities of the other Couples Therapy cast members and putting her relationship issues into the public sphere, she desperately misses her eight-month-old daughter, Press. And who can blame her? It’s typically difficult for a mother to leave her babies, even for short periods of time, but it makes it especially difficult when their child is as cute as baby Press. We did some investigating and learned that not only is Press adorable, but she also has her very own Twitter account (@PressRichie) complete with over 10K followers. And yes, to answer the question on everyone’s mind, she did tweet from the womb. Check out a gallery of baby Press’ cutest TwitPics and most clever tweets after the jump!

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