Our Favorite VH1 Show Clips In Honor Of Spirit Day


It’s GLAAD Spirit Day today, and we here at Viacom are huge supporters of the anti-bullying campaign that lends its support to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth around the world. On so many of our shows, we strive to not only prove that everyone goes through similar struggles, but we’ve definitely tried to shine a light on people who are working every day to educate and inspire our viewers.

In honor of this important day, we pulled together our favorite clips from the past year that show off some of the most powerful moments that honor Spirit Day. If you only watch one, we beg you to check out the clip above which was featured on season one of Couples Therapy, in which young Jonah Lowry, a gay, bullied teen, tells his story, which nearly drove him to suicide, to the cast. After the jump, watch a few more clips from Single Ladies, La La’s Full Court Life, and Basketball Wives L.A.

In this clip from episode three of Basketball Wives L.A. this season, Jackie Christie announces her plans to have a gay-themed wedding in support of the community, but she takes it a step further when she also decides to get a gay pride tattoo. Even though the design is a little strange, Jackie’s support is definitely genuine.

On Single Ladies, the character of Omar has always been out and proud, and this past season, one of his storylines included a brush with the homophobic boyfriend of his sister. The show never cowers from a man or woman standing up for what they believe, and when Omar is threatened by this small-minded bigot, he’s ready to fight.

On La La’s Full Court Life, La La Anthony‘s two best friends, Po and Dice, are lesbians, and though their personal lives aren’t at the forefront of the series, in season one, Dice had to publicly grapple with being a lesbian and exposing her girlfriend on the show. In a heartfelt conversation, she tells La La how hard it is to be herself even amongst family and friends.

Viacom Supports GLAAD Spirit Day

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