The Top 5 Most Dramatic Moments of Couples Therapy Episode 4


Couples Therapy - Courtney Stodden Goes BowlingThis season on Couples Therapy, Dr. Jenn Berman helps the entertainment industry’s most infamous couples break through the drama associated with living in the public sphere. Together, they examine the complicated dynamics that relationships face, while working together, as a group, to learn from one another and leave with the tools needed for long term success. Any group therapy scenario is prone to drama, but even more so when celebrities are involved. Check out the five most dramatic moments of this week’s episode!1.It’s the sixth day in the Couples Therapy house. Digging deep into the depths of their relationships to identify their issues all week has taken its toll on the group so Dr. Jenn plans couples yoga to help everyone decompress and process the stress they are feeling in a positive and productive way.

Couples Therapy - Couples Yoga

Unfortunately, Courtney hasn’t arrived at the house when yoga is set to begin. At first, Doug seems fine with doing the stretches on his own, but quickly changes his mind once the couple-centric stretches begin.

Couples Therapy - Couples Yoga

He huffs into the kitchen saying it is “bullsh**” that he’s the only one doing it by himself. Shayne is also apparently done with yoga as she enters the kitchen shortly after Doug and seeing that he is visibly upset asks him if he is okay and if he “feels left out.” She tries to calm him down by saying if Courtney were here, who knows if she would even want to participate in yoga.

Couples Therapy - Shayne and Doug in the kitchen

Her plan to calm Doug down horribly backfires in her face because he takes her suggestion to not get so upset as an attack on his wife. It’s clear being away from Courtney is affecting him, but Shayne points out that he knew what he was getting into when he signed up for the show due to Courtney’s age.

Couples Therapy - Shayne and Doug in the kitchen

At that point Doug raises his voice at Shayne and demands she “Quit blaming my wife!” From our point of view it doesn’t seem like she is, but clearly the previous issues between the Stodden-Hutchisons and the Richies prevent him from seeing Shayne’s concern as anything besides an attack. He tells her she couldn’t possibly understand what he’s going through because Nik is in the house with her. Apparently he forgot how hard of a time she’s been having being away from her daughter, Press. When she tries to explain she understands how he feels, he screams “This is Couples Therapy, not Baby Therapy!”

Couples Therapy - Shayne and Doug in the kitchen

By this point, the screams are so loud that the people who chose to participate in group yoga can hear them. In her confessional interview she says, “I think Doug was overreacting that he didn’t have someone to do yoga with and it’s actually quite embarrassing to himself because it shows how really deeply alone he is and that’s what sad.” And she quips, “I mean you cannot wear stripper shoes to yoga so maybe she opted out, Doug.” So maybe she is attacking Courtney a bit after all, but at least she had the sense not to say it to Doug in that moment.

Couples Therapy - Shayne Lamas

During Doug’s confessional he breaks down and cries as he talks about how much he misses Courtney.

Couples Therapy - Doug Hutchison cries

Meanwhile, Doug has locked himself in a bathroom. When Courtney finally arrives, he retells the story to her.

Couples Therapy - Doug and Courtney

It appears she believes he overreacted, but doesn’t want to make him feel bad so she explains the difference between negative judgment and opinions. In a surprising turn of events, Courtney is actually extremely mature in how she handles Doug.

Couples Therapy - Courtney Stodden

In an effort to calm him down further she suggest they do couples yoga on their own. Doug beams as they stretch.

Couples Therapy - Doug Hutchison & Courtney Stodden2. The theme of today’s group therapy session is trust. Dr. Jenn asks each couple to share what they believe the biggest threat to the trust in their relationship. Shayne and Nik go first. Shayne’s biggest threat is “beautiful women.” She finds herself nervous that if she and Nik “aren’t intimate for a few weeks at at time, or what have you because we’re doing other things, he’s looking at other beautiful women.” She worries his mind will wander and feels that if it does “that’s breaking a vow.”

Couples Therapy - Shayne Lamas & Nik Richie

We understand being threatened by beautiful women, but as Simon points out “that’s a really high bar” to not even allow your partner’s mind to wander and fantasize. Not to mention that Shayne is incredibly beautiful herself. Shayne acknowledges that she sets the bar too high because fantasizing is a normal behavior. Dr. Jenn suggests that to appease Shayne’s nerves that Nik gives her some kind of daily affirmation so they can feel connected with each other, even if they aren’t being intimate. At this point, Nik chimes in that he feels “it’s a one way street” and that he feels its unfair that its always his responsibility to make Shayne feel more secure in the relationship.

Couples Therapy - Shayne Lamas

She interrupts that she wants “him to be the man in the relationship” and also adds that “Nik is lazy in our relationship.” She cites that she is Press’ primary caretaker and that Nik spends his days working on the computer, playing golf and watching movies. Dr. Jenn notices the contradiction in her statements and, being the no-nonsene person that she is, immediately calls her on it by telling her that her idea of being a “traditional girl who wants a traditional marriage,” means that “you run your family and he earns money and if you don’t want that its time to renegotiate.” Shayne has to figure out what she really wants out of her relationship and communicate it clearly to Nik. It seems like Nik is willing to compromise and do what it takes to repair their relationship.

Couples Therapy - Shayne Lamas & Nik Richie

3. The next couple to share what threatens their trust is Courtney and Doug. Apparently Courtney has an ex-boyfriend who she still texts with daily (and nightly before bed.) Doug feels that the texting before bed is an intrusion on he and Courtney’s intimate time, which is 100 times more easygoing than most men would be about their partner texting an ex.

Couples Therapy - Courtney Stodden

Courtney’s response to Dr. Jenn’s question about why she continually does this knowing it hurts her husband is shocking, and pretty hurtful toward Doug. She says that since her husband so far from her age, “I feel like I can get the friendship from [my ex] but the romance from my husband so that’s what I’m contending with.”

Couples Therapy - Dr. Jenn

Everyone in the room is taken aback by her statement and multiple people make comments about how “f***ed up” it is. She blames their age difference for her need to maintain this friendship with her ex, even though she knows it hurts Doug and threatens their marriage. Their difference in age does complicate aspects of their relationship, but Nik points out “that’s an excuse. Numbers are numbers.”

Couples Therapy - Doug Hutchison

4. After therapy, Resident Counselor Dr. Mike Dow asks to speak with Tiny privately.

Couples Therapy - Dr. Mike Dow

They talk frankly about how much she and JoJo love each other and how concerned, and terrified, she is to lose him to alcohol. Dr. Mike tells her that the only way to stop enabling his behavior is to use consequence to shape his behavior, ” Seeing how much JoJo loves you the thing that will have to be on the table for him to actually make a decision to treat his disease is the thought of losing you.” Tiny can see that threatening to leave is the only way to save JoJo, but worries that she will lose him in either scenario.

Couples Therapy - Tiny Hailey

To gauge JoJo’s willingness to change she asks what he would be willing to sacrifice to make their relationship work.

Couples Therapy - Tiny & JoJo

He knows she is alluding to his drinking without saying it outright and avoids the subject. Tiny tells him she wants to make sure he has a “clear understanding” of what her “issues with him” are so she can “figure out if we are going to be leaving here together.”

Couples Therapy - JoJo

She and JoJo meet with Dr. Jenn for therapy and she suggests that JoJo begin attending AA meetings while he is in the house, exactly as JoJo feared she would. He flat out says “no” to going to rehab even though Dr. Jenn suggests that “he treatment you need is going to AA and staying sober” to save his marriage.

Couples Therapy - Dr. Jenn

Tiny pleads, “If you love me as much as you say you love me why can’t you leave the one thing that I complain about alone? That’s the only complaint. I just want to get that out of our relationship period. I want that to go to away.” He asks her “what happens if I don’t?” Tiny struggles to get the words out, but is strong and declares, “I would have to leave. I have to do what I gotta do for me and I can’t continue to live trapped. There has to be a choice.” Normally an ultimatum is not the best way to get what you want out of a relationship, but in this case it is a life or death situation so its absolutely needed. JoJo’s response really shows how addicted to alcohol he is, “So if you have to leave, if you feel as though you want to leave then go ahead. Do I want you to? Nah but I’m not gonna be pressed every damn day I’m trying if that’s not good enough for you then you have to do what you have to do.”

Couples Therapy - JoJo

There is no question he loves Tiny with all his heart, but his disease has taken the wheel. It’s heartbreaking to watch Tiny’s internal struggle. Her love for JoJo is so strong that it is extremely difficult for her to do what is necessary to save him for fear of hurting him. Dr. Jenn’s makes a good point that sometimes “love is not enough” to save a relationship. We hope JoJo and Tiny’s love can conquer his disease.

5. During a group bowling outing, drama ensues because, once again, Shayne is sick of Courtney’s attire and mannerisms.

Couples Therapy - Courtney Stodden Goes Bowling

Shayne walks out and Tiny follows to try to calm her down by telling her she’s sick of “Barbie bowling” too, but that they can still have a good time with their men and the rest of the group. Shayne disagrees.

Couples Therapy - Shayne walks out

Meanwhile, Nik talks to Too Short about how he’s upset that Shayne has so much disdain for Courtney that she doesn’t want to stick around to have fun bowling with him.

Couples Therapy - Nik talks to Too Short

He goes outside to talk to her and asks her if she is okay and asks her why she “doesn’t want to hang out.” He asks her to be a trooper and join the group. In a confessional he admits he feels like he is in the “loneliest marriage right now.”

Couples Therapy - Nik talks Shayne

Things between he and Shayne haven’t gotten much better by the time they get back to the house. She complains that everyone keeps asking her why she is “so negative” while blaming it on digging deep in therapy and not being able to turn her raw emotions on and off.

Couples Therapy - Shayne Lamas

Nik feels his relationship is getting progressively worse as each day passes in the Couples Therapy house. His pain is clear. He declares, “I want out. I’m done. How do I get out of this place?” as he removes his mic pack and walks outside.

Couples Therapy - Nik takes off his mic

Shayne follows him and their fight continues outside. He asks her “If youre not open to it then why are we here?” Instead of focusing on their relationship, she brings it back to the others not accepting the emotions that are being brought up in therapy. He interrupts her to tell her he doesn’t care about the other people in the house, he only cares about their relationship.

Couples Therapy - Nik & Shayne

Shayne reverts back to her isolation defense mechanism and walks away from him.

Couples Therapy - Nik

How did you feel about last night’s episode? Will Doug get past his codependency issues? Will JoJo consider going to AA to save his relationship? Will Nik really leave the Couples Therapy house for good? Let us know in the comments section and check back next week for the most dramatic moments of episode five!

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