T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 9 – Ashes To Ashes And Poop To Scoop


Have you ever noticed that T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle is all about life lessons? If Tip isn’t trying to teach the kids the value of the great outdoors and becoming street tough, Tiny is busy showing them how important it is to do good toward the less fortunate. This week, it’s National Humanitarian Day and at Tiny’s nail salon, she’s holding a clothing and canned food drive to benefit the homeless. In an unexpected turn though, one of the guests at the event offers something to Tiny. As she takes photos with the crown, one of the boys calls her over to meet one guest who’s made an offer that Tiny can’t refuse.

However, it’s an offer T.I. can most definitely refuse.

But come on, how can you not want this lil’ guy?

“I don’t want no dog,” Tip tells Domani who breaks the news to him when they get home that there’s an offer out there for a free puppy. “I don’t want my yard to smell like poop. I don’t play with poop.”
T.I. Amd Tiny: The Family Hustle
Domani tells him poop can be scooped, but nope. “I ain’t scooping up nothing!” Tip tells his boy. “Why would I scoop some poop? You think I would just scoop some poop for fun?”

Unfortunately, Tip’s poop rant is undermined when Tiny tells the kids they deserve the dog. But Tip rebuts “Let me tell you why you are not going to win this argument. I did not meet you yesterday.”

And why is Tip so averse to getting these kids an adorable little pet? “Because this is the pet cemetery. The Harris children know not how to take care of a pet.”

Case in point, King’s hamster, Snowball, has just been called up to heaven. And Tip has to be the one to break the news to him. It’s funny watching Tip figure out the best way to tell King the news, but it’s so, so sad to see King take it in.

Tip promises a classy funeral for Snowball though, so he can be sent off in style.

While King digs a grave to make Snowball comfortable, Tip and Tiny eulogize the pet and Tip proves that if music (and clothing…and acting…) should fail him, he could always go into preaching, as he shouts “Let him in Lord!” during Tiny’s poem.

The sadness of the funeral has just about broken Tiny’s heart and she desperately tries to make Tip reconsider his no-pet rule. He’s not budging based on the family’s track record. “Everybody has to die,” Tiny tells him. “They sure do expedite the process by coming here,” he responds.

The only way he’ll reconsider is if the kids will prove their responsibility and show they can care for themselves and the house. Tiny puts together a plan for the kids to help out around the house with Domani taking out the trash, Deyjah washing dishes, and King and Major washing the cars.

The house is already starting to shape up. Tip won’t be convinced until he checks their work, however.

The results of his inspection? So-so. “There was still dust on the rail going up,” he tells Tiny. So as a reward for their small effort, he gets them a small pet. The kids all THINK it’s a dog but upon closer inspection, they realize it’s a rabbit.

It may not be a dog, but T.I. suggests they name it Fido. And even though it’s not a dog, the kids seem prepared to love it.

“What can I say? It’s good to see the family happy,” he says. But there’s a caveat. No more funerals. “No more blood on my hands! I can stand no more!” he says. The Harris Family Cemetery is closed for business.

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