Chrissy And Mr. Jones – Episode 7 – All Business Everything


“You still trying to make Walmart jackets?”

After the ladies motorcycle jackets showcase Talia, Chrissy and Emily meet up to discuss the future of their partnership as designers. Talia’s been putting in the long hours to get her fashion line off the ground and Chrissy wants to make sure it’s successful. Emily on the other hand is Ms. “Johnny Come Lately” as they’ve affectionately nicknamed her. Emily wants to be hands on, but feels left out. When Emily tells her business partners that people are requesting items Talia interjects, “You need to send them my way ’cause they don’t need to be asking you, they need to be asking me.” “And why is that?” Emily asks with a head roll. They quickly let her know it’s because she does everything last minute. “Guess what, we ain’t in the cheapy cheapy business no more,” says Talia. “You still trying to make Walmart jackets?” Talia’s never going to let that go.

Jim is going into Operation Get Chrissy Back Home overdrive. He wants to plan (and by plan we mean his assistant will plan) a day that will wow her so much she’ll go running back home. At least that’s what he hopes. Jim’s plan is to hop on a yacht and take Chrissy to La Marina for a little bottle popping. Her girls will surprise her, they all toast with libations then Chrissy and Jim take the train downtown to Harlem where a double decker sight seeing bus will be waiting. “Ballin’. Ya heard? So now we bust a move, we getting out of there,” Jim tells his assistant. A bike and a cab will be waiting as they wrap up their tour around the city. Sounds kind of rad, actually. The best part of Jimmy’s plan is that he reenacted it with toy figures, cars and a school bus. “You need to take these with you just in case you need to reenact this whole thing at your house?” he asks his assistant. “I’ll pack this up for you.” We aren’t mad at Jim for this. At all.

Mama Jones got her special delivery of Pum Kash in the mail. “It did not smell like Pum Kash. It smelled like Pum Fish.” So does that mean Moscato mixed with various other perfumes is no bueno? “These four smell like the stinking fish that’s in the sea,” she tells Freddie. “This smells like Pine-Sol and breath spray,” Freddie said. Freddie decides not to invest another dime in the perfume without protecting himself legally and financially, especially since Mama Jones is going to have to start from scratch again. Freddie wants that contract in black and white so that he can get paid. Can you blame him?

Chrissy reached out to Justine Simmons, Rev Run‘s wife, to vent. Chrissy realizes Jim hasn’t had to work hard at making the relationship work as long as he’s paying the bills. “I just want him to shake off that warrior outfit,” Chrissy tells Justine. Justine reassures her that Jim loves her and that relationships take constant work. “He sees you as strong, and that you can handle everything,” said Justine. Chrissy gets emotional and explains why she stopped being soft and gentle. “I’m willing to try anything right now. Hypnosis, moving to your house, what is it?” Chrissy laughs. “Uncle Russell taking him to yoga.” Yes, as in Russell Simmons. Chrissy is all about it.

Jimmy goes to yoga, y’all! “When he said yes it blew my hair back and parted it down the middle.” Jimmy made faces through his downward dog poses, but he made it through. Russell takes the couple for some healthy green juice mix to see why they wanted to come to yoga. Russell explains how he used to be mad, but then he found yoga. And voila! He was cured of his anger. Now let’s see if he got through to Jim.

It’s time to talk business. Jimmy’s outerwear line Protocol is taking off. He’s finally ready to give Chrissy 20 percent off of every dollar. “I’ll have my lawyer draw some papers up,” she said. Over at the ladies’ factory there’s a lot of work to be done. The designs Emily submitted aren’t on the table. Things get heated between Talia and Emily. “Guys you’re f—- my eardrums on each side,” Chrissy raises her voice. Emily realizing it’s Talia’s “thing” decides to walk away. Talia disagrees saying it’s “our thing,” but when she realizes Emily is going to leave anyway she has some parting words for her. “We have choices in life. See ya!” These divas need to hug it out and “Get this bread” as Stevie J would say.

As for that date, tune in next week for more Chrissy & Mr. Jones to find out if the date is enough for her to move back in.

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