T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 11 – When Life Hands You Lemons


T.I. And Tiny The Family Hustle
You have to love a guy who called his mother Ms. Diane, as T.I. refers to Tiny‘s mom. On tonight’s episode of T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle, Tip volunteers to watch over five of the kids while Tiny takes Zonnique and the O.M.G. Girlz, along with Ms. Diane, to a Scream Tour performance in Baltimore. Can Tip handle the kids on his own? “Can I handle them? Hell, yeah! Can they handle me is the question.”

While Tiny and the other women are away, Tip gathers the kids to once again teach them the value of a dollar, as he so often does. This comes about because all his children have approached him wearing about $250,000 worth of Tip’s gold jewelry. You know, pocket change. Tip tells the kids he worked hard to earn the money to pay for those jewels, and if they want their own fancy stuff, they need to make money too. After a quick brainstorm of how they can start their nest egg, including washing cars, cutting hair, and taking pictures of themselves skateboarding, they decide to open a lemonade stand to make some dough. And business-minded Deyjah comes up with the plan to sell lemonade outside Tiny’s Nail Bar to maximize their traffic.

“You can’t have a lemonade stand without the stand,” Tip says, which is why he tasks the kids with building one themselves.

But guess what? The kids are not very good carpenters. Domani’s not great at hammering, nothing is designed very well, and it seems like it might be a disastrous bit of construction until Nelly comes to help out.

Who knew Nelly would be such a good foreman? The final product doesn’t look half bad.

When the time comes to actually make the lemonade, let’s just hope the board of health isn’t watching this episode, because the safety standards are a bit sub-par. Mostly thanks to Major. Cute as he may be, he probably contributed more germs and spit to the beverage than any other ingredients. Tired of actually squeezing lemons, he takes the role of quality control specialist, licking slices before dropping them into the pitcher. You know, to make sure the real lemon flavor is intact.

“Did he just lick a lemon and put it — y’all didn’t see that. Keep rollin’,” Tip says.
And when he’s not licking the real lemons, he’s dipping his hand in the powdered lemonade mix and sucking on that, too. This kid has NO shame.

“Get out that sugar, man!” Tip tells him once Major’s already downed a few handfuls.

The next part of the lemonade stand business plan: sales.

As Nelly points out, the kids’ marketing strategy of screaming “Lemonade!!!” to cars on the side of a busy road has a few flaws…

…but what I want to know is why the marketing strategy of T.I. and Nelly overseeing said lemonade stand isn’t bringing more customers in.

Oh, maybe because it’s being advertised at $50.

Still, through sheer charm and negotiation, King manages to bring in new customers even with the advertised price. Not bad.

All told, they make $86. Not bad for a day’s work. “How much money I get?” Major wants to know. T.I. tried to teach them a lesson in re-investing their earnings, but it’s all for nothing, they want to pocket that cash. Tip divides the money in half, reinvesting some and doling out earnings from the rest. “Now that I know they can earn their own damn cash, I ain’t paying for no damn chains and watches and jewelry and stuff,” Tip says. Tough love, kids! That’s a part of this business lesson.

Over in Baltimore, the OMG Girlz have taken the stage for their show.

Tiny and Ms. Diane could not be more proud of their girls — Diane is so happy that she’s actually teary watching the performance. “The girls are really showing out, doing their thing, and my mom’s crying like crazy,” Tiny says.

“It was probably one of the best birthdays we could have gave her.”

But Diane is even more shocked when Niq Niq calls her out to bring her onstage and have the entire audience tell her “We love you, Mamaw.”

“You embarrassed me to death!” Diane yells at Tiny after she leaves the stage.

But Diane is so proud of the OMG Girlz, and she tells Tiny she can see her in the girls when they’re onstage. This was the perfect mother-daughter-grandmother bonding trip. Let’s hope someone saved them some lemonade for their return.

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