The Top 5 Most Dramatic Moments of Couples Therapy Episode 7


The Top 5 Most Dramatic Moments of Couples Therapy Episode 7

This season on Couples Therapy, Dr. Jenn Berman helps the entertainment industry’s most infamous couples break through the drama associated with living in the public sphere. Together, they examine the complicated dynamics that relationships face, while working together, as a group, to learn from one another and leave with the tools needed for long term success. Any group therapy scenario is prone to drama, but even more so when celebrities are involved. Check out the five most dramatic moments of this week’s episode!

Couples Therapy - Doug & Courtney's Mural

1. Ding Dong Dourtney’s Gone – We pick up this episode where we left off last week with Doug and Courtney’s leaving the house as the other couples mock them by feigning sadness. As soon as Dourtney has left the premisses, the rejoicing continues and is taken to a new level as Shayne rips down Doug’s wall paper drawings while shouting “black magic wins baby!”

Couples Therapy -  Shayne Rips Down Doug & Courtney's Mural

Everyone laughs and jokes about finally “being safe” in the house and not feeling like they’re living in a strip club anymore.

Couples Therapy -  Shayne Rips Down Doug & Courtney's Mural

Meanwhile Nik emerges from his room wearing a new t-shirt that has “Dourtney is Dead!!” written on it. Shayne laughs at him for wearing the shirt and he quips, “I don’t think you understand babe, this is like Princess Diana. This is a big deal!” We agree with Nik, this is a big deal.

Couples Therapy -  Shayne Rips Down Doug & Courtney's Mural

2. Dr. Jenn Is Pissed – Dr. Jenn was already at her wit’s end with Courtney’s blatant disrespect of the dress code, and Alex proving Courtney’s”shocked” her and was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Dr. Jenn is known for being a no-nonsense person and truly lives up to her reputation as she scolds the remaining couples for their “mob behavior” and tells them she has never [in her career] “seen people regress into such adolescent behavior.”

Couples Therapy -  Dr. Jenn is Pissed

The couples try to defend themselves by arguing that Dr. Jenn doesn’t really know what it was like to be around Dourtney 24/7, not realizing the footage of what goes on in the house is reviewed by Dr. Jenn every day. Dr. Jenn realizes that she isn’t able to accomplish anything with the group between her anger and their inability to see the hostility in their actions so she suggests they discuss it the following day. Shayne, who notoriously shuts herself down when faced with conflict, suggests they just “let it go.” As Shayne makes the suggestion, you can see Dr. Jenn’s anger and disappointment with the group as she shouts, “Sweep it under the rug? NO!” and leaves the house. In a voice over she justifies her tone and actions by saying “just because I’m a therapist doesn’t mean I don’t have my own emotions.”

Couples Therapy - Alex McCord and her mother

3. Alex Faces Her Mother – Alex was apprehensive about bringing her mother on the show because of the “freak show” aspect Dourtney brought to the table, but since they are no longer in the house she agrees to invite her mother to talk with her and Dr. Jenn about her fathers death and the resulting damage it caused Alex.

Couples Therapy -  Alex McCord and her mother

Her mother agrees with Dr. Jenn, that in retrospect they, as a family, spent more time “trying to survive” than “processing what happened.” Dr. Jenn helps facilitate a long overdue conversation for Alex and her mother. Alex asks her mother if she “stepped on your toes when we were standing outside the trailer in the oil field to go in and dad was there, did I take a moment away from you?” Based on Alex’s account of the ordeal, we weren’t sure how her mother would react, but in a wonderful turn of events she tells her “no, of course not.”

Couples Therapy -  Alex McCord

And her mother shares the situation from her point of view, describing her surprise that 11 year old Alex volunteered to call 911, and did. She admits she made mistakes in handling the situation: “was the worst time in the world. I didn’t know how to handle it. I didn’t handle it.” As Alex breaks down in tears her mother asks her if she felt abandoned, or as though she weren’t present enough. Alex admits she did feel alone and she rebelled by “going away.” Dr. Jenn interjects that she does the same thing with Simon. Alex realizes that while Simon may physically walk away, she does so emotionally and only by acknowledging her behavior with Simon and getting closure with her mother can she begin to heel “the hurt child inside.”

Couples Therapy -  Alex McCord and her mother

We’re so happy for Alex that not only did she get to let go of baggage that has been haunting her for most of her life, but also has increased her and Simon’s chances of leaving the Couples Therapy house as a changed couple.

4. Shayne Fixes The Dourtney Mural – As the remaining couples enjoy their dinner, Dr. Jenn lets everyone know that Doug and Courtney will be returning to the house. Surprisingly, everyone does not immediately object. The group actually is hopeful that things could be better in the house now that they’ve all had a break from each other. It’s at this point Shayne realizes Doug and Courtney will be back to see their mural destroyed and starts to feel guilty. Strangely, Nik saved the destroyed mural so all hope is not lost for Shayne.

Couples Therapy -  Nik Has the Mural

He agrees to help her put it back up (for the sole reason that he is her husband) even though he doesn’t want everyone to “start kissing their asses” now that they’re back in the house.

Couples Therapy -  Shayne and Nik fix the mural

But Shayne admits that it isn’t about that, but rather she does “care that I ruined something that is meaningful to them.”

Couples Therapy -  Shayne fixes the mural

It shows real maturity that Shayne genuinely feels bad about destroying their mural. Also, Nik helping her, even though he doesn’t want to kiss Doug and Courtney’s asses, shows that he truly cares for Shayne.

Couples Therapy -  Shayne fixes the mural

5. Dourtney LIVES – Courtney and Doug return to the Couples Therapy house, or “into the lion’s den” as Doug puts it. Courtney appears to be upholding the terms of Dr. Jenn’s dress code as she is wearing a relatively demure black, tank top, maxi dress.

Couples Therapy -  Courtney and Doug Return to the House

Dr. Jenn has asked the other couples to think about what they want to say to them upon their return and Simon hopes that she’s asked Dourtney to do the same. The tension is high. Each couple stares them down as they enter. Unfortunately we’re left with a cliffhanger, but this moment makes the list purely due to the looks on each of the other couple’s faces:

Couples Therapy - Simon van Kempen

Couples Therapy - Too Short

Couples Therapy - Tiny Hailey

Couples Therapy - Alex McCord

Couples Therapy - Nik Richie

Couples Therapy - Shayne Lamas

What were your favorite moments from last night’s episode? Will the other couples be able to accept Doug and Courtney back? How will Dourtney react when they see their mural has been torn down? Will Courtney keep up the dress code? Let us know in the comments section and check back next week for the most dramatic moments of episode eight!

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