Basketball Wives L.A. – Episode 10 – Hell On Wheels


Basketball Wives L.A.

Last week, Laura was scheming to try and meet up with Jackie‘s daughters, when all of a sudden out of the blue, Jackie’s daughter Chantel actually calls Laura up to have a chat. This is getting interesting. All of Laura’s plans are coming together with hardly any effort at all! And to boot, even though Laura is the one who wanted to dig around Jackie’s life, Chantel wants to do the same. Chani tells Laura “I think I need some insight as far as where my mom is coming from.” This relationship is getting more and more mutually beneficial.

Chantel tells Laura that she got a call from Jackie, who warned that Laura would be in touch, and Jackie advised her not to speak with Laura because her intentions weren’t good. But Chantel tells Laura, her mother’s intentions aren’t always good either, hence their meetup. “It’s all about a look for her, and how she can make a name for herself,” Chantel says. Chantel thinks she can see through Jackie’s intentions and motivations — what Jackie says is that everything she does is for her family, but what Chantel believes is that Jackie is purely looking to make a name and a reputation for herself. Laura’s curious how Chantel and her sister Takari dealt with the fact that Takari’s skin is darker, and Chantel says that’s a whole other wound for them. “She always played us against each other,” Chantel says. “It was ‘She’s fat and she’s black and you’re skinny and you need to stay in shape and you’re the model’ and it blows my mind.”

Laura asks about a rumor that Takari wasn’t allowed in family photos because her skin was too dark, and Chantel says “I don’t recall a family photo we all took together. She was always like the outcast.” Laura’s eyes open wider with each confirmation of each report she brings up. “The damage that she did to me and my sister’s relationship, she won’t even take accountability for.”

“I could feel the hurt in her voice,” Laura says. “That was actually a tough meeting for me. ‘Cause I thought it would be something else, but it kinda came out like a f—ed up situation.” And as for where Doug fit in in all of this, Chani says her mom actively tried to keep them apart so that they couldn’t have a solid father-daughter relationship. Laura knows Jackie will find out that she and Chantel spoke, so she plans to tell Jackie about it first, before anyone else tells her. “I wanna get her own reaction with my own face,” she says.

Brooke, Malaysia and Laura all meet for self-serve fro-yo, as girlfriends do, and to talk about their other girlfriends. Laura and Malaysia tell Brooke about their Seattle trip and what a bust it felt like, because they thought they were going to mingle and meet more of Jackie’s family, but they didn’t. (Also, weren’t they going to help Jackie clear out her storage unit? What happened with that story?) Laura tells Brooke that one of the reasons things in Seattle were weird was because of how Jackie referred to Takari as her “darker” and “bigger” daughter, and that doesn’t sit right with Brooke either.

Malaysia is all for the two of them hashing out their issues with Jackie, but she has a roller skate birthday party coming up and she wants the hashing out to happen before then.

Draya also wants to know the Seattle gossip, so she meets with Bambi and Malaysia to get it. Bambi explains that the trip was more like a “low-key therapy session” for Jackie, but that everyone has issues with Laura.

Malaysia defends Laura saying that she’s a sweet person, but Bambi fires back “She’s sweet to you b—h, because you socked her in the f—ing face!” She continues “We gotta take turns socking the b—h in the face!”

Brooke and Jackie at least are able to sit down and be civil, which is surprising considering the last time they saw each other, they were clawing at weaves and pulling off acrylic nails.

They both apologize for that incident and move on. “We quickly have moved back into our happy place,” Brooke says. And the happy place is the one where they’re totally fine, but they s– -talk the others. Jackie explains that Laura would be pissed off to learn that they’re cool now. Brooke brings up the fact that Laura feels like Jackie treats her daughter Takari differently because of her darker skin, and Jackie says absolutely not, it’s actually just that Takari has low self-esteem. Jackie says she’s the one who tries to build her up. “Laura, what the hell are you doing? You little conniving, snaky b—h, you,” Brooke says.

Jackie has other things to think about this week because her fashion line is showing at New York Fashion Week. She’s nervous because New York Fashion Week is pretty huge and impressive and of COURSE she should be nervous. Jackie asks Malaysia if she’ll come to the show and actually emcee it while Jackie’s backstage, which sounds like falls right into Malaysia’s plan of working on her public speaking and performance career track. Jackie tells her she probably wouldn’t have her walk down the runway during the show, this is hosting only. “I’d rather walk than talk,” Malaysia says. So maybe she’s not into public speaking anymore after all.

We finally get to see some of Gloria's acting in action, and the scene she's filming at the moment is an action scene where she has to slit someone's throat and then get shot herself. All while looking badass in a sexy leather outfit. She nails her part and explains "The shoot was amazing, and overall I feel like I'm doing a good job. Go Gloria!"

At Malaysia’s 80s-themed skate party, everyone gets decked out in their best nostalgia-wear.

(Check out more photos of the party right here.)

Jackie had tried to convince Doug to come with her and dress in Bonnie and Clyde gear because “weren’t they in the 80s?” (SOCLOSE! Only 50 years off.) Instead, she pulls off a groovy-disco look instead which is much more appropriate.

“Malaysia went for the old Whitney Houston look and she nailed it,” Bambi says.

Bambi’s got Malaysia’s back, but she is still really not feeling Laura, so she plops down next to Brooke to feel her out on Laura too. Because nothing creates new friendships like a distrust of a common enemy. And Brooke’s not all that happy with Laura these days either.

“It’s just kinda funny how things happen,” Bambi says. “Like in the beginning, Brooke and I were at each others’ necks, and now we’re actually having a conversation and we’re agreeing about something!” And so as they’re mid Laura-bashing, enter Laura in her 80’s outfit.

Bambi is not impressed. “Where’s your shimmer, Laura?” she wonders.

Draya and Jackie still aren’t besties at this point either, so while Draya plans to avoid her, Jackie rolls right up to her on the rink for a hug. “Here comes Jackie,” Draya says. “Hell on wheels.” Malaysia tells Draya that Jackie wants her to walk in her runway show at fashion week, and Draya admits she needs a little bit of convincing but actually likes the idea. “Aw s—, Malaysia did it again. Now I done forgave Jackie. On accident.” And then she cringes the cringiest cringe you ever saw. “EwwwwwwwwGROSS.”

Bambi and Brooke join the love-fest and they all start talking about Laura and try to convince Malaysia that Laura’s not a nice person. They don’t get far when Laura rolls up and Jackie starts to ask her…again…what the deal is with their friendship. Laura refuses to answer anything directly, and Brooke cuts in saying “But that’s not fair!” To shut them up, Laura tells them that, yes, she and Jackie are friends, and Jackie kisses her hand and rolls away, leaving Brooke to wonder “Do you really mean that?” and Laura tells her “Why does it matter?” Laura tries to convince Brooke that her behavior toward Jackie is an isolated incident, she’s not phony like that with anyone else. “It’s JUST her,” Laura says. But Brooke doesn’t believe it and is convinced Laura’s default setting is “fake.”

When it comes time to cut the cake, Malaysia has noticed the tension between the ladies, and she lays down the law. Malaysia and Brooke tell Laura to stop picking on everyone and provoking them, as she’s been doing mostly to Jackie all night.

Laura tells them all to drop it, if Jackie has an issue, she can fight her own battle, but that only makes Brooke and Bambi more frustrated with Laura and it makes Draya concerned that just because the group is defending Jackie, that doesn’t mean they are actually friends with Jackie again. Let’s not get right and wrong confused with real friendship.

Laura bounces from the party after everyone gangs up and gets on her case, so she meets with Gloria who’s in her corner, to tell her about the situation. “Bambi’s taking this s— really seriously,” she says first, and then she explains that all the girls started in on her. “Even Draya??” Gloria asks incredulously.

“I’m surprised the girls all ganged up on my sister,” Gloria says. “I’m trying to connect the dots to where Jackie all of a sudden went from villain to victim…Right now it’s just not making any sense.”

Then Laura fills Gloria in on her conversation with Chantel, and the Govan sisters both discuss how heartbreaking Chantel’s revelations were and how fractured the Christie family seems, according to that conversation. But worse than that is the hard truth that Gloria points out to Laura: “Jackie’s gonna flip the f— out when she realizes. I just want to be there for it.”

“Me too,” Laura tells her. Us three.

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