Chrissy And Mr. Jones – Season Finale – New Age Fairytale


Jim has an elaborate date night planned with the hopes of getting Chrissy to move back home. There’s only one small hiccup: He’s not planning anything, and leaving his poor assistant Tina to do all the leg work. Jim is picky about what he wants. The yacht only docks at 79th Street, but Jim isn’t getting off on 79th. Tina wants to talk him out of taking the train with Chrissy. “You know the rats. It’s dirty,” Tina says. But it’s about the adventure. “You get one swipe then I can slide in behind her.” A little touch and feel, eh? Because that’s what’s important.

Over cocktails Emily tells Chrissy that Jim’s a sad puppy dog without her. “And he naturally looks like a sad puppy dog.” He’s been calling Emily so she can talk Chrissy into going back home. He’s going nuts without her there. Chrissy’s still not sure what she wants to do, and it doesn’t look like she’s going to rush into a quick decision.

It was all good just a week ago between Mama Jones and Freddie as they sniffed the foul scents of Pum Kash. He heads over to Mama Jones with paperwork in hand. He wants her to sign documents proving they are business partners. He didn’t expect to be greeted with a baseball bat hitting his arm. “I got your voicemail you little snake,” Mama Jones said before popping him with a bat. Mama Jones is livid about an alleged message from Freddie saying she owed him money. Freddie’s in complete shock. “I’m not about to fight no old lady.” Mama Jones feels they should be able to work together on the trust/loyalty basis without any written agreements. Sorry, Mama Jones. That’s not how the real world and business work.

Freddie tries one more time to smooth things over with Mama Jones. “I should really beat your a—. You know that right?” Mama Jones wastes no time getting straight to the punch. She thinks it’s time to for the two to go their separate ways since Freddie won’t chill on the lawyers, contracts and money side of the business. An emotional Freddie cries so she can see how much he wants to be part of Pum Kash. “I don’t wish bad on you, but Pum Kash just may not make it because you don’t have the person that got your back or had your back all these years.” She lets him know she has God. His response? “You better put a cross on them contracts when you sign ‘em.” Is it just us or does this feel like more than a business breakup?

The day of the date has finally arrived. But when the limo pulls up to the hotel, Jimmy is not feeling the faux “King of New York” old school model, even though that’s what he requested. Thanks to yoga, Jim doesn’t flip out. Chrissy’s excited about the date, but she wants to know if this date is going to require any physical labor. “I got on high heels and tight jeans,” she says. First stop is La Marina where Talia and Emily await with champagne. Before they head to the next destination Jim gifts Chrissy with a long gown that she must change into before the next rendezvous.

Wait, Jim has Chrissy put on a gown (with sneakers of course) to get on the 1 train? It was for a good reason, though. He wanted her to see where they come from—Harlem. “I know they might say there’s not fairytales but there are. We got our own fairytale. I’m just looking for a good ending.” Chrissy wasn’t feeling the subway ride. And what women would want her grown dragging on the dirty ground of the subway station? A sightseeing double decker bus is waiting for Chrissy and Jim when they exit the subway. She’s digging this one. “What’s prettier than New York City? From the buildings up, don’t look at the ground,” Chrissy laughs.

Over dinner the two talk about what’s changed. Chrissy is still not convinced Jim has changed enough for her to come home. “What’s there for me?” Jim says he’s a work in progress, but that’s not enough for Chrissy. During pillow talk Jim tells Chrissy, “Checkout time.” Not so fast. “I want to make sure you really get it,” she says. An emotional Chrissy starts to think about all they’ve been through. She agrees to go home, but she wants more dates, a new place to live and for them to get it together.

Everyone gets a happy ending. At least for now. Chrissy and Jim are on good terms. Talia is working on her music without her ex-boyfriend manager. Looks like she has a new boyfriend to partner with on her music. Emily’s excited about creating a line with the ladies. Mama Jones is certain Pum Kash will be a success without Freddie. And she still wants her grandbaby. As for Chrissy and Jim, “I don’t see life without him. It would be a lot easier. But it wouldn’t be right.”


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