T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 12 – Family Dance-Off


Tiny has been challenged. And she plans to whoop some teenage butt in said challenge.

During one of the OMG Girlz rehearsals, she sees Zonnique and her bandmates dancing, so she decides to pull out some of her own (dated) dance moves, which are endlessly funny and sad to her 16-year-old daughter. Tiny doesn’t take the critique lying down, and tells Niq Niq “I bet you a grand, a thousand dollars that you can’t beat me in a dance.”

Niq Niq clutches her heart because, yes, it’s true, her own mother wants to take her money from her.

“What about $500? Niq Niq renegotiates. Done.

Tiny is confident that she “still got the moves,” but regardless, she’s doing this for all the “young, sexy moms” out there to prove a point.

They plan to use King’s new video game called the Hip Hop Dance Experience as the basis for their competition. Tiny’s never played it, but she is confident, SO CONFIDENT, that she will win. Here’s T.I.’s response when she tells him about the dance-off:

“Why don’t you stay out a young girls’ business? Your joints just don’t stretch the way that a young person’s does.” Tiny begs to differ.

While Tiny and Niq Niq plan their competition, T.I. says he’s going to be at the skate park with the boys. Tiny asks him to make sure the kids are safe, but T.I. laughs in the face of safety telling her “I’m going for the bloopers!” And the bloopers are right here:

Domani has to face his fears on a super-steep bowl though, and that’s where he gets nervous. It doesn’t help that King keeps taunting him, yelling “Come on, make some meat come off!” and “Give them what they looking for!” After an hour or so of standing at the edge, he finally does it and he doesn’t fall or make any meat come off.

“Thank you Jesus!” he hollers. “I did it! I did it! Y’all didn’t do it! I did it!”

Tip is thrilled that Domani did it too. “I want my children to be more afraid of not trying something that they could have been great at than trying something and failing,” he says, all wise and dad-sounding.

Tiny is trying her hardest to win this bet, and she practices her choreography with Shekinah, which might have been her one saving grace, because anyone dancing next to Shekinah could look good.

But really, Tiny can hold it down when she needs to.

Then she enlists King’s help to train her on the video game so she’ll have practice with that, and this kid doesn’t come cheap. He wants a $200 cut of her winnings if she actually beats Niq Niq, and when she laughs and says she’ll give him $10 instead, he tells her “Man, I should get more, I’m training you.” This kid has ore hustle in his pinky than the rest of the world has combined.

Tiny gets a lot of good tips from King, like that she needs to focus if she wants to win, and she better watch out since Niq Niq dances a lot and “you don’t.” That only puts more fire in Tiny to win.

At last, the dance-off is here and Tiny is ready. “I’m about to represent for the moms! In a cute way,” she says.

A CUTE way, she said. Hm.

“The beginning was a little rough,” Tiny says. “I think I nailed it at the end though!” And surprise, surprise, she DID! Tiny wins. Niq Niq must pay up.

“Wouldja lookie here! An upset by the elder generation!” Tip says.

And Tiny? She has zero problem gloating. “She was talking so much trash, I gotta let her know her momma still got it!”

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