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Couples Therapy
This season on Couples Therapy, Dr. Jenn Berman helps the entertainment industry’s most infamous couples break through the drama associated with living in the public sphere. Together, they examine the complicated dynamics that relationships face, while working together, as a group, to learn from one another and leave with the tools needed for long term success. Any group therapy scenario is prone to drama, but even more so when celebrities are involved. Check out the five most dramatic moments of this week’s episode!

1. Dourtney Enters the Lion’s Den

Doug and Courtney return to the house and are actually welcomed by the rest of the couples. In last week’s episode, Dr. Jenn spent time with the couples to help them understand why they were behaving with such disregard for Doug and Courtney’s humanity and to help them grow from the experience by admitting their wrongdoings and moving forward. Dr. Jenn hopes that Doug and Courtney will also be able to move forward and have an open heart and mind about the other couples. Everyone sits together as Courtney explains that she is “grateful to be back,” “open and willing to get to know each and every one of you,” and lets them know that she “has a kind heart and would really appreciate it if you would stop trying to hurt it.” Alex and Shayne take turns sharing their feelings and apologizing for how they behaved. JoJo admits that he missed her. Monica shares that she is glad they’ve returned but wants to let them know that this is a “two way street” and asks if Dourtney saw their “position in the exchange?” As surprised as we were to see all this progress being made, we were equally surprised to see Doug seemingly throw it all away by responding coldly, “It was only you guys. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.” After watching Alex and Shayne take the high road by apologizing for their actions, hearing Doug’s response came as another, harder, slap in the face.

2. Simon Feels Disrespected

After group, Doug and Courtney join the other couples and make conversation by asking how the day without them was. Simon admits that he was offended that they accepted everyone’s heartfelt apologies but refused to take any responsibility for their part in the situation. Again, Doug asserts he’s done nothing wrong and in doing so makes Simon “genuinely question” if they returned for the right reasons. Doug says that neither he, nor Courtney attacked anyone in the house. Simon shares that Courtney’s disregard for wearing “proper attire” was an attack on him and everyone else. Courtney apologizes that he “felt that way.” And he tells her this is not about how he feels. Courtney makes a pretty good point that she is apologizing because Simon said she attacked him. Then Simon begins to deny using the word “attack” — even though he literally used it seconds prior. Clearly, the issue is not about word choice, but rather that Doug and Courtney refuse to admit to any wrong doing. Since both parties are clearly too stubborn to admit their mistakes (whether minor or major), they get caught up in semantics. At this point, Simon tells them that he feels disrespected by the way Courtney is sitting on Doug because he is “trying to get to know” her. Doug is offended and interrupts Simon once again. Simon pleads with Doug to give him respect by allowing him to finish his thought to no avail. So Simon gets up and huffs away from them. Dourtney’s welcome back was extremely short-lived, but not necessarily undeserved.

3. Courtney’s Mother Visits

Finally! The question everyone has been asking all season “Where is this girl’s mother?” has been answered. Just like Alex’s mom last week, Courtney’s mother, Krista, visits the Couples Therapy house. Dr. Jenn asks her questions about Courtney’s childhood — which as it turns out wasn’t so far from Courtney’s description of “beautiful and fun.” Krista explains Courtney’s provocative style began at age 11 when she decided she liked high heels. Krista allows the bare midriffs, short skirts and exposed cleavage because Courtney was a teenager who “need to express herself somehow, someway,” and to her this was “manageable.” She shares her side of how she came to allow Courtney to be with Doug, describing how she read their e-mails without him knowing and was so impressed that Doug was “so genuine, and caring, and loving.” She admits she could see “why she was falling for him.” And shares that she was okay with overseeing the romantic development between her 16-year-old child and a 51-year-old man “because Courtney is different. She’s different than other girls her age. I knew that she was going to need somebody that could handle her. And I recognized it. I recognized that this was the man that’s perfect for her.” She tells Dr. Jenn that she is “the one that signed that paper and I am the one who gave my daughter permission to marry this man. And I have never regretted that to this day.” And then after all of Krista’s extremely kind words about Doug, Dr. Jenn proves her awesomeness once again by asking the question that is presumably on everybody’s minds: “Its very clear you adore Doug. You and your husband have separated. Would you have wanted to date Doug now as a single woman?” In typical Stodden fashion, Krista only half answers the question: “He’s got a lot of qualities. I’m not going to lie to you. And I want my daughter to have things that I can appreciate for her to have. Anyone would love the qualities that man has. He is a fabulous man. Fabulous.”

4. Todd >Too Short

Too Short sits down with Dr. Jenn for a one on one therapy session to discuss what has held him back from setting down with Monica despite repeatedly saying he wants to be a husband, a father and live in a house full of love. He shares that he’s learned “more than I think I’ve learned in all the relationships I’ve ever had in my life,” during his stay in the Couples Therapy house and that being around the other men, who are committed to their women, has helped him open up. He opens up about past relationships where he “shared the keys” and then immediately the relationships fell apart due to childish arguments. He shares that he and Monica have grown closer from spending so much time together in the house and she’s admitted things to him that she never had told him before. She shared that she cries on holidays because she’s alone. He never realized how his absence had hurt her so deeply and now realizes that he wants to be her man. He offers to turn in his “player card,” and proudly states that when he leaves here “I want her to be my woman.” Dr. Jenn asks what exactly that means and he makes one of the sweetest declarations of the season, “I want us to start a journey in life that doesn’t end.” This type of break through is what makes all the drama of Couples Therapy 100% worth it. We cannot wait to see how Todd proves this to Monica.

5. Disaster Date

Before Shayne became pregnant with Press, she and Nik enjoyed a date night every Wednesday. With all the progress they’ve made in the house, Nik decides that he wants to recreate one of their most romantic date nights. He tells her they are going horseback riding and almost immediately Shayne starts complaining that she doesn’t want to go. First, its the heat and the its because she recently had surgery on her breasts and isn’t supposed to bounce (valid point, until Nik points out it was fourth months earlier.) Nik clearly has no intention of hiding his disappointment from Shayne as he tells her that she “crushed” his excitement for the date and even tells the driver to call and cancel it. He does eventually get Shayne on a horse, but she still won’t let herself enjoy the date. After the horseback riding portion of the date, they move on to a beautiful, sunset picnic. In her confessional Shayne shares that she wishes Nik took into consideration that she did not want to go horseback riding and that they just went on the picnic instead, but now she is miserable and not in the mood to enjoy the picnic either. Nik is hurt and it shows as he makes passive aggressive comments to Shayne, like “I thought it was supposed to be romantic but I guess not,” and “I’m sorry this date sucks for you. I know you’d rather be at the mall right now.” Their date ends with Nik yelling that he’s “doing nothing, but trying to save our marriage” as Shayne walks away from him.

It’s really sad to see Nik and Shayne regressing back to their old patterns after all the progress they’ve made. We hope Dr. Jenn can help them get back on track.

Honorable Mention:

Not so much a moment as a screen shot we couldn’t resist adding to the post, Shayne offered up her impression of Courtney attempting to sit down in a chair. “She can’t just sit down, she has to sit like this!” Shayne says, doing the splits. And then she perches on her chair with her butt out, like Courtney does in group therapy, explaining “She has to figure out how to pop her side up so everyone can see it.” She’s not entirely inaccurate.

What were your favorite moments from tonight’s episode? Do you think Doug and Courtney came back for the right reasons? Did Simon overreact or do you agree with him? Do you think that Krista Stodden might have feelings for Doug? What do you think will happen when she joins Doug and Courtney in therapy? Is Todd for real about retiring his player’s card? Can Nik and Shayne bounce back after their disaster date? Let us know in the comments section and check back next week for the most dramatic moments of episode three!

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