Basketball Wives L.A. – Episode 11 – Someone Didn’t Get The Memo


Another week, another series of lunches where the ladies meet to discuss things, and the first one to kick off the episode features Jackie, who meets with Gloria to ask her whats up with Laura. Laura’s been scheming away trying to build up to a moment where she hurts Jackie as a form of retribution for last season, and last weekend she met with Chantel, Jackie’s daughter, to get some useful dirt to be used against Jackie. Of course, Jackie doesn’t know any of this yet on the show, she just knows Laura’s playing her somehow, yet she still tells Gloria how much she adores Laura, yadda yadda yadda, and like four hours later, Gloria tells us “Ay dios, I think I blanked out. I think I definitely took a nap,” as Jackie went through her Laura issues. “Just to hear the stuff she has to say about my sister and how their relationship is, it’s so contradicting. I’m like…what?”

Jackie, Gloria, and the rest of the girls are all gearing up for a trip to New York to Fashion Week and Jackie’s doubly stressed out because she’s actually showing her line and asking the girls to be her models. This is the biggest moment in her professional life, and she just wants all the girls to like her clothes.

Malaysia and Bambi have been on a volunteering kick together, and this week they meet up with two young girls to mentor them. The women love giving back, and Malaysia actually has even bigger plans for herself and the whole group as far as doing more for the community, so she tells Bambi she wants to go to take the girls on a vacation where they can do some good. Bambi is skeptical at first.

But Malaysia explains she wants to build houses in New Orleans, and the two of them just hope everyone else is in as much of a volunteer-y mood as they are. Because, as Bam says “Building a house in New Orleans doesn’t quite sound like a vacation.” Maybe not, but it IS a necessary “girls trip” that every reality show needs to develop plot.

Over at the body piercing place, Brooke has convinced Draya and Gloria to some with her to get their skin mutilated by this guy.

I say that because I’m a weaker person than these ladies and I hate needles, but Gloria calls it a “fun experience” so I’m not judging. Brooke goes first and gets three studs in her neck.

Draya has the same reaction I do, at least as far as the pain-fear goes.

“If Brooke took this like a pro then I can too,” she says as she sucks it up and goes for it. While it’s happening, she’s a little freaked out.

But after she gets it, she thinks it’s the cutest.

Then it’s Gloria’s turn, and she admits she loves tattoos and piercings but still winces at the pain.

“I’m so cute!” she says after. Matt comes by later to pick her up — welcome to season two, Matt! — and Brooke and Draya are both really happy to see the couple together and really looking more in love than ever.

Brooke worries that her own relationship with Vernon isn’t as solid these days because he’s so young and she’s not feeling great about it. She seeks some advice about it from Gloria and realizes maybe their age gap and general situation isn’t working out after all.

Bambi isn’t really sure if her relationship with Laura is working out these days either, because she meets up with her, and though it starts promising enough with a big hug,

Bambi tells her that she doesn’t get why Laura is trying to play Jackie. Laura understands why Bambi is protective of Jackie, but tells her “I care about your feelings…I just don’t care about your feelings with Jackie,” which doesn’t help Bambi like Laura more.

Later, Draya has decided to throw a white party for her swimsuit line, Mint Swim, and all the girls show up in their best white ensembles…everyone except Jackie, who claims she didn’t get the all-white memo.

“I think Draya’s gonna be a little bit offended by the black,” Bambi says after she sizes Jackie’s outfit up. But Jackie swears, no one told her anything about all-white anything.

“I walk in, I see all of my friends, I see everyone in all white, and out of the corner of my eye, I see like, a dark figure,” Draya says as she spots Jackie. When she talks to Jackie she asks “You’re not embarrassed?” No one knows why Jackie just wn’t go home and change clothes, but alas. She will not budge. She tries to gloss things over with the fact that she brought Draya a gift. “How do you punch someone or kick them out when they’re giving you a present??” Draya asks. So Draya (jokingly? but not really) tells Jackie that she can stay but she needs to stay at the table and not walk around so nobody sees her. “Please,” Draya asks. “Stay low on the radar.” Jackie is angry at that, more than anything because she claims she was never told this was a white party, so why should she be punished for something that’s not her fault? This means that the only topic of conversation for the next hour is how Jackie didn’t get the memo about all-white, and everyone is going to hear about it.

“Jackie finds a way to make every single thing about her. Like if you were giving birth, Jackie would pass out on the floor and be like ‘Oh my God, I hit my head, oh, sweet baby Jesus!” Gloria explains.

Jackie and Malaysia take a bathroom break together and Jackie stars to weep at how upsetting this whole white party situation is. “It’s hurtful,” she cries to Malaysia. She swears she didn’t know about the white thing and that she was actually set up, and Malaysia believes that and wonders “Did these chicks purposely not tell Jackie that it was a white party? If they did, I’m gonna be pissed.”

When Malaysia asks the group what happened, Draya explains that she invited Jackie herself and “she knew damn well it was all white. B—h, yes.”

“I believe you,” Malaysia says to Draya and then she tells us, “I instantly got angry. Jackie, didn’t you get enough of lying to me?”

Jackie’s finally had it and decides to leave, but she decides to take a detour, i.e., not leave at all and cause more drama than before, when she stops to talk to Laura. Malaysia tries to prevent that from happening so she and Jackie end up arguing, and Draya, not wanting this dark cloud hanging over her white party, corrals them all back up to their table to talk and get things out.

Laura launches right into what her real issues is with Jackie and what’s got her so upset and it all stems from the place she was in last season when she felt that Jackie wronged her.

“What y’all don’t get is the s— I had to deal with that hurt me on another type of level. One, I had just had a baby. My fourth. I sat there and I confided in yo’ ass and I let you befriend me and dog me the f— out. I don’t take good to s— like that.” Later she explains, “The fact that I felt hurt last year…I want you to feel the same way.”

“Oh. My. God. Laura, you’re really sick,” Jackie says, incredulous that this is really happening. “You need mental health counseling. You’re the one who needs medication. You’re the kooky one. I didn’t do anything to you!” Yay, kooky callback!

“Laura’s been holding on to this situation with Jackie and we all just are curious to know why,” Draya says. And then Bambi steps in to attempt to referee and no one on team Govan appreciates that.

“She’s sorry!” Bambi explains, trying to reason that Jackie considers Laura a friend.

“Shut up, Bambi,” Laura says.

“You’re like the freshman in the crew,” Gloria adds, trying to make the point that Bambi doesn’t know the whole story and wasn’t here last year and therefore shouldn’t comment.

“I’m like, b—h, you need to shut the f— up,” Bambi tells us.

“She has no clue who Jackie is,” Gloria explains. “You don’t even have the right to say anything right now.”

Jackie calls Laura an immature women and an immature mother, and Laura, knowing what she knows from her conversation with Chantel, is off. “You wanna talk about parents, huh? Okay….This is not over, so we’ll just wait and see.” So not only are we waiting to see how this plays out with Laura and Jackie, but now tensions are at an all-time high with Bambi and the Govans, too. What is it Gloria likes to say? Dios mio.

Gloria, Brooke, and Draya get together for drinks, when Brooke gets a phone call from Sean, the editor of King Magazine, letting her know that her photo shoot has landed her the cover of the magazine.

You remember, the photo shoot Draya was supposed to be at, but she walked out of because it wasn’t a closed set.

Draya cheers on Brooke when she learns she gets the cover, but Sean, who is on speaker phone, starts to trash Draya as the “homegirl who bounced out” on the shoot, and Brooke’s professionalism is one of the reasons she got the cover. Draya, listening to all this, leans in and says “Sean don’t gossip, it’s not cute!” on the call.

Brooke is mad that Draya is butting in on the call. “How dare you? This is my moment, don’t take it away. I’m like, uh, Jackie Jr.? You are so unprofessional right now!”

Draya implies that the call made it sound like Brooke got the cover because Draya decided not to shoot, and if Draya had done the photo shoot, maybe Brooke wouldn’t be on the cover, actually. “I will ever shoot for them. It ain’t what it used to be,” Draya says, trash-talking the magazine and Brooke’s accomplishment.

“Draya, have a seat,” Brooke says. “You’re a f—ing hater. Period.”

One more time, let’s all say it together: Ay dios mio.

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