Marrying The Game – Episode One – Married To The Bed


Compton bred rapper, Game, is famous for his multi-platinum rap career and occasional controversy. It’s the family man — Jayceon Taylor — that folks are less likely to know. Game’s finally ready to tie the knot and recently proposed to his girlfriend of eight years, Tiffney Cambridge, with whom he has two children. Marrying The Game is their chaotic road to jumping the broom.

What’s a morning in bed with your fiancée without talking wedding plans? Tomorrow is the couple’s appointment to check out the venue, but Game isn’t thrilled about going “because it’s boring.” He compares it to a ride at Disneyland, which is he gives a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Tiffany gives going to the wedding venue a seven. “I think it’s a three,” Game responds. Tiffany hasn’t talked to her dad since 2011 so she decides to let their five year old son, Justice, walk her down the aisle. Now, about that wedding planning appointment tomorrow. “When you go to the studio tonight make it a short night,” she said. But Game’s not concerned with coming home early. He’s all about “getting some married p—y.” Tiffney’s got her hands full.

“I’m having a funeral next month on the 28th,” Game tells his boys in the studio. “Except I’m going to be alive.” Don’t be so excited about marrying the woman of your dreams, Game. Geez. His homies aren’t the most encouraging bunch either. Chris Brown stops by the studio to listen to their track together on Game’s upcoming Jesus Piece album. It’s safe to say Game didn’t listen to Tiffney about not staying in the studio too late.

Game is still sleeping while the kids and Tiffney are getting dressed to head to the estate where the wedding will take place. When Tiffney tells him they’ll be ready in 10 minutes, his solution is for her to take off her clothes. “My clothes are gonna be on for the rest of my life if you don’t get up out of that bed and put that outfit on,” she tells him. Her sister Maya does her sisterly duty and accompanies her for the day. Maya believes Jayceon’s working is what a man is supposed to do and it’s no big deal.

The estate is gorgeous! But when the caterer and wedding planner start hurling questions at her she becomes flustered because she doesn’t know any of the answers. And where’s the groom to help? Oh yeah, he’s at home in bed. He may not want to be present to help, but according to Tiffney he’s inviting everyone he knows to the wedding. “So, what we’ll do on the place card is put ‘Jayceon’s people.'”

Tiffany has a one-on-one with her baby sister at the venue to vent her frustrations about Jayceon’s long hours. “That’s the reality. You are marrying a superstar,” her sister says. All Tiffany wants is some family time at night. She uses this opportunity to ask Justice to walk her down the aisle. This kid is so freaking adorable. And smart! When she asks him if he knows what it means to walk her down the aisle he responds, “Yes, I have to bring you to daddy.” Seriously, can this kid be any cuter?

Tiffney returns home to find Jay still in the bed. She tries expressing how she feels about him not being there. Her tears aren’t moving enough for him, though. “I was sleepy. You didn’t work all night,” he said. “Are you about to do some crying? Nobody likes a cry baby.” Poor Tiffany. “Well look at this way, instead of crying right now you could be making a nice dinner,” he says to his crying fiancée. As if his sarcasm wasn’t enough he starts jokingly mocking her, which understandably only upsets her more. She has her hands full with Game/Jayceon. Stay tuned this season to see if this couple makes it down the aisle.

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