Marrying The Game – Episode Two – Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake


Last time Jayceon couldn’t be bothered with frivolous things like helping Tiffney plan their wedding, which is only two weeks away. The flower girls’ dresses are in and it’s time for the couple’s toddler, Cali Dream, to model the dress for mom and dad. Game may not care about the planning of The Big Day, but he wouldn’t miss seeing his little in her dress for anything in the world. “This is the last time you’re wearing a dress in a wedding,” he says to the baby girl. “You’re never getting married to nobody.” Oh, please! Not only is she way too young for him to even worry about such things, he’s being super overprotective. He and T.I. should probably hang out.

Christie stops by to make sure things are in order considering the wedding is in two weeks. Tiffney doesn’t have her dress picked out yet, which makes Christie a little nervous as the wedding planner. Jayceon thinks he’s just going to show up in a suit. Listen, in his eyes the wedding is a woman’s dream. His only role (according to him) is to show up and pay for it. Speaking of paying, the $3,000 cake hasn’t been paid for and he thinks it’s ridiculous to buy a cake for that much money. “I’m not paying $3,000 for a cake,” he said. When he tries to flip it on Tiffney asking how she’d feel if she was paying for the cake with her money she replies, “Ok, well in my next life I’ll try to be a gangster rapper.” One thing he is willing to handle — the music. He has 48 hours.

Over a game of basketball, Game vents to his boys about the women pretending they want his input, but as soon as he suggests anything it’s not what they want. “What the f— you need me for?”

Game takes his fiancée to Venice beach to listen to music for the wedding. “Get your ears ready,” he tells her. This wasn’t exactly what Tiffney had in mind for wedding ceremony music. The first guy they stop to hear is a harpist, and for Tiffney it’s a snoozefest. “Dreadlocked harpist? Out of here.” The violinist she actually likes. Game does too, and shows him a little $100 love. Only problem is she doesn’t think they’ll show up for the wedding. “We gon’ do COD? Cash on delivery. ‘Cause you give these fools a deposit, they might break,” she explains to Game. She’s all about giving aspiring musicians a chance, just not at her wedding.

Now Game’s next task is to get rid of the bourgeoisie Beverly Hills cake Tiffney has her mind set on. His solution is to hit up Compton to hunt for a cake on the low. “Can we get a black couple on top of the cake?” Game’s friend asks. A very valid question, people! Of course Game takes it ten steps too far requesting one with tattoos. “But I want the guy to have tattoos like me.” Once he tastes the marble—with a silent r—cake, it’s a wrap. He’s sold. When he calls Tiffney to excitedly tell her about the cake she shuts it down immediately. “Excuse me? I’ve already selected the cake. I do not need three guys to call me and irritate me.” Game turns this into a cake war—his bakery versus hers. It’s going down.

Tiffney takes her girls dress shopping. Finally. First up is the bridesmaid dresses. The women make an unanimous decision. Once Tiffney comes out in her dress there’s an enthusiastic yes!

“It’s a new cake sheriff in town,” says Game. “Hood cakes versus bourgeoisie cakes.” Tiffney already feels she has a leg up because “Ours is on a platter,” Tiffney said. They’re grading each cake on taste and appearance. “That one look like the one at 7-11,” they laugh. Christie and Tiffney continue to clown the Styrofoam plate the guys’ cakes are on. “Because they’re into recyclables,” Game retorts.

Now Game breaks it down to Christie by knocking off the frosting on their mini cakes. They exchange so many jokes about each other’s cakes it’s hard to see them coming to an agreement at the end. Just as Tiffney has had about enough of tasting their cakes they give her the marble cake to taste. Game does the holy ghost because it’s so good. Does Tiffney agree? She actually spit it out in her napkin. Harsh! “Let me do the cake,” she pleads. He concedes, but only because he wants to have relations later that night. “A happy wife is a happy life.”

For compromising on the cake, Tiffney has a surprise for him in the form of black lace. It pays to compromise in the Taylor household.

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