Tiffney Cambridge Talks About Life With Game, The World Of Reality TV, And The Common Ground They Share With Chrissy And Jim Jones


Tiffney Cambridge Marrying The Game
One of the central themes we’ve seen on VH1’s reality roster this year is the hard, street-tough rapper who’s trying hard to reconcile his image with his home life (See: Jim Jones on Chrissy And Mr. Jones, Too Short on Couples Therapy). We spoke to Tiffney Cambridge this week to hear about her own experience on this matter, since she’s currently engaged to Game, and the couple just filmed their reality show, Marrying The Game about the process of planning their wedding. One of the main themes of the series, in addition to the cake-tasting and dress-trying-on, has to do with reconciling the differences between The Game and the man behind the persona, Jayceon Taylor. We spoke to Tiffney about the series, their relationship, and what Jim Jones had to say about all of this.

Congratulations on the show! I’ve lived through the wedding planing process, so I’m looking forward to seeing you guys go through it, It can be good, bad and very ugly sometimes. What was the best part of planning for you?

The best part was finding my wedding coordinator to help me out! When I first started planning, I was basically doing everything by myself, I had not found the right person to help me plan, so I can say that the best part of it is when I found Christie Rose and she took over and helped me get through the process of planning a wedding.

Was it more helpful or less helpful when Jayceon would try to give you his input in the planning?

I enjoyed him participating in the process because, you know, he’s a guy and he feels like planning a wedding is solely on the shoulders of a woman, so he was very reluctant to get involved in the process. To have him jump on board and help with the cake tasting and trying to find the music, I thought that was cute, I liked his participation.

Do you have any issue with the fact that he says in the first episode that women who are planning weddings can get a little psycho?

No, I think that’s a given. I think we all get caught up in the process and frustrated trying to make everything right for that day. He’s watched a couple episodes of Bridezillas with me, he knows what’s up.

One of the things he said about you in an interview recently is that you’re not your average school teacher. Can you tell me a little more about yourself than what we’ve learned on the show?

I am an elementary school teacher, I teach fifth grade now, but I think what makes me a little different is that my children seem to really be able to relate to me really well. I have a very relatable personality, and in teaching, you really have to let the kids know that you do understand them as individuals before you can really teach them. I really try to educate my kids as a whole person, not just academics and what they get Monday through Friday. I teach them and take care of them and mentor them and we forge friendships.

Do your students know you’re on this show?

Yesssss. I tried to keep it under wraps for a long time because I don’t like them to get caught up in my personal life but yeah, they found out that Ms. Cambridge is going to be on a show and unfortunately all of them watch reality TV even though they’re supposed to be in bed at that time, but they’re up watching TV and they know Ms. Cambridge is getting ready to be on television.

Did anything make you apprehensive about putting your life out there for your students to see?

Yes, because I have been private specifically about my relationship with Jayceon because he’s such a big celebrity and a lot of my students are fans of his, and sometimes the content of his music is not appropriate for children, so I have done my best to keep my personal life and my business life separate, but with this, everything’s meshed together.

You said in your recent Juicy article that you like to keep your arguments private, so how does that work now that you’re putting them on a reality show?

That’s a challenge, it’s something I don’t take lightly. On the trailer you can see me vocalizing how upset I am about a situation and it may come across that I’m upset and cursing, and I do have a concern about that and I definitely want to be represented properly, and I want to show the best side of myself at all times, but you do get into situations when you’re filming a reality show that are real and in all relationships you do argue and fight sometimes. I’m not 100% comfortable with that being out there but at the same time, it’s part of reality TV, everything is not going to be a bed of roses every day.

Has the show changed your relationship?

I don’t think so, I think it has caused issues that we already had to resurface, and it’s caused us to revisit those through filming your life and what’s going on, but I don’t think it’s necessarily changed us. I do think when you have a reality show, it’s not so much the cameras, it’s when you’re in a situation and you’re allowing people to see what’s really going on, when you step back and watch the episodes, you think wow, this really is going on, how can we make the situation better?

Going into the project, what were you most excited for?

Well, we were documenting our wedding. A wedding is something every woman wants to have and it was exciting for me to have our wedding documented, not just for me but for the world to see. To look back on it when you’re married twenty or thirty years and say, wow, I had this big beautiful wedding that a lot of people were a part of, it was on television, and it was great. That’s what I was drawn to.

VH1 seems to have this tendency to focus on the lives of rappers, like Jim Jones and Too Short, who are tough musicians but live a pretty cute, family-oriented life, and I think you guys are fitting into that mold. How do you think you guys compare to them?

I don’t like to compare myself since everyone’s situation is different, but if I had to, I would say I’m more like Chrissy, I see a similarity in our struggles and our relationships. I hear her, 100%, in every episode I watch, I see a lot of the same behaviors that Jayceon exhibits in Jim. He and Jim are actually friends, so it’s funny that sometimes when their episodes are on, he’ll call Jim and they’ll be on speaker going back and forth about some of the things he’s saying or doing, and it’s funny how all of them think alike, they really do. Jayceon and Jimmy think alike about how they both feel about Chrissy and I, about their business, about making money, about spending time with family, about their attitudes, so I do see a lot of similarities between our two shows.
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