The Top 5 Most Dramatic Moments of Couples Therapy Episode 9


Couples Therapy - Tiny and JoJo Hailey

This season on Couples Therapy, Dr. Jenn Berman helps the entertainment industry’s most infamous couples break through the drama associated with living in the public sphere. Together, they examine the complicated dynamics that relationships face, while working together, as a group, to learn from one another and leave with the tools needed for long term success. Any group therapy scenario is prone to drama, but even more so when celebrities are involved. Check out the five most dramatic moments of this week’s episode!

Couples Therapy - Nik Richie

1. The Principal’s OfficeNik and Shayne sit down with Dr. Jenn to discuss their disastrous horseback riding date. Each of them recounts the date and their versions are so different that we aren’t sure they were even on the same date. Shayne feels Nik was inconsiderate to force her to go horseback riding when she made it abundantly clear she was not interested, and that he was constantly making snide remarks to make her feel bad.

Couples Therapy - Shayne Lamas

While Nik felt like Shayne was unappreciative that he put his heart into it and wouldn’t even try to be a good sport. At first it seems like the two are back to where they started with no hope of coming to some kind of resolution. Nik admits that he was pushing her, but it was “out of frustration” and Shayne makes another dismissive comment about Nik getting an “A+ in drama class.” And just like that Dr. Jenn’s demeanor changes to the no-nonsense therapist we’ve grown to love telling Shayne her comments are “dismissive” and that she too likely got an A+ in drama class. She agrees with Shayne that she comes off as a spoiled brat and that she needs to realize that instead of focusing on the fact the date wasn’t her ideal, perfect situation that she needs to think about the fact that Nik “planned something special from his heart. Whether he got it right, or not, it was from his heart and he was met with hostility and aggression and criticism.” Shayne realizes the error in her ways and resolves to “stop trying to be my way or the highway.” After their therapy session, Nik and Shayne share an intimate moment in their room. Shayne surprises him by bringing out the wedding veil she wore the night they met (and got married) in Las Vegas. We’re so happy that all the progress Nik and Shayne have made in Couples Therapy wasn’t for naught.

Couples Therapy - Shayne Lamas shows Nik her veil

2. Having a Few Drinks – After hearing about the other couples’ dates, Tiny and JoJo talk about what kind of date they’d like to go on. At first, the date JoJo describes sounds like any girl’s dream: a boat ride where they can “watch the ocean, I’ll put on a little black evening suit.”

Couples Therapy - JoJo and Tiny Hailey

But it takes a major turn for the worst when he slyly adds “and have a few drinks” into his description of their romantic date. As Tiny rolls her eyes, he assures her “no hard liquor girl, I’m thinking Moscato wine. You don’t drink liquor on the boat,” which does little to quell her apprehension.

Couples Therapy - Tiny Hailey

He asks her why she’s making a stink-face and as she starts to explain how his comment made her feel, he quickly cuts her off saying “don’t start that s*** again.”

Couples Therapy - JoJo Hailey

3. No Promises – The theme of this week’s group therapy session is “incoming threats” AKA things the couples “need to deflect to protect their relationship.” Dr. Mike asserts that the only threat to Tiny and JoJo’s marriage is alcohol. JoJo chimes in that he has been sober for four weeks and is “good.” It’s sad for everyone to realize the true extent of JoJo’s problem and are disappointed to herhim declare “At the end of the day, I know I will have a drink. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t.”

Couples Therapy - JoJo Hailey

Tiny shares how she “despises what alcohol does to us” and the pain seeing him in the hospital time and time again has caused her. He refuses to promise to stop drinking, or even go to AA meetings. He keeps saying he won’t promise, but he will “try.” It seems like an easy way to absolve himself from taking any responsibility for the pain his drinking causes Tiny. After therapy, JoJo is visibly angry with Tiny for making him look “like a piece of s***” by bringing up his drinking again to the group. Tiny is sick of being blamed and walks out of the room.

Couples Therapy - Doug Hutchison

4. Damaged WomenDoug sits down with Dr. Jenn in a one-on-one therapy session to discuss what its been like for him to lose contact with all his family members after he began his relationship with Courtney. It’s heartbreaking to imagine what it must feel like for him, regardless of how you feel about his relationship. He shares that his brother was actually the best man at his wedding, but shocked Doug, but informing him he was cutting him off a mere three days later. He misses his brother the most because he was always there for him and was always supportive of his “wacky life” (pre-Courtney.) As he says that he misses his brother most, he surprises both himself and Dr. Jenn that he doesn’t miss his mother the most. He is “relieved” that he doesn’t have to take care of his mother anymore, even though he wishes that she accepted his relationship and was in life. As her begins to delve into his relationship with his mother, he realizes that some of his issues have manifested in his relationships (both past and present.) He shares that he has “been with a lot of damaged women and Courtney, for the first time in my life, doesn’t appear damaged.” Oh, irony. Some would argue that the fact that she expresses herself by dressing so provocatively and is married to a man three times her age seems pretty damaged, but apparently Doug’s exes have some serious baggage. It seems like Doug is making a real break through in therapy today. Dr. Jenn reminds him that he needs to “understand that your template for relationships is a damaged woman and that’s dangerous because you’re still with someone who is incomplete. Her growing, her developing into a full person is going to share the shit out of you. You’re programmed to be threatened by that and uncomfortable with it.” Doug asks what he can do to fix this and learns that the “first step is being conscious of it.” Check! We can’t wait to see how Doug uses this new-found insight to work on his relationship with Courtney.

Couples Therapy - Tiny an JoJo Hailey with Dr. Jenn

5. The Next Step? – It’s hard not to empathize with Tiny. She cares so much and is fighting an uphill battle against JoJo’s drinking. In the past, she always wanted to get him help, but had never considered how to help herself in the process. That is, until she entered the Couples Therapy house. Dr. Jenn sits down with her to make sure she’s okay after group therapy. Tiny seems to be at the end of her rope and tells Dr. Jenn that she knows “if you really want to do something, you’re going to take every step necessary to do it” and she just doesn’t see that happening with JoJo. She seems defeated as she shares that she has “no more room for sadness” and that she is “just done with it.” Dr. Jenn asks her if she thinks JoJo is aware that she’s reached her breaking point. She frankly replies “no.” Dr. Jenn goes looking for JoJo and finds him, ready to give Tiny a piece of his mind. He feels that she is fine and then once she enters group therapy the water works begin. He isn’t sure if “it was peer pressure or them questions she was asking you” that made her open up about her feelings.

Couples Therapy - JoJo Hailey

It’s sad that he doesn’t consider that she is just empowered to share how she truly feels for the first time and has nothing to do with anyone else in group. He asks her for her “true answer” and she frankly says “the bottom line is I really don’t give a s*** anymore…I don’t want you drinking at all and if that’s your choice then you’re choosing that over and you know that.”

Couples Therapy - Tiny Hailey

We had high hopes that this ultimatum would allow JoJo to see things from Tiny’s point of view, but unfortunately his addiction takes the wheel and refuses to promise anything. He coldly says, “I didn’t come on this show for that…Let me say this to your face then. If you feel as though you want to leave, I’m asking you to do just that.” Tiny’s devastation is clear as she hears what he is saying. It looks like she has a lot to think about and we hope she decides what is best for her, even if it may be painful.

Couples Therapy - JoJo Hailey

What were your favorite moments from tonight’s episode? Do you think Shayne will really let go of her “my way of the highway” attitude? Will Nik learn to stop pushing her? Will Doug’s new insights on his past shape the relationship of his future? What do you think the future holds for Tiny and JoJo? Let us know in the comments section and check back next week for the most dramatic moments of the Couples Therapy Season Two finale!

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