Marrying The Game – Episode 3 – Make It Rain


“We don’t want no boring a– wedding,” says Game.

He may not be much on the planning, but the wedding must be fun. Walking down the aisle is a woman’s moment in the spotlight. “Here Comes the Bride” is the safe choice for Tiffney, but Game has other plans. He’s more of a “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun” type of guy. Tiffney objects, as would any normal person. Maybe they can play it at the reception as a compromise? His other request includes the EMT because “all her friends old as f—.” Yes, he said that. These two don’t agree on anything. He wants chicken, Tiffney says absolutely not. He’s into red for the colors, Tiff wants blue. “This is the payer, I am the planner,” Tiffney said. She’s the boss.

The only thing that’s going to get Jayceon out of the bed is if Tiffney “pops it on a handstand.” Don’t front like you don’t know what that means. Game’s complaining that since the wedding the intimacy between the couple has decreased. Tiffney doesn’t have time since she’s working, planning a wedding and taking care of the kids. On top of it she has to deal with Game’s friends eating her kid’s cereal. Jayceon says his boys can do whatever they want in his house. To help motivate her to go to the grocery store for the second time this week, he makes it rain. “I don’t dance for dollars.”

“Unless this right here got two zeros, and a picture of a different president in the middle, that ain’t for me.”

Tiffney has had enough of Game’s boys dropping in whenever they feel like it. “Who wants to sit up there and live with somebody and have no place to escape?” Back at the house Tiffney left a note for the guys to clean up the house. Oh, and a nice cinnamon roll with a glass of milk for her hubby to be’s breakfast. Game is livid. He wants a continental breakfast, girl! “What’s a woman supposed to do? What is her job?” he asks. According to his rules, she should be cooking and cleaning.

There’s a house full of people for the engagement party. Game has an attitude, though. “There’s no groceries here,” he says. She is, you know, planning a wedding. “You had time to find you a dress.”

“You think motherhood is easy? You think having a full-time job and taking care of two kids is easy?” she asks. His point is that she has help with everything. He basically shouldn’t have to do anything but provide as far as he’s concerned. Could this argument have waited until another time? Tiffney does her best to put on her happy face for the guests, meanwhile Game walks out of the house. All this over him eating a Cinnabon for breakfast. Tiffney’s friend has the right idea, “But you ate,” she tells him. Preach!

Game’s mom talks to Tiffney inside, and Tiffney’s family and friends talk to him outdoors. Everyone just wants to make the best for the sake of the party. He walks in and picks her up, and they’re met with cheers as they kiss, literally, and make up. Pins and needles—what we’re on as we nervously wait to see if these two make it to the altar.


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