Basketball Wives L.A. – Episode 13 – Going All Compton


Things between Brooke and Draya continue to get worse this week. The ladies are back in L.A. after their trip to Fashion Week which was really exciting and fun for everyone, but bittersweet because Draya opted not to attend Brooke’s celebratory party after landing her King Magazine cover.

Brooke has some of the girls over to show off her new lingerie line, “Touche Moi,”

and tells Bambi that Draya never came to the party, and Bambi thinks that’s a poor showing in the friendship department right there.

Bambi is doing what she can to support all her girls this week, which is why she heads over to the studio to hang with Jackie, who’s recording her first single.

Bambi — and the rest of us — had no idea that Jackie was even interested in a music career, but Jackie explains that she’s just the type of lady who has a big bucket list, and recording a song is one of the many things on it. Jackie might seem like she’s all over the place, but you can’t really argue with that logic. (Check out the single here — it’s good!)

Malaysia is still on a charity kick, so she meets with Bambi and Draya to enlist them for her big house-building trip to New Orleans. Once they agree to it, the conversation turns to the Brooke-Draya drama and Draya explains that she didn’t go to Brooke’s party because she knew she’d be a black cloud. “Who wants to bring their bad attitude to the party?” she asks while dressed as Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

In her honesty, she’s absolutely right, even if it makes her look like she’s holding on to some ill feelings or something. It’s probably better that she stayed home. “Don’t tell me I’m not a good friend because I don’t meet your ‘happiness’ requirements,” Draya says. “What friend does that?…Had I did that magazine and did that shoot, things would be totally different right now!”

The one thing that strikes Draya as weird, however, is Brooke’s new lingerie line — this comes totally out of left field to Draya who thinks it’s strange that Brooke never mentioned it, and that it’s so close to her own swimwear line. Draya also has a problem with the upcoming girls’ day out that Gloria‘s planning in honor of Laura‘s birthday. Draya tells Bambi and Malaysia that she’s tired of the fakeness between Jackie and Laura and only wants to surround herself with “real b—hes.” So she peaces out of that. The other girls are surprised and Bambi delivers that message on the day of the party.

“She said she didn’t wanna be around the fakeness.”

Everyone is surprised, but that drama is short-lived because not a moment later Bambi decides to tell Gloria that at Draya’s white party when Gloria called her a “rookie”, she wanted to “smack the s— out of” her. Bambi doesn’t necessarily say this with malice, she’s smiling when it comes out, but Gloria goes on defense and tells her to bring it.

“I just wanted to let her know how I felt, but she gettin’ pumped up!” Bambi says. Bambi gets riled up when Gloria accuses her of “going all Compton,” and they argue and yell until Laura, the birthday girl, gets sick of it and walks out.

“This party is a wrap. There’s no way I’m hanging out with these rats, I’m over it,” Laura says.

The next time everyone sees each other it’s in New Orleans. Draya, Malaysia, Brooke, Jackie, and Bambi all fly down together minus the Govans, and on their way to the hotel they discuss the gossip they’ve all read that Gloria eloped in Las Vegas over the weekend. Bambi has her own take on that news…

No one seems terribly upset to have been left off Gloria’s last-minute guest list, but it does spur a conversation about finding things out about your friends and the meaning of “true” friends, which opens up another opportunity for Brooke and Draya to have it out. Or rather, for Brooke to have it out with Draya and for Draya to be tired of it.

“You keep digging at something and I don’t know what you want me to say!” Draya tells Brooke. Malaysia takes it upon herself to try and mend the situation…but we’ll get to that eventually.

The Govans meet the ladies in the city later that night and when they walk in, Gloria’s immediately accosted with questions about her nuptials. “Yeah, we got married,” a very understated Gloria says, and Jackie and Brooke offer her high fives.

But Bambi could not care less and she doesn’t want to hear about it. “I wasn’t really interested in being a part of her celebrating,” she says and walks out without a word. Malaysia doesn’t want drama so she goes to find Bambi and asks her to come back.

Eventually Bambi gets over it and Malaysia gives a speech explaining that the reason for the trip is to do good and to all unite, but it’s derailed when Jackie tried to force Brooke and Draya to reconcile. If I’M this tired of that topic, I can only imagine how tired these two must be rehashing their fight over and over. It’s so exhausting that even Malaysia can’t stand it and she leaves. The night is officially busted.

The actually charitable, doing-good day arrives, the day the ladies have been waiting for in which they’re tasked with building a house. They show up ready to work.

It starts well, with painting and light conversation.

And then Jackie goes from one side of the house, where she has been gossiping with Malaysia and Brooke, to the other side where Draya and Bambi had been gossiping, in order to spread around allll the gossip.
“Jackie’s over trying to stir the pot on the side of the house,” Malaysia observes, so she walks over to interrupt.

The work is interrupted by a torrential storm so half the girls go indoors and while they work they make a plan to go out that night. Draya, Bambi, Malaysia and Jackie decide to split off from the other three and get deeeee-runk in the French Quarter.

“Okay, this is the kinda night we’re gonna have,” Bambi says, and it is some kind of night. In between gossiping about the other girls (Bambi claims Gloria has hooked up with some of her friends in the studio, “They’ve been giving me high fives that they hit that.”) all the ladies strip and flash the passers-by on Bourbon Street and things get very blurry from there. Literally.

Something tells me that next week’s finale is going to reflect the massive hangover that’s about to ensue.

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